Tim Lambesis to Face Murder Plot Trial

Undercover officer gives his testimony to the court, frontman's arraignment scheduled for October 22.

Ultimate Guitar

After yesterday's (September 16) preliminary hearing, San Diego judge ruled that Tim Lambesis will face trial on charges of plotting the murder of his estranged wife Meggan. The hearing included a testimony from undercover police officer known as "Red," the man posing as a hitman whom Lambesis allegedly hired to carry out the murder. The detective noted that the frontman confirmed wanting to have his wife killed several times. In his words, Lambesis allegedly said "just to clarify, just so you know, I do want her dead" at the end of the meeting at which they discussed murder details. According to Red, the singer's restriction from seeing his children, along with the fact that his wife was going to get most of his income through divorce had Lambesis agitated and likely drove him to hire a hitman. "He wasn't allowed to see his kids, he wasn't allowed to take his kids out of the state or on tour with him and that angered him, and then the fact that his wife was going to get a large portion up to 60 percent of his income," Red told the court. After ruling that enough evidence exists to warrant a trial, Judge Robert Kearney scheduled Lambesis' arraignment for October 22 at the courthouse in Vista, California, when the trial date will officially be set. The prosecutors have noted that back in August, the frontman sent an email from tour to his wife looking to end their relationship, saying he doesn't love her. Meggan later learned that her husband was also having an affair, Sky News reports. As previously reported, Lambesis allegedly gave the undercover hitman $1,000 and was willing to pay the full sum of $20,000 for the murder. He also allegedly provided Red with the gate key to the house and details on carrying out the murder. Since May, the singer's been free on $2 million bail and is ordered to wear a GPS monitor. The arrest was initially carried out on May 7 in Oceanside. If convicted, 32-year-old Lambesis will face up to nine years in prison.

