Tim Lambesis to Appear in Court Tomorrow

As I Lay Dying singer expected to request return of seized items.

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As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow (August 2) for his murder solicitation trial.

According to San Diego Reader report, Lambesis' attorney is expected to request return of several items seized during the investigation. The judge will then determine which of the items, if any, are to be returned before the September preliminary hearing.

Same source indicates that the singer's divorce with his wife Meggan may be finalized by the given time, seeing that she filed for marriage dissolution back in September 2012.

As previously reported, the 32-year-old vocalist was arrested in Oceanside on May 7 for allegedly hiring an undercover police officer referred to as "Red" to murder his estranged wife, giving him the envelope containing $1,000, pass key to their house gate and a set of details on how he wants the murder carried out. Prosecutor Claudia Grasso also stressed that Lambesis was allegedly willing to pay the hitman a full sum of $20,000.

The frontman recently posted a statement on his blog saying that some day he'll be able to reveal the entire story to public,

"Some day I will be able to tell the story of all that has happened in detail to get the facts straight and representing the many sides to this fairly complex story," he said. "In the meantime, many of you will make your assumptions and take the sensationalism of the press focusing on selling points at face value. I can't stop that from happening, and I've learned something by not having that kind of control."

Lambesis was freed from custody after posting $2 million bail. If convicted, he will face up to nine years behind bars.

