Tim Lambesis' Trial Delayed

As I Lay Dying singer makes court appearance.

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As scheduled, As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis was in a Southern California courtroom this morning for a readiness conference related the State's case against him for allegedly attempting to hire a hitman to kill his wife.

As Lambgoat reports, today's hearing was slated to be a "readiness conference," an appearance at which all parties determine whether the case can be disposed of without trial. According to Lambgoat's courtroom mole, however, such a discussion did not end up taking place today. Although Lambesis was present (accompanied by his parents and attorney Tom Warwick), he was not called forward, and the bailiff subsequently announced that further proceedings have been delayed until February 6th.

Notably, there was also a hearing today to review Meggan Lambesis's restraining order against her estranged husband, and we believe that the order was renewed, though we don't have official confirmation as of yet.

Prosecutor Claudia Grasso subsequently revealed to Lambgoat's contact that criminal proceedings have been delayed "for further negotiations." Grasso confirmed that the next date as February 6. From all angles, it almost certainly appears that Tim Lambesis is attempting to work out a plea deal with the prosecution.

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    Majin Gaara
    My god, is this trial ever going to end? It seems like every time we get an update "The next date is ..." This has to be putting AILD in a really bad financial situation. When going out on the road and playing music/selling merch is your primary income, i can't imagine the financial struggles each of them are going through at this point with this legal fees, as well as being off the road for 6+ months now.
    That's how the court system works. You go through a bunch of bullshit until you reach an agreement or the actual trial
    What sucks even more is that the band borrowed $200k from their record label to go towards touring expenses and they've only paid back $50k before all this shit hit the fan.
    Sucks for the other guys in the band who have to pay the cash remaining back, but otherwise the record label can go and get fluffed (your post suggests sympathy for the biggest leeches of the record industry).
    To me his post was suggesting sympathy for the band as they still owe the label 150k yet can't tour or make music to make money.
    To be honest, I don't see a reason why shouldn't they kick Lambesis out and tour without him, at least for the time being. Granted, he's a core member of AILD, but it's not like there aren't good metalcore vocalists around. Additionally, for doing something so ****ed up, he's sure to be at the very least seriously broke both financially and emotionally, which can further delay the creative process or touring. Parting ways with him is imo the most logical step they could take, and once he's got his shit together, they can always take him back in.
    The next article should be "AILD auditioning new singers" I will definitely throw my name in the hat!
    The only ones I feel sorry for is the other band members that has nothing to do with this. Sucks to be them.
    They have got to just convict this guy already and stop procrstinating the obvious here...
    i follow the other members of AILD on twitter and they seem to be in good spirits as a whole, they havent mentioned anything about the trial, the press release they made as a band last year was all i've heard out of them regarding Tim's case. I wish it wasnt true but i hope after the case is over they move on as a band and continue touring, regardless if Tim is proven guilty or innocent.
    This is like the Lostprophets case. The singer is dragging the rest of the band down due to criminal activity. Except instead of peadophilia it's attempted murder
    Jacques Nel
    I bet his parents tell everyone "He tried having his wife killed, at least he's not like Ian Watkins". Wonder if they will start a duo in jail.
    This guy was always the reason I was never a huge aild fan. He's the weak link of the band. Musically they are awesome but Tim is mediocre unoriginal garbage
    you probably don't like how his vocals sound but Tim still brought a lot to the table. band members do more than just whatever their performing role is
    I've always thought he's done his best around Shadows, after this one it was a mehfest for me.
    This sucks man, big fan of As I lay Dying, even bigger fan of Austrian Death Machine.... guess there wont be any more ahnold.
    i hope he can find time to work with the Austrian Death Machine group to get that Crowd Sourced Record FINISHED and sent out! i want my signed vinyl record.
    Something's telling me you're gonna get your money back sometime soon, wouldnt hold my breath over it man
    Your money was probably handed over to that undercover agent. So don't expect any refunds.
    If Tim really is trying to work out a plea deal with the prosecution then that means he believes he has little to no chance if the case goes to court. Looks like one way or another Tim is going down, which sucks. I really like AILD.
    i can't work out whether it is ironic or not that a guy from the band as i lay dying killed someone....