Tim Lambesis Sentencing Delayed for Two Weeks

As I Lay Dying singer to face court on May 16, facing up to nine years in jail.

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The sentencing of As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis has been delayed for two weeks and will now take place on May 16.

As massively reported, the singer was convicted of hiring a hitman to murder his estranged wife Meggan. According to San Diego Reader, the only thing he said to judge during last Friday (May 2) court appearance was a simple "Yeah" while confirming he will appear on the future date.

The singer is facing up to nine years in prison for his crime. As the same source indicates, the family of the victim will also speak to the court on the sentencing day.

Tim was arrested almost a year ago, at a bookstore in Oceanside on May 7, 2013. He was caught red handed by an undercover police officer claiming to be a hitman. Lambesis hired the man to kill his wife, agreeing on a $20,000 fee.

The 33-year-old vocalist is currently on house arrest wearing a GPS monitor after paying the $2 million bail. Stay tuned for more details.

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    Its too bad that this happened to him. I'll miss As I Lay Dying. I used to brush my teeth to their breakdowns... Needless to say, my teeth were always clean.
    Nothing happened to him you dumb **** he was trying to hire someone to kill his wife...he deserves no sympathy
    You nirvana loving fag, hopefully you make the mistake of going to a real metal show with a nirvana shirt on and get your ass kicked! GRUNGE SCUM!
    He hired a hitman. Hopefully he also hired a good lawyer, with a response like that!
    Last moment plot twist, it turns out it's not really a lawyer, but an undercover hitman!
    2 million? He has this much? And they say that memebers of small bands need part time jobs?
    Since when is AILD a small band? They've headlined the shows I've been to. Just cause they aren't huge doesn't mean they're small.
    Is it just me or does Tim have that type of face you just want to punch?
    Calm the hell down, you don't get to hit people based on their appearance
    I hope he gets 1-5 years (as long as that's long enough for him to legitimately recuperate). Call me selfish but I feel like anything 5+ could end his musical career. He's too good to lose, imo.
    Yeah, God forbid a would-be murderer gets justice. "But your Honour, he does this thing where he screams really well."
    Read. The. Parentheses. If the real Tim is back with a shorter sentence, why not? Nothing even happened. It's pretty clear that Tim was not himself and is seeking the emotional help he needed at the time. Don't skew justice with your own personal vendettas, and don't put words in my mouth. I did NOT say "I hope he doesn't have to serve as much time because he's a musician." I said I hope his sentence is short and enough for him to come out as the real Tim, a man who is both sorry about what he did and intending to not allow himself to fall into that mindset again. You people hear "max sentence" and assume that's the usual sentence. Not when you plead guilty and start working on a deal of some sort.
    Pretty sure everyone read the parentheses. The thing is, everybody knows that no amount of prison time is going to make him turn into a good person. Violent criminals don't "recuperate", as you put it (rehabilitate is the word you wanted. Recuperate doesn't make sense in this context). The man tried to hire another man to kill his wife. He's a sick, twisted, violent person, and should be removed from society for the rest of his worthless life. He brought it on himself.
    Plenty of "violent criminals" have "rehabilitated" due to serious mental illness and have turned their lives around. And the only reason anyone would wanted someone removed from society over something that didn't happen would be if they didn't like the person (or in this case, Tim's music), in the first place. Heaven forbid we believe in second chances.
    Seriously? Why the hell would being a good musician have anything to do with sentence length? It personally bothers me that the minimum is only 9 years, I think it should be longer
    I'm sure his lawyer got him a decent deal when he pleaded guilty. My bet is 2-3 years and a hefty fine. 9 years is just what max sentence could be without a deal.
    I try to not judge people too harshly on here, but you're making it tough. Is his music career more important than his ex wife's life? I agree that you should probably seek counselling. Your morals and priorities are skewed.
    Cast the first stone, my friend. I was just trying to say that I hope his sentence wasn't too harsh and that it was long enough for him to become the person he once was, again. This wasn't a case of a serial murderer who planned and followed through with multiple murders. This was a complicated family case that was caught up in substance abuse, along with whatever she was doing that hurt him enough to want to kill her (not that that justifies it, but it is part of the case). We don't know what she did to him. No matter how unjustifiable his following actions were, there are two sides to every single story. If we were actually given all of the facts instead of "heavy metal musician goes off deep end" most people would probably have a more balanced perspective on this case instead of "KILL HIM! HE DIDN'T ACTUALLY KILL ANYBODY BUT HE MIGHT HAVE!"