Tim Lambesis: 'Some Day I'll Be Able to Tell the Story and Get the Facts Straight'

As I Lay Dying frontman addresses his murder solicitation trial, calling it a "fairly complex story."

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As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis addressed his ongoing murder solicitation trial, calling it a "fairly complex story" and warning the public not to get caught up in the "sensationalism of the press."

In an official blog post that was subsequently removed, Lambesis kicked off by noting he is "simply not allowed" to "explicitly state" his current worldview or explain his court case.

"Some day I will be able to tell the story of all that has happened in detail to get the facts straight and representing the many sides to this fairly complex story," the singer said (via Blabbermouth). "In the meantime, many of you will make your assumptions and take the sensationalism of the press focusing on selling points at face value. I can't stop that from happening, and I've learned something by not having that kind of control."

He continued, saying, "The people who want understanding will wait until the formalities and trials are done. Strangely enough, those type of minds are the people least likely to be judgmental even if I am found guilty. Those reporting from the courtroom will only pass along select facts and the case itself will only require select facts that do not encompass the entirety events.

"On the other hand, the seemingly larger percentage of people delight in voicing their opinion even though I personally have never said a word about even a single detail related to my case. Unspecific to me, that is a terribly sad reality greatly in contrast to the type of discussion I intend to start by choosing to post again."

In the remainder of the post, the frontman pointed out that he will now give full attention to studying, calling his incarceration a "unique opportunity of being able to focus and study like I may never have again in life."

As we've already noted, the original statement was removed, with the latest note now saying that "too many people are trying to twist what is said, even if it's something as simple as what I've been reading."

"There was originally a post with a short list of books," the singer stated. "Then a second post addressing why I was only talking about reading material rather than the trial. Even something that simple has been taken out of context as some sort of press release."

Lambesis was arrested on May 7 for allegedly hiring an undercover police officer to murder his estranged wife Meggan. The vocalist's next court date is currently set for September 16. If convicted, the 32-year-old will be facing up to nine years behind bars.

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    All disappointment aside, I'm very curious to hear his side of the story (if) when he is legally able to.
    I get the feeling it'll be like OJ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/If_I_Did_It
    I get the feeling that you can't actually know that and kind of missed the point of what he said...
    Sam you're being silly. If he did plan to have her killed, you think he'd have a problem with lying? Yeah, didn't think so.
    I think he put it the way we should be taking it - we don't know much of what's going on, so we should let the situation unfold. Either way, I hope Tim receives the proper court ruling. Honestly, I would like to believe he is innocent for the sake of AILD but if he did it, then I'm not going to say something stupid like "the bitch deserved it" and support a criminal.
    This is the most sensible comment I've read regarding the matter. I'm with you on this one.
    "fairly complex story" Seems pretty simple to me. He tried to hire an undercover cop to kill your ex-wife. Maybe he was actually just trying to ask the cop for a piece of gum. I can see how that would get mistaken for "murder my wife".
    I want to believe that his side of the story has some truth behind it, but it seems that he is grabbing at straws. This will be one of the darkest nights if this is the end of As I Lay Dying
    Where is he finding these attorneys? First he has an attorney who claims he's been set up, then he got a lawyer who claimed it was roid rage. Now he has a lawyer who's letting him TALK?
    It would be nice to hear his side of the story. Lot's of good people make bad decisions. If the accusations are true I could still respect the guy if when it's all said and done he came out and said "Yes I did this and here's why..."
    I never meant that an explanation from him would justify his actions. I'm interested in what drives people to make decisions like that. Down-voted for wanting to listen to what the man has to say? America the beautiful...
    Dont worry... I get what you were saying! Also, if he did do it, I feel like it would be hypocritical for any fan to be disappointed... he is a ****ing singer for a METAL band named "AS I LAY DYING". Also, no one will ever know what his ex wife was like... This may sound crazy, but maybe, just maybe, it was a life needed to be lost
    I just changed my avatar last night...great now to change it again haha
    Awkward... It's like showing up to a party with the same dress on. That'd be extra weird too considering I'm a guy...
    man, so many peoples minds are so closed off...and way too quick to throw out their judgments to everyone...does anyone actually have the will capacity to wait for more facts than what the media's given out?...the media's like the opposing lawyer in a court case...says everything they can to make you seem so much worse then what you are...
    It just bums me out. Such a great band, so many great songs. One stupid decision (pre-meditated for a long time, though it may have been) can ruin your life and influence so many people. This guy calls himself a Christian but does this? It's hard to cope with that. But we all mess up- too bad his was this intense.
    I think calling his alleged actions 'one stupid decision' diminishes the gravity of the crime.
    Caught with his hand in the cookie jar heh looks like she won that one
    I don't think that this was involved, but knowing how crooked cops are (especially in California), why hasn't it been brought up that some sketchy police work may have occurred? I doubt it, but it's possible. Way too many cops abuse their power. Obviously, his first lawyer mentioned Tim being set up, but it doesn't need to be that drastic to be sketchy.
    He was caught by an undercover cop trying to pay for a hit on his wife. Theres nothing complex about that.
    he's talking about the complexity for the motives behind it and the backstory to what led him to the meeting with the undercover cop. yes theres nothing complex about how he got caught, besides we know he was getting divorced. but we dont know anything else about whats happened in Tim's life the past 6+ months, thats what hes getting at. And legally he cant really say anything until after the trial.
    Von II
    "Some day I will be able to tell the story of all that has happened in detail to get the facts straight.." I don't see why he isn't allowed to do that right now?
    secret of justice, dumbass
    Tim Lambesis is a good guy. Who could even think that he could hire a hitman?
    The undercover cop who caught him, for one...
    Glad you know all of the facts... please, tell us the rest of the details
    When he was arrested, it was because he tried to hire an undercover cop as a hitman.
    Strange world in which satanic black metal bands stopped doing anything bad and christian metal bands start killing.
    HA!! Good point. Isn't it ironic? dont you think? a little too ironic? yea i really do think....
    He needs more time to come up with an elaborate story. Just tell the truth. It's simple, not complex.
    "Some Day I'll Be Able to Tell the Story and Get the Facts Straight" Why not tell your "story" right now? Any innocent person would. Oooooo haha
    Because that's what court is for. Oh wait, you're probably a troll, or just incredibly immature.
    or he doesn't understand the way court works and you just missed an opportunity to drop a knowledge bomb
    I aint trolling here so i guess im immature. But my point is, is that he's in court, hes in a trial, how are you going to withhold your story for another day? how does that make sense?
    It's the way the justice system works here in America. If you are in any way, shape, or form involved with the case you can't talk about anything related to it outside of the courtroom until a verdict has been reached. There's lots of good reasons for this, don't ask me to explain them, that's just the way it is in almost every state here