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    The thing that pissed me off is when his lawyer said "When he was on steroids, he lost his faith in god" Like believing is god has anything ANYTHING to do with committing a crime. Only in this country would people be like "Oh wow! That's why." I don't do bad thing because i don't believe in Poseidon or Thor or Zeus, it's completely irreverent. If you do good things because you believe in god, then that's not a good reason to be good, cause you're being good to save your ass, not for the legitimacy of wanting to be good
    I think you mean "irrelevant", but yeah, that argument is quite preposterous and insulting. Scandinavian countries are largely agnostic and have WAY lower crime rates than the States. Anyhow, it's just grasping at straws, like the rest of his defense so far. The use of steroids has been linked in the past to increased levels of aggression, sure, but planning out a murder and paying a man to carry it out is not exactly a small spur of the moment kind of thing. He SHOULD be considered innocent until proven guilty, of course, but what we've heard so far makes it hard to root for him, honestly.
    It's only preposterous to those who haven't staked their entire life on belief in God, and thus have never experienced what it's like to experience the hopelessness of "losing faith." It's not about comparing religions. Lol. Anybody who has put all their hope into something and then lost that hope will do and say stupid shit, regardless of what they believe in. People need to get past these surface observations of religion. "Omg. They believe something I don't? That's stupid." Think about it from a different perspective.
    He's gonna ask the judge for his clothes, his boots, and his motorcycle back....
    And I thought I had a bad day! At least I'm not going to jail tomorrow.
    One of the most maddening things about this whole process is that the media has portrayed Tim as some absolute monster with mere photographs. I've yet to a see an at least decent photo of the guy. I don't understand how anyone is "innocent until proven guilty" when the media is for some god-forsaken reason allowed to print the most condemning photos they could possibly find of the person who's been charged.
    He's a public figure. Different rules apply to him. Even if he weren't a public figure, the media has the right to publish photos of newsworthy events, and trying to sensor what kind of photos they can publish would amount to a First Amendment violation.
    There's no need to make the public's decision with a photograph, though.
    I think you put too little stock in juries. Jurors usually take their job seriously and look at the facts and the law. According to your logic, Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman should both have been found guilty because people are just sheep the media can manipulate any way it wants simply by portraying a defendant as a "monster." That didn't happen with Anthony or Zimmerman, and I doubt it will happen here.
    The media still can ruin lives even if they don't influence the juries. In scenarios where the defendant is found innocent all the negative press labeling them as monsters can still ruin their lives. It can destroy relationships, prevent them from ever getting hired, and put their lives in danger from vigilantes. What is plastered across the media cannot be taken back, but the media shows ZERO restraint in its careless reporting on sensitive matters. It is better to lean on the side of caution rather than ruin someones life before you know the facts. Now although Tim Lambesis seems like he will certainly be guilty, it doesn't mean that the media should paint him as a monster until he has actually been found guilty. After that they can feel free to launch a smear campaign against him. Because it might not be his life they ruin, it is the next guy who is actually innocent.
    The kind of censorship you're calling for is simply untenable in a Western democracy. To "err on the side of caution" isn't a call that you, the government, nor I should be allowed to make when it comes to newsworthy events. When has the media here ever been required to wait before there's been a guilty verdict to publicize a trial?
    It's easy to cope with the media when you understand that they don't care about the person, they only care about the clicks they get on their websites that generate money for them. They couldn't give a shit who rots in jail for the rest of their life or not, they're looking at the paycheck. They way they portray people isn't as shocking when you accept that (took me awhile to).
    It is fair to do this. The guy hired someone to kill his wife. As a journalist no one should put a photo of him smiling or in a tuxedo.
    Ill hope he gets the punishment he deserves
    what happened to innocent til proven guilty!!
    He IS guilty of hiring a hitman to murder his wife. Roid rage defence is a positive defence, it means he admits doing the deed claiming he wasn't in control of his own actions at the time.
    True, but it's a poor defense because roid rage is a compulsive act, not something that you plan for months. otherwise when he calmed down from a roid caused "episode" he'd realize what he's done.
    Which is something that is common knowledge, court psychologists are going to have a field day on him.
    I mean, he's pretty much been proven guilty, the trial just has to happen now. There is no doubt that he is guilty though.
    I highly recommend the documentary "Bigger, Stronger, Faster" for anyone who has an open mind and is interested in hearing more on the steroid debate.
    I've done the strongest steroids, and even though each organism reacts differently, in my opinion, if he acted on it after planning for months, he was definately not psychotic. Psychotic people don't make any sense, and other people would have noticed it if he was.
    I bet he does a cover of Prison Sex when he gets out! You Look So Precious!
    And in jail people that do harm to women and children always get raped. Even criminals have a code of 'honour'.
    I have never messed with steroids but have had a couple of friends that have. so just saying, by watching what they went through I can imagine it having somewhat of an effect with his emotions. just the divorce alone could have devastated him. Then amplifying that with steroids! Still that's BRUTAL especially the way he went into detail about how he want her death carried out.
    ROID RAGE!!!
    lol, that guy is or was not on steroids. He would be a lot bigger than that if so.
    What the.. HE pleaded on roid rage.
    Do we have any medical proof yet that he really was on steroids? No. I can go today, commit a crime and plead roid rage all I want even though I'm not on steroids.
    You'd have to provide proof of taking supplements in court. His lawyer isn't going to just recommend that statement for the fun of it :-/
    Oh please I don't want to argue here, that was my point and yet nothing has been confirmed by any authority that yes, he was on steroids at that time. And if so, by looking at his size, if he was on roids it hasn't been very long or he's been doing something wrong.
    Roids do not make you huge. Roids are simply testosterone boosters which enhance the muscle building process. You don't take roids for a year and become Jay Cutler, you have to take roids and work out for years and years constantly upping your workload. Testosterone allows for that quick rise in workload.
