Todd La Torre Jabs at Geoff Tate's Queensryche: 'That's Not a Band, It's Disrespectful to Do That'

Group's current singer calls Tate's actions "immature, angry and stupid."

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Following one of the biggest metal dramas in the past several years, longtime Queensryche frontman Geoff Tate was kicked out of the group, leaving him to front his own version of Queensryche, causing massive confusion among the fans, driving the entire situation to the point of sheer ridicule.

The cover of Tate's latest release "Frequency Unknown" serves as a good example, as it features the band's Triryche logo on a fist along with letters FU, which was mostly interpreted as a rather crass massage to the original band members.

In a recent interview with, current vocalist of the original Queensryche, Todd La Torre, shared his opinions on Geoff's actions. Although giving Tate all the respect he deserves for his musical accomplishments, La Torre wasn't afraid to speak out against him either.

"That's not good for the brand, that's not good for Queensryche to have the Triryche in front of an 'FU.' That's not good. That doesn't add credibility or respect to the name and brand of Queensryche. It's immature, it's angry, it's um, stupid. It is, it's stupid, I said it, I don't give a s--t. Stupid," the vocalist said. "I don't even acknowledge it as a Queensryche album! It's not Queensryche.

"The guys that play on the record are not the guys that you see onstage and aren't the guys that wrote the songs. It's a revolving door dude, it's not Queensryche. What I'm in is Queensryche. I'm with the 3 core founding members and writers of the band Queensryche that wrote the songs that you and I liked and loved, okay?

"And we're the guys that write the songs, we're the guys that perform the songs, and we're the guys that are on the record. That's a band! That's [the other QR] not a band. You can put the Triryche on it all you want, but it's not Queensryche and I don't care what you call it, the majority of the fans aren't acknowledging it as Queensryche either. It might look good on paper, but to me, it's disrespectful to do that."

Overall, La Torre has described such moves as being "below the belt" adding that "the cheap shots" are not what Queensryche is about. "Queensryche was always more respectful and intelligent of that," the singer said.

Geoff Tate is currently looking to award the haters of the "Frequency Unknown" by inviting everyone willing enough to submit their own ranting video regarding the release. On the other hand, the original Queensryche have recently presented the fans with their new single "Redemption," with a set of about 10 scattered tour dates keeping them busy throughout the summer.

