Today Marks The 'Dawn Of Inhumanity'

Abscess have unleashed their latest spawn of punk infused metal, Dawn of Inhumanity, in the US today.

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California's extreme death metal outfit, Abscess, have unleashed their latest spawn of punk infused metal, Dawn Of Inhumanity, in the US today, courtesy of Peaceville Records. Dawn Of Inhumanity is the band's sixth full-length studio album, since recording their first demos in 1994.

"Bursting through the boundaries of brutality, Abscess surpasses all previous efforts and presents a death metal masterpiece filled with insanity, violence, and mind blowing savagery," states Abscess drummer/vocalist, Chris Reifert.

The track list for Dawn Of Inhumanity is:

01. Goddess Of Filth And Plague 02. Torn From Tomorrow 03. Never Sane Again 04. Dawn Of Inhumanity 05. The Rotting Land 06. Dead Haze 07. What Have We Done To Ourselves? 08. Dark Side Of A Broken Knife 09. Divine Architect Of Disaster 10. Black Winds Of Oblivion

Featuring former members of legendary bands Autopsy and Death, Abscess hail from Oakland California, joining together in 1994. They released their first studio album, Seminal Vampires And Maggot Men, in 1996.

Dawn Of Inhumanity was recorded at the famous Fantasy Studios, CA in October 2009, with experienced engineer Adam Munoz helping to produce this latest effort. The result is an unrivalled nightmare of raw experimental extremity. Including special guest vocal appearances by the Darkthrone duo, Nocturne Culto & Fenriz, this is twisted, dirty punk death without limits.

The cover art for Dawn Of Inhumanity was produced by top artist, Dennis Dread (Darkthrone, Autopsy), with booklet art courtesy of Abscess's own Chris Reifert (drums, vocals).

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