Tom Araya Doubtful About Playing in Slayer: 'Why Am I Doing This Now?'

artist: Slayer date: 10/23/2013 category: music news
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Tom Araya Doubtful About Playing in Slayer: 'Why Am I Doing This Now?'
Slayer singer/bassist Tom Araya once again shared a pessimistic stance regarding the band's future, pointing out his uncertainty about having the desire to continue without late guitarist Jeff Hanneman. During a chat with Steppin' Out magazine, Araya seemingly took things a bit further, giving a somewhat stronger hint that Slayer calling it quits is a possibility. "His death has changed everything," he kicked off (via Blabbermouth). "Knowing that Jeff was on the sidelines, I was OK. It was always about, 'Jeff is going to come back.' Then he passed away and it was more like, 'Why am I doing this now?' It changed my attitude about some things. Someone said, 'It's really great that you decided to tour and move on,' but these tours were scheduled in advance." The singer then stressed that a talk about the group's future is very much inevitable. "At the end of this tour, Kerry and I are going to have to sit down and talk as far as how we want to move forward, if we want to move forward," he said. "There hasn't been time for me and Kerry to talk. We've been on the road but we haven't really sat down and talked about it. Jeff and I collaborated a lot, and he offered me the opportunity to write or to collaborate with him.

"Like I said, there are things we have to discuss to either move forward or just to figure something out,"
the singer concluded. Tom also talked about the band's latest tour, focusing on the encores during which the group placed a backdrop with Heineken logo and Hanneman's name on it. In Araya's words, "That didn't make it any easier at all. The first week or so, I had a tough time trying to sing without losing it." Meanwhile, Slayer announced a special one-off setlist for their upcoming performance at the Hollywood Palladium, the band's first show at the renowned LA venue in 25 years. As guitarist Kerry King explained, October 27 gig will be an "old-school Slayer night" and include more of the group's early tunes. But back to Araya's statement, do you think that Slayer might actually call it a day? Let us know in the comments.
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