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    Am I the only one that really doesn't care anymore?
    No, I don't give a crap either. So we're kind of the only people.
    Room for one more?
    Move over, I want in.
    can i squeeze in here?
    yeeeeeah.... i dont think ive ever listen to a Queensryche song in my life.... sounds like a gay nazi
    aww shit the clubhouse is full, I'm making another 1! dont-care-club 2! gonna make my logo FU -insert logo club 1-
    I don't either. I'm not really sure why I even clicked the article to read it.
    It's debatable whether La Torre has a real say in the Queensryche feud seeing as he only joined a while ago but he's right about Tate being an undeniable twat about things. No-one's seeing the original mob stirring up shit about him but most of his press seems to revolve about making subtle and not-so-subtle jabs at his former bandmates
    Yeah, he's said things about his former bandmates. That makes perfect sense since they are the ones actually involved in the whole mess. He's never said anything about La Torre. This dude needs to know his role and shut his mouth. He's nothing but a classless karaoke singer. You don't see Rudy Sarzo coming out and badmouthing this band, do you?
    Generally though the frontman in most situations regardless of their length of service are expected to be the centre of attention and that often translates into them becoming the face if their band, and based on how much of an insufferable loudmouth the former singer seems to be (don't really know much about the band) I don't find it surprising that they'd be used to letting the singer do the talking.
    Though, while you have a point about how much say he has, I agree with everything he did say.
    He doesn't, as he isn't a member of the band, he is hired help, on a performers contract.
    Being the newest member of the band, he probably isn't the best person to address this. But that doesn't take away from the message at all. I agree with him 100%. No need for Geoff to resort to that. Just move on and make good music.
    Completely agree. I think Todd shouldn't be the one saying this (nor anyone else in the band, all Queensryche should care about is their music), but that doesn't make what he says less true. Everyone knows that Tate's Queensryche is just another form of his solo band. Also, he's the one who likes to talk, so let him do his thing, since we're all used to that anyway; Tate's illogical rants are pretty much what make this drama funny.
    This might piss some people off....But Queensryche died shortly after Empire, and the final nail in the coffin was when Degamo left.
    At this point Geoff Tate seems like an older version of Fred Durst but with heaps more talent for some reason, he doesn't care about anything anymore nowadays.
    Out of everyone involved, if anyone should be keeping quiet it's Todd. He's only doing himself a disservice by running his mouth.
    "...which was mostly interpreted as a rather crass massage to the original band members" I like to massage band members too.
    Really want to support this but I can't help stray from the fact the remaining original QR members are just doing it for the money. The language of "the brand". I really don't see this mentioned anywhere except those big acts like KISS, Aerosmith and Def Leppard who keep playing the same hits and granny is bringing along her grandkids to see them in concert every year with Journey in tow. And its quite meager money too. They haven't gone back to arenas or Amphitheaters like the did in the 80s and early 90s. Its been the same casino gigs. My other beef is wheather La Torre will stick around leave for another band like he did with Crimson Glory "due its intertia status." He was making more money doing QR gigs but isn't a "shareholder." So does he bolt for Judas Priest or something when Halford quits? Yes, unlikely. But lets say there's another Ripper-Halford comparison where Ryche sells even fewer copies on a future album and is forced to reunite with Tate. All the so called reals fans with support La Torre now backpedal and suddenly support Tate again? My point is you don't see this sort of thing with other 'prog metal' acts that QR supposedly influenced like Dream Theater who are much bigger than Queensryche now but never achieved 3 million copies of a single album. Neither with Fates Warning who are nothing but a blurb now but they keep releasing mentally stiumlating and interesting albums through their various side groups.
    Thanks for the update, fellas. Tate's Queensryche is playing in my town this week, playing Operation Mindcrime in its entirety. I was thinking I should go even though I'm not a huge fan just because it seemed novel. But if it's not the actual band, no point in going.
    Face R1pper
    They may not have been on the record, but its Geoff Tate and a group of very skill musicians playing one of the best power metal albums of the 1980s. Why is this not worth going to?
    I don't know... maybe because it sounds nothing like the original everyone loves, and it sounds like watching an amateur tribute band? Tate lost his once great voice a decade ago, and the rest of his band have barely had a couple of months to learn all the songs. Anyone doubting what to expect from that can take a look at any video from them on Youtube, most of them are pretty embarrassing so take your pick.
    Face R1pper
    You call Rudy Sarzo and Simon Wright an amateur tribute band? Inform yourself before you speak. Tate has adapted well to his age and only ignorance and refusal to give him a chance is preventing anyone from seeing this.
    I'm calling them as a whole an amateur tribute band because this band was formed in such a rush that they hadn't even played together before and hadn't had time to learn all the songs properly, nothing personal against Sarzo or Wright, I know they can play. On the other hand, Robert Sarzo and Kelly Gray sound like amateur players indeed; the first is out of tune most of the time, and the second is without a doubt one of the sloppiest and worst "pro" guitar players I've seen in my life. Add to that the fact that this "band" has already gone through 3 line-up changes in its few months of existence, and it's obvious this is indeed no band, but more like a revolving door: there's no chemistry between its members, they barely know each other, and all this uncertainness can be heard in the music too. And please, Tate hasn't adapted at all to his age. They're downtuning all the songs live and he still misses more than half of the notes, and doesn't even try to sing most of the high parts. It's sad, because he had one of the best voices in the 80's and early 90's, but his voice is long gone. He can't sing those songs anymore.
    Face R1pper
    That is what happens to almost every band in their first year of existence. The only way you can talk shit about this is because you have a specific hatred for Tate, which should not have any input when judging the actual music. Not trying to sing the high parts is how he has adapted. Instead of sounding annoying and whiny like Halford or Osbourne he acknowledges that he can't sing the way he used to and finds a better way to do it. He maintains good tones in the range he chooses to sing in and always hits the notes he intends to. I'm not sure what else you would expect from him.
    I was not aware that Rudy Sarzo played in Tate's Queensryche! How is this for being "In a rush" like you said: When Randy Rhodes died, Ozzy was suddenly in trouble for contract reasons. To fulfill one of the album obligations he released a live album of old Sabbath covers, Speak of the Devil. Rudy Sarzo, Brad Gillis and Tommy Aldridge learned all of the songs for the album in 10 days! That part of your argument might not be valid
    It's not worth going to because Geoff can't even sing the songs when they're downtuned. Go on YouTube and see for yourself. Regardless of how I feel about him as a person I'd pay to see him sing if he could still do it as well as he could even a few years ago, but his voice is shot.
    In my opinion, Todd gets no opinion in this. He's only been in Queensryche for what? A few months maybe? And only because Tate was booted. What goes on is between Tate and all the other members of what used to be Queensryche.
    Why? Why can't he have an opinion? Just because you don't like it?
    It just really doesn't have anything to do with him is all.
    Of course it has something to do with him. Just because he hasn't been in the band long doesn't mean he's not in the band.
    Face R1pper
    lawls @ Todd talking about the Queensryche brand like he's been there since the beginning.
    Todd's been a fan of the band long enough to know what the Queensryche brand used to be about. Many of his fellow fans agree with him.
    Face R1pper
    That's not what I am saying. He is acting possessive about something that he has never had a part of. Which is a very immature and stupid thing to do.
    I didn't read anything that would imply he's being possessive.
    Face R1pper
    Luckily you have me to summarize the article for you. "That's not good for the brand, that's not good for Queensryche to have the Triryche in front of an 'FU.'" "And we're the guys that write the songs, we're the guys that perform the songs...That's [the other QR] not a's not Queensryche"
    Seriously?? Who is this clown? When you actually release an album, and anybody actually knows who you are, then maybe your opinion may actually matter. lol Goofball
    This is never ending and getting quite embarassing for them and their fans. For those who don't know the whole story check out the latest article on my blog =]
    Am the only person who wonders why this website keeps updating on such an unimportant, talentless band?
    I just listen to this on my New Tablet, I've heard the songs many, many times and by no means a new fan. Having said just that, I got to say there is no way in this World or the next that Todd is anywhere near the Talent of GT. I tried to convenience myself QR was back, but they are NOT. Please don't Misunderstand me and know I really dig the band then, now and forever. The new Album is good the best in some time. Todd just don't have the chops of GT and never will. Tate is the most awesome sounding artist, maybe a personality problem but hey! I wish these guys would be true to the music and cut the BS and get together to please us, the fans! Sadly I don't think that can happen. I'm an old rocker and seen some awesome groups, like Zeppelin, Stones, Queen, Metallica, Pink Floyd GnR, GodSmack, AC/DC, A& to just name a few, with over 100 concerts in my life. A friend turned me on to the Ryche long ago and I thought I had died and went to rock heaven. I don't pray but I would if the group got their Sh_t together and made music like they used too. Tate, DeGarmo were the best combo along with the other remaining members - Todd Sorry dude, you're not terrible just not Tate!