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    F**k censorship...
    Black Hazard
    Seriously. Make sure you don't say anything bad about David Draiman, or a mod will delete your comment and warn you.
    Is that the guy from Disturbed? Don't care for them really, pretty cheesy and personally I find that genre to be pretty boring (although I really liked one of their albums as a teenager). But some would say the same about The Beatles or ACDC, so live and let live
    lol some fans are just touchy, you can kind of tell which ones are more likely to be that way. It's the pussification of America
    Jacques Nel
    My comment deleted again. So I'll say it again, and I'm waiting for a moderator to say what I said wrong "SEEMS LIKE THEY HAVE A PRETTY SOLID CASE HERE!"
    Not that I agree with his actions but maybe it's cases like this that the divorce procedure needs to be reconsidered because taking 60% of someone's income that they rightfully earn, after taxes have raped it, is a bit much to be giving to someone presumably for the rest of their life. Child support is fair game but as far as spouse support goes, if they are able to work then they can earn their own income like everybody else on this planet
    Jacques Nel
    Seeing as the circumstances leading to the wife having to get 60% are unknown, I wouldn't jump to a conclusion that she didn't deserve it. BUT if this was just a number a judge pulled out of his ass it's ridiculous. Alimony and child support should not be taken as a percentage of someone's income, but rather as a reasonable amount the ex wife and kids need to go on with their lives with.
    Personally I do not believe that spouses should be entitled to money that their husbands/wives earn after they go through a divorce, with maybe the exception of a one-time small amount to help them get back on their feet if said person has no job or money of their own to fall back on so they can find employment to support themselves. Spouses do not need millions or even tens of thousands worth in cash to do that, it's these kind of laws and rulings that encourage marrying into wealth and the whole 'sponger' culture that has arisen in modern times
    Jacques Nel
    Well what if, just bear with me here, say it is like you say, after divorce the wife gets no money (or the other way around), what happens where a husband beats a wife, or the children but the wife is a stay at home mother? She won't be able to afford to leave him. I think these rulings should ONLY apply where the paying party caused the split and the other would not be able to survive if they were on their own.
    I think that involves too many complications. The way I see it, and it seems to work here in South Africa, I don't know if the rest of the world has it, in a case with children, the other party will get paid maintenance for the childrens expenses (school, clothes, utilities) and all are cut off when the children turn 18 or 21. So the children are priority to be taken are of for like a leaving mother or father. For no children cases I think it's fend for yourself
    Because South Africa is a place know to have a great history of social systems.Also, just so we're clear here, even after 60% and taxes, homie would still be getting more money than all of us here. Also, children are ****ing expensive to raise.
    Sure, because you know - metal bands pay so well over a lifetime. You shouldn't make assumptions that fame=money.
    Tbh, the money should be earmarked for the kids' sole use, his wife can go screw herself, that's where the divorce system ****s up, the money should only be spent on the kids, the wife has no right to it, except perhaps a bare minimum not to starve, but it should be treated in the same fashion as jobseekers benefit, and she should be forced to get a job ASAP or lose the support.
    Uh, Lambesis' net worth is enormous, if all his money goes into his veins, then that's his fault.
    At JelloCrust. I'm not even sure where the offence was meant here. South Africa is a shit place to be economically. Doesn't matter who you are. It's just a set deposit every month. Not a percentage of your income. So taxes and everything aside, that is what you pay. if she asks for like $500 a month then you pay that without fail or be sued. (note before I get too much hate, the $500 was an example. People tend to get too flared up online)
    Remember that the next time you hook up with one of the girls of the new millennium because the single mom is all the vogue and a percentage of your paycheck is what they will be looking for. Here in NYS it is 17% of your Gross, not net, income, just for the first kid .....
    Nobody deserves to die, But nobody deserves 60% of someones income for crapping out some kids, weren't they adopted kids too? Arguments bellow.
    i dont justify the whole murder bull shit. but i feel more sympathy for tim than i ever will for his wife. tim loved his kids. ive seen tour videos where he spends more time explaining drawings they did for him on his bunk wall than actually showing his living situations and such. someone who loves someone that much will do whatever is necessary just to see them again. his wife asked for it, just tim's reaction was against the law. if hes guilty the law sends him to jail, but i think his reaction was completely understandable.
    Hey, ya know, maybe she's getting the money because Mr. MetalForChrist insisted she didn't need a job, had an affair, and up and decided to leave her.
    To be fair 60% of his income is way too much, but just because she was seeking that means in no way she would get it. She would have gotten a monthly amount for child support but it would have been in no way anywhere near 60% of his income.
    Don't want to have to split marital property and marital debt? Simple, don't get married. That's what happens when you get married.
    Wouldn't he talk about it with his band mates rather rhan a random dude at his gym? I mean if he talk about it with his band mates then they would have probably told him to get his head screwed back on ya no?
    nobody talked about gym... (hitman = the guy you pay to kill someone)
    He talked to a friend or gym buddy (SOMEBODY HE KNOWS) and they were concerned, so he went to the police and set up a sting. Dude was like, "I know a guy; do a want to talk to him?" to Which Lambesis responded yes a resolute, "yes."
    It's not a ridiculous amount of money when the wife is getting 60% of $10. I didn't even know this band existed until he was arrested for this.
    Lambesis is worth several million if you can believe it. He's a producer as well as clothing designer.
    Don't forget the kids in this. Their father is soon to be on trial for hiring someone to kill their mother, and going by the sounds of the text, there's a pretty good chance he's going away for it. All she did was file for divorce from somone who cheated on her while she was at home playing Mommy. It's not like divorce is a new concept, those percentages are pretty much negotiated to death, at great cost to the divorcees. So what if he's a singer, clothing designer, producer.
    To all the people complaining about the income division, there are legal documents you can sign to prevent this kind of thing so he chose that risk.
    scotty688 · Sep 17, 2013 07:03 AM
    because no one else here has the balls to say it i am going to agree with you and give you a thumbs up. we all know the justice system screws over every guy when it comes to the divorce, thats no secret, and many many men have wished they could just kill their spouse but wont say it out loud. for some women to take 60% of a working mans income for no other reason than just because she was married to him is just wrong. sure he needs to support the kids but 60% is absolutely ridiculous. i applaud you for speaking your mind and you can let these unrealistic fools who downvoted you rot in their own hell when the time comes. its easy to say no no i would never even contemplate doing something like that, but when it happens to you its a different story. if she was really a bitch then its a shame he wasn't able to pull it off. ultimate-guitar will surely ban me and whine like liberal pussies for my comment but dammit i dont care
    Crap man! As I Lay Dying is my favorite band. Friggin Tim. I hope things turn out not too bad for him. He's probably gonna end up doing some time but hopefully not too much. AILD must live on!
    Holy crap that was a stupid statement. The fawker tried to hire a hitman to kill his wife. It doesn't matter if he is AILD's singer, he still is a major ******* and he deserves the 9 year sentence.
    Oh gee, how terrible it must be that the guy can't make music for you because he's been inconveniently locked up...grow up kid.
    This is why I'll never share a joint account with a spouse.This is why I will likely be paying for a house before I ever get married. And only I will be paying for it, only my name on the mortgage. I will do everything I can that, in the event that things go south in my hypothetical marriage, my ex will have no claim on my house, at the very least.
    I'm sorry, WHO is this guy? The story doesn't mention, just says "Frontman". For whom?
    LOL actually agree with this guy. Minus the bitch deserved to die part.
    Isn't that entrapment?
    Uh no, read the whole story. Lambesis was seeking out a hitman through guys at his gym. They reported him to the cops who set up the meet. So you would suggest the cops should just let it slide and until Lambesis goes forward with his intentions eh?