    First of all, they're not testosterone boosters, they only have a similar effect to testosterone in the body, take a chemistry class. Testosterone enhancer are legal, Anabolic Steroids aren't. Second of all, by the type of workout Tim was doing and with the type of body that he has, yes it would've made him bigger. They don't do that with sprinters, but a body builder totally. And third, if he would've been on roids, we would've seen changes either in his vocals, with his hair or acne on his face.
    Have you people not seen an old pic of Tim and a recent one?? Dude has been hitting the weights pretty hard lately. Steroids also don't always give people acne or change their voice. If you take the correct cycle supports for what you the steroid your taking some people don't have any side effects besides putting on some extra muscle. It is entirely possible that he was on them.
    Man, none of you guys has ever hit the gym or what? With proper diet and supplements (creatine, proteins, BCAA etc.) it is possible to gain that much amount of muscle by training 4-5 times a week in less than 6 months.
    You clearly haven't seen Tim's Point A to Point B. He gained massive amounts of muscle. It was clear he was into something.
    Lambesis is lucky the prosecution agreed to drop the conspiracy charge and reduced it to solicitation, because modern jurisdictions do recognize "unilateral" conspiracies (meaning a single defendant can be convicted of conspiracy so long as he believes he had entered into a conspiracy, even if the other party feigned agreement like the undercover cop/snitch did here). All solicitation requires is proof that the defendant 1. intend for the other party to commit a criminal act and 2. solicitation is complete when communicated; the solicited party doesn't have to commit any crime for the solicitor to be found guilty. The prosecution will not have much trouble making their prima facie case here. It'll be up to Lambesis' attorney to get creative with his "insanity" defense and try to prove his client lacked the requisite intent because he was out of his mind because of drugs or whatever. The only way I see him getting out of this is if he can show involuntary intoxication (for example, that he had an unusual reaction to some steroid he was on) which negated his mens rea (criminal intent).
    Maybe you should be his lawyer... Cause f*** if I have any idea if what you just said makes sense.
    I'm sure he gave "Red" the key to his house just so he could do some repair work. Yes, yes innocent until proven guilty I know I know
    To anyone doubting the roiding, compare a picture of him from the SAS era to one from Parallels. Anyone with half a brain can see the transformation clear as day while anyone who has lifted before can tell that it wasn't natural. For the record Tim is just trying to one-up Randy from LoG trollface.jpeg
    He worked out seriously over a 2 year period. That is PLENTY of time to get bigger. I've seen people even more ripped than him from dieting and working out over a 4 month span.
    He doesn't need to one-up Randy. As I Lay Dying hasn't released the same record 2-3 times in a row.
    Not even relevant, but you aren't listening closely enough. AILD = Chugs, chorus, guitar solos, metalcore br00talzZ. And LoG released the same album over and over...?
    Someone hasn't heard As I Lay Dying's last 4 albums. All drastically different.
    Actually, I own everything but their newest album (not because I don't like it, but because I just haven't gotten it). Compared to LoG, they aren't very diverse.
    LoG diverse? I don't hear it anymore. I miss the days of As the Palaces Burn. Anyway, I initially made the comment because I'm really sick of the "He's trying to one-up Randy bullshit," even if the poster was kidding. It's a dumb thing to say, regardless.
    A 21 yr old, Julia Merfeld, just got arrested for trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband and she is getting up to 20yrs in prison for it. Now why is he only getting up to 9yrs. Justice system in America is not based on justice but blindfolds.
    Because the facts of each case differ. The law is not a "one size fits all." You have to apply the law to the facts. Also, there are 50 different jurisdictions with different laws, and sentencing ranges may vary depending on the jurisdiction.
    Either way he is a criminal. Should spend the rest of his life in jail.
    Y'all are quick to cast the first stone. NOBODY thinks they're capable of what Tim apparently did...until they do it. Shit happens. You can't personally guarantee that you'll never do something awful, so put the rocks down because we're all standing in a glass house.
    Shit happening = / = taking out a contract on someone's life. I can 100% say, with absolute certainty, that I would never knowingly harm anyone on that level, ever. Whether or not I ever feel like Tim did or god forbid make a real mistake that causes irrevocable damage, who knows? I'm the only one who controls my actions though, so judge away. People make mistakes. That's the difference between Tim, and say, a drunk driver. They both have negative consequences because of specific actions, but one has the intent to harm, one doesn't. You're only capable of doing what this guy did if you have no qualms about premeditated murder. This is not some trouble the guy stumbled into. If anyone is quick to the cast the first stone, I could just as easily say you're quick to make excuses for people whose music you may or may not like.
    You are over-simplifying something as complex as this situation. Things just don't work that way. You're implying that Tim has always been inherently capable of this. I call bullshit. There is a context for each of us in which we become a monster.
    The only point I'm trying to make is that he doesn't deserve empathy on the basis that people in general have the capacity to do bad things. Nobody thinks they're going to do something bad before they do it, not generally, but the kind of person he was before he made the decision to have his wife killed, or the kind of person he was before circumstances led to that decision, is irrelevant. He made a series of decisions over time, that would have ultimately led to someone's murder . Sorry if that seems cut and dried.
    Being an As I Lay Dying fan, and Tim being one of my idols this sucks to see, innocent / guilty ill still listen to their music but my view on him might not stay the same. Also the As I Lay / As He Lays jokes are hitting an all-time low on laughs, dont think anyone could be offended by them
    Yes, yes, innocent until proven guilty. A decent mind works a lot faster than the judicial system though. But if this is gunna be how it goes down: Mr. "Red" cop presents 1000 bucks, Mr. Lambesis' house keys, and a page written by Mr Lambesis with precise instructions on how to kill his wife. Maybe things would get really saucy and he has it written in there he will give the cop 20 grand. Then, Mr. Lambesis is found guilty and goes to jail for 9 years with 100% possibility of parole because apparently even slight celebrities can avoid jailtime. Roid Rage bitches! Just claim it next time you hire a cop to kill your wife! Or...clean your house! 4srs, since when is saying you were on an illegal, unprescribed drug a good way to prove innocence of a crime? So is it gunna be, "I didn't wanna kill her, the needle did! I swear!!"?
    I usually don't pay much attention to the bands I listen to outside of their music (i/e personal life etc.) so what really pisses me off is he's really ****ed over two good bands.
    Hope he is innocent, but everything I have read so far about this case makes me think that he is guilty.
    Here's hoping he gets convicted, his face really annoys me and it'd be nice to not have to see it for the next nine years.