Today's Teens React to Nirvana: 'Videos Used to Be Normal, There's Nobody Stripping'

They might not know all the facts, but kids still like rocking out to Nirvana, this video's a must-see.

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As a part of the popular "Teens React" series by the Fine Bros YouTube channel, a group of today's teenagers was played several all-time Nirvana classics and asked for reactions and comments.

And if you thought that kids these days couldn't care less about rock music, you were wrong. Although not all of them knew much facts about the band or Kurt Cobain, the majority seemed to enjoy the music quite a lot.

"Music videos used to be normal, there's nobody stripping in this one," said 18-year-old Madison about "Smells Like Teen Spirit." "I wish music was this good now. Some of the new music is so, like, trash," added 16-year-old Labib.

The "Heart-Shaped Box" clip had the teens confused the most. "I feel like you're supposed to be on acid before watching it," 18-year-old Shant said about the video, with 16-year-old Kaelyn screamingly adding, "I saw a Ku Klux Klan member, we don't like those people! What the fudge?!"

After sitting through the MTV Unplugged version of "About a Girl," the kids were asked to share their thoughts about Nirvana, giving some pretty cool answers such as "They give you what they are instead of what everyone else wants." Those of you who grew up with the grunge movement might feel a bit old with some of the comments, particularly, "I actually like old music like that."

Asked to compare Nirvana's music with today's rock, teens mostly shared somewhat grim thoughts of the genre. "I don't even know any good rock bands anymore," "What is considered modern rock today? I have no idea," "There's not really much out there with that same sound and vibe," were some of the comments.

18-year-old Adam gave the most elaborate and optimistic answer, saying, "Rock 'n' roll's splitting, like completely. Pop rock and then hardcore heavy metal. In the near future, there's gonna be that band that's gonna just tie all rock 'n' roll together."

Discussing Cobain's suicide, the teens were explained how the fact that "anti-mainstream music became the mainstream" had a devastating impact on Kurt. Coming up with a surprisingly deep Batman quote, Shant commented, "It's like that Batman quote - 'Either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.'"

Make sure to check out the video below.

