Tim Lambesis Was Set Up, Claims Defendant Attorney

artist: As I Lay Dying date: 05/13/2013 category: music news
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Tim Lambesis Was Set Up, Claims Defendant Attorney
As I Lay Dying frontman's attorney Anthony Salerno recently gave a statement regarding his client's status, claiming that Tim Lambesis might have been set up by a police snitch. Lambesis was arrested last Tuesday (May 7) on charges of soliciting the murder of his estranged wife Meggan. After pleading not guilty, the court had the bail set at $3 million, ordering the 32-year-old singer to wear a GPS monitor and hand over his passport. According to the attorney, the source in this particular case might be a police informant, or in his own words "a snitch," who set up the whole scenario as somewhat of a trap for Lambesis to fall into. "I would anticipate myself asking for quite a bit of additional discovery, particularly on this person I strongly suspect is a snitch and is an informant for the police and was really creating this whole scenario and sort of setting Tim up," Salerno told Artisan News. "I believe there's a good probability he may be a police informant. And that information is only available internally with the police department, or in this case the San Diego Sheriff's Department, and through the D.A.'s office, and that's something I'm gonna have to explore as well." Without making any accusations, Salerno also pointed out at the fact that frontman's wife's brother works as a San Diego Sheriff's deputy, describing it as "at the bare minimum very coincidental." "There's one other element to this, too, which is ... I don't want to start to make accusations on this one unless I have some more information, but I will point out that Tim's wife's brother, I understand, is a San Diego Sheriff's deputy, and I think I would be remiss if I didn't fully explore that, 'cause that is a little bit ... it's at the bare minimum very coincidental, and it may be more than that." Defendant attorney also named the fact that his client wasn't charged with conspiracy as a "major victory," as it immediately diminished any chances for a life sentence. "He was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder, which carries a life sentence, as well as being booked for soliciting murder," Salerno said. "I won't necessarily get too deep in the details of the law surrounding conspiracy, but I came to believe very strongly that there is absolutely no way that he could be even charged with conspiracy, much less convicted of it. "One of the first things I did was to reach out directly to the district attorney that was assigned to the case and had some conversations with her. And she, in fact, did decide for Tim not to be charged with conspiracy, which was a big victory, 'cause that took a potential life sentence off the table before he was even charged. That's something that jumped out at me right away - that I needed to do that early intervention - so we did that." As I Lay Dying also gave their own comments regarding the entire situation, sending their thoughts to Lambesis and his family and saying that "there are many unanswered questions." Superior Court in Vista has scheduled a readiness hearing for June 10 and preliminary hearing for July 10.
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