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    "I wish music was this good now. Some of the new music is so, like, thrash ," added 16-year-old Labib. You might want to rephrase that.
    Even when rephrased it's still a terrible statement. There's always good and bad music, you just have to put some effort into finding the good stuff.
    Aside from anything else, what is up with the names of these kids. Kaelyn? Labib? Shant? They sound like smart kids, it's a pity their parents weren't smarter.
    Holy shit I wish I could give you a thousand up votes. Seriously those aren't even names. Wtf were they thinking.
    Well I've dated a girl named Kaelyn, and know plenty named that. And Labib seems foreign, so odds are its a normal name from there. Shant is kinda dumb
    It'll be interesting to see how long this whole "dance-pop" fad is gonna go on. Maybe someday rock or some form of rock will overtake it again. One can hope...
    Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters and QOTSA are our best chances right now. But personally even a band like Daft Punk, utilising legends like Nile Rodgers, are helping bring it back. Maybe rock will never make a full comeback, but as long as other genres help in keeping it relevant I don't mind. Good music isn't always rock
    I think the real crime is here is the parents naming their kids these ridiculous names haha
    Arfing Thumb
    This is old mucic? So what are Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, etc?
    Nirvana was over 20 years ago now, that's pretty old when you think how quickly music trends change.
    The kids in the video are between 16 and 18, Nevermind came out 22 or 23 years ago so to them, yes it would be. Just like Sabbath and the Beatles was "old" music to me when I was the same age. (born in '75)
    Very old music. And yes, Nirvana is old music. All of it is at least 20 years old now. If Zeppelin and Sabbath could be considered "old" in the 90s and early 2000s, Nirvana is "old" now.
    Hate to break it to you but yeah man that's old music, like it or not. I'm probably as much as a fan as you are and can easily admit they're old, its a well-known fact.
    this is exactly the problem. kids class songs from like 2010 as "old" - it's become too disposable.
    In fairness... Relatively speaking, for a kid, four years ago could be half a life time ago.
    They should react to more rock bands on that show. Easy on all that viral video trash.
    lol'd at the "music videos used to be normal". There were some really over the top and ridiculous music videos back then (and pretty much any time after the 80s when music videos became a big thing). There was fun in that though. Also
    "They give you what they are instead of what everyone else wants." I think that's the most important thing here. Musicians being themselves for the sake of the music. That's a rare thing in pop; always has been.
    I was 14 when I first heard Nirvana in 1991 and became a fan. I was 16 or 17 when Cobain died. I feel a little old right now but I'm grateful to have grown up during the time that I did... there was a LOT of great music and you iddn't even have to look very far to find it.
    I'm so happy I grew up when I did
    Though each generation has its trash music, it's fun to hear about people who grew up in a time when popular kids liked Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins and it was just like "Yeah, who doesn't?"
    I'm 22 and I remember listening to Nirvana on the radio when I was a kid. I was 3 years old when he died, so I don't remember listening to them while he was alive. It seems kind of weird that they're asking 18 and 19 year olds, when they aren't that much younger than me as if they haven't had that exposure to Nirvana before. I guess I was at the tail end of when Nirvana was most popular, but it still seems weird that these kids wouldn't know Nirvana that well.
    It seems that the kids are at least honest. Most screwed up video (Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun) should have been shown to them. Then see the reaction.
    I agree with that one dude a band will come to tie Rock and Roll all together
    I enjoyed watching this, because you never really know what kids these days think about the previous generation. And there is so many good rock bands out there that will never go mainstream, which is not a problem at all. Checkout FIDLAR, Black Lips, The Garden, The Orwells, Hunx & His Punx, Shannon & the Clams.
    At 16 and 18 they hardly missed Nirvana and stuff like it, I'm only 21 and I didn't miss a thing. They should have been asking 5-13 year olds.
    I've seen the video before it was posted in UG and I can agree with most of the teens. It's about time the teens know what the real music is.
    Some of them never seen those videos? How is it possible? Well maybe if they are not into rock music...
    cuzz these kids were born in like 1999. The only way they'd see these videos if they went out of their way to go to youtube and look up videos of bands from 1994.
    Blah blah blah, this was a double post
    actually its off by one year for a 16 year old. can't you do simple math? Also, if you quote someone, you don't take words out of the quote. Can you do simple quoting?
    also, why are you nit picking what ****ing year they were born in? the point was they were born years after the music. it doesn't matter if they were born in 1998 or 2011.
    AND ANOTHER THING, ASS HOLE! There are multiple kids at different ages, so they weren't all born in one year. God, I hate internet retards.
    "Cuz young people go through the same sh**" Yeah, you are tortured. Listen to whats on your radio... Personally, all my music comes from my Mp3 player or CD's. Music these days have turned to sh** and is now a popularity contest. The only videos we are subjected to are pre-pubescent Katie Perry and Mumford/Sons. If we want anything with true substance, we are forced to hit the Net. My 15 year-old nephew has succumbed to the pig-fart they call music on the radio. Poor kid
    Tired argument.
    Agreed. I can pretty much guarantee that no matter which genre you love that there is someone still making new good music in it. Stop judging artists by the radio and album sales, the underground is more alive than it EVER has been. People talk about the "old" underground as if the underground used to be popular. Being underground is the opposite of being popular. Sometimes underground scenes become popular, but then they cease to be underground and thousands of dedicated underground fans get pissy and yell sell-out at the top of their lungs and long for the days when the music was still underground. The underground is alive and kicking, and it has never been healthier with its extended reach through the internet. The internet has only allowed the underground to expand to new audiences. Also, complaining about popstars being trash is silly. It's not a modern phenomena. The 80s were notorious for silly trash pop, and the Justin Bieber/ Miley Cyrus style bubblegum popstar developed in the 90s. The 70s had bad dance music and bands like The Archies sold like candy in the 60s. People have ALWAYS liked this type of music and it has ALWAYS sold well. The problem with the mainstream is not the presence of bubblegum pop but the lack of diversity within the mainstream. But the mainstream is lame anyways, as a fan the underground will provide you with music and community enough to fill your boots.
    So classic rock is Zeppelin, Beatles, Black Sabbath, etc. Rock I would guess is what the 80's, 90's, and early 00's. So what would this "new generation" of rock be called?
    The one question the girl asked "What is considered rock these days" was actually a pretty decent question. There's no doubt there is a huge amount of good rock music out there, but the general underlying themes have changed dramatically since the days Nirvana and co were popular rock bands. You ask any regular, perhaps 'preppy' people around that age what rock bands are big or good these days and they would name groups that older people from older generations would scoff at. Yet even older generations tend to scoff at those in favour of those who came before when they grew up.
    There are plenty of good new Nirvana-esque bands out now. Grunge is making a comeback. Check out Basement, Daylight, Title Fight, etc
    everything is making a comeback with the internet around
    Rather everything has a place to come wither away but never actually die off.
    I heard Myspace is coming back! I invested my life savings in them in hopes of it. Fingers crossed!
    Adam really did put it best. Music needs that band to be both real and angry and accessible enough to be accepted. Most of what we have in the "mainstream" rock is an oversaturation of samey-sounding emo/pop punk or throwback classic rock wannabes
    I never had Basement and Titled fight down as Grunge revival bands, most people I know associate them with Emo and Pop Punk respectively. Though I do agree that the style is making a comeback. Japanese Voyeurs, Milk Teeth, Pity Sex, Germ and Nai Harvest on their new EP are some other killer bands.
    They're all a bit different but I can hear the common Nirvana influence. You can hear it in pretty much anything off Basement's "colourmeinkindness," and Title Fight's "Floral Green" tiptoes the grunge line, check out "Head in the Ceiling Fan" specifically.
    im not mental
    the first time I heard WAVVES I thought they sounded a lot like Nirvana. (or at least what they would have sounded like if Kurt Cobain had grown up in Southern California, listened to more Beach Boys, gone surfing every day, and hadn't been clinically depressed.)
    Jeez, the guy with red shirt, who knows most about Nirvana somehow reminds me of young James Hetfield