Tom Araya Doubtful About Playing in Slayer: 'Why Am I Doing This Now?'

"Kerry and I have to sit down and talk," the singer says.

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Slayer singer/bassist Tom Araya once again shared a pessimistic stance regarding the band's future, pointing out his uncertainty about having the desire to continue without late guitarist Jeff Hanneman. During a chat with Steppin' Out magazine, Araya seemingly took things a bit further, giving a somewhat stronger hint that Slayer calling it quits is a possibility. "His death has changed everything," he kicked off (via Blabbermouth). "Knowing that Jeff was on the sidelines, I was OK. It was always about, 'Jeff is going to come back.' Then he passed away and it was more like, 'Why am I doing this now?' It changed my attitude about some things. Someone said, 'It's really great that you decided to tour and move on,' but these tours were scheduled in advance." The singer then stressed that a talk about the group's future is very much inevitable. "At the end of this tour, Kerry and I are going to have to sit down and talk as far as how we want to move forward, if we want to move forward," he said. "There hasn't been time for me and Kerry to talk. We've been on the road but we haven't really sat down and talked about it. Jeff and I collaborated a lot, and he offered me the opportunity to write or to collaborate with him.

"Like I said, there are things we have to discuss to either move forward or just to figure something out," the singer concluded. Tom also talked about the band's latest tour, focusing on the encores during which the group placed a backdrop with Heineken logo and Hanneman's name on it. In Araya's words, "That didn't make it any easier at all. The first week or so, I had a tough time trying to sing without losing it." Meanwhile, Slayer announced a special one-off setlist for their upcoming performance at the Hollywood Palladium, the band's first show at the renowned LA venue in 25 years. As guitarist Kerry King explained, October 27 gig will be an "old-school Slayer night" and include more of the group's early tunes. But back to Araya's statement, do you think that Slayer might actually call it a day? Let us know in the comments.

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    Knowing how much of a douche Kerry has been lately he will probably replace Tom next
    Exactly my thought. Kerry will try to keep going under the name of 'SLAYER' even if he has to replace ARAYA.
    It's gonna be like Scott Ian with Anthrax.
    @Wininacan Classic lineup not original. Neil Turbin was the original singer. According to legend Eddie Trunk told Johnny Z(founder of Megaforce records) that the only thing he didn't like about Anthrax was Turbin's vocals, so he was fired. Danny Lilker was a founding member but was fired and later formed Nuclear Assault. Charlie has been on every record, Frank's been on every one since Spreading The Disease after replacing Lilker. Joey sang all the albums from Spreading to Persistence of Time and now he's back. The only one missing is Dan Spitz, and he seems content remaining a swiss watchmaker. I wish he'd come back though, no one nails those leads like him. Scott is just the one who gets the most press, and for some reason is in every documentary that has anything to do with metal.
    "and for some reason is in every documentary that has anything to do with metal. " I laughed at this. So true.
    Calling it a day would be the best course of action; let's avoid strangling as much life as we can out of the Slayer name, community and energy.
    I wouldn't be shocked if they called it a day. There's no shame in them doing it, and at this point they've earned the right to hang 'em up whenever they want.
    Yeah, they're legendary and calling it a day would keep their legacy intact, rather than releasing a shitty second rate piece of thrash and disbanding over it
    This is how I feel. It would make me sad to see Slayer go, but at this point, they're already half's probably time
    I think that Kerry would continue even without Araya. He'll be milking a dead cow forever.
    Mr_izzy doubtful about Slayer.
    Ill say it again. I believe that they should just start a supergroup with the current line up under a new monicker
    The only good thing about Slayer continuing is royalties for Jeff's family , otherwise they are a non band now , unfortunatley .
    Royalties are paid to the song writer, and if they continue on Jeff will have no part of the songwriting process. unless they use tidbits of lyrics/rifs/etc. that he left to the band, the royalties his family will most likely receive will come from his past works. I may be wrong and there may be a way to support his family if they move on, but I doubt it (which is quite sad).
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but they would probably receive royalties every time Slayer played live as long as they played songs that Jeff helped write.
    You can collect royalties for live play if you file it correctly with the venue, but it's only 10 cents or so per song.
    Just wanted to correct all this royalty talk...You do get royalties from performing your own songs live. They are quite small, but how it works is that the Performance Rights Organizations, i.e. ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, have tool set up online that you submit your setlist after playing a gig. Then, they submit that use into their equation of how they disburse royalties. These royalties only go to the songwriters, which may be different people than the actual band. All of the live venues have blanket licenses with these organizations, so they pay a fee to allow bands to come publicly perform their songs. The fees from such licenses are one of the ways PROs generate money to pay royalties to the songwriters.
    You don't get royalties from people playing your songs live. You think every time someone plays a cover live they pay the original band?
    You aren't allowed to play a cover song in a venue that isn't doesn't have a license to play or host copyright-protected music. Note that it is not YOUR responsibility to obtain the license, just the venue's. Google is a great tool for finding these things out before you open your mouth.
    That shit is ridiculous. No one can't tell what you can or can't play, unless a totalitarianism is accepted. I guess only State intervention is a no no, corporate interventionism is aight.
    Before you get too angry, look into ASCAP, SESAC, and BMI. Ultimately these guys are on your side.
    I have no idea why you have so many likes, considering you googled it yourself, because there is no way you knew that before sitting there on your ass and typing it into google! Jackass!
    Countless cover bands play countless covers and no one pays anyone for the songs being played. So before you open your mouth, think a little bit and don't use google. Maybe just common sense.
    Either get Dave Lombardo back and keep on for a few tours or call it quits now. But a Kerry-only album (he wouldn't let Holt have much input anyway)? Nah.
    Tom just seems like one of the coolest, most down to earth dudes around. Sometimes I wonder how he plays in a band with Kerry and doesn't lose it
    I would love to see Tom making his own band, writing musics and lyrics by himself... Maybe with Gary!!
    Tom: Kerry, I'm not sure if We should continue with the band. Breaking news - Tom Araya kicked out of Slayer.
    You're ten feet away from each other on tour buses or planes, you can talk. What he really meant was, we need to schedule time with all our lawyers to all meet together.
    Nah man, being on tour is tough. You gota focus on the shows, the performance, making sure everything's running well. This kinda conversation could take hours and be very emotionally draining, I for one wouldn't wona hit the stage after that.
    As a long time SLAYER fan, I cant believe I am actually saying this... But I think its time. Thanks for all the killer albums guys.
    Slayer just isn't slayer anymore,not just jeff's death but lombardo departure also. the band is never gonna be the same slayer so it would be just best if they called it quits now while their legendary status is still unchanged
    The only honourable thing to do imo is for them to call it quits...if they go on they would probably ruin their reputation, I for one want to remember Slayer as one of the Thrash metal Titans not as a means for Kerry King to keep making money
    Majin Gaara
    Tom: "I don't feel right in carrying on slayer without our brother, Jeff." Kerry: "Stop being a ****ing pussy, tom. I wrote all the best songs anyway. WHAMMY /\/\/\/\/\/\/
    if you re really-REALLY sure about it, make another album with stuff Jeff wrote, put it out, have a world tour-not a farewell one and than end the band.eternally.that's all.
    I can see the jam sessions now: Gary Holt: "How about this?" ((plays monstrous metal riff)) Tom: "That's ****in badassm dude!" Kerry "Burger" King: "That sucks. Everyone shut the **** up and play this" ((0-0-000-000-0010-0010-0011114444-00000)) Tom: "Whatever." Gary (to himself): "When do I get paid? I'll just take this to Exodus."
    Colgate Total
    Kerry King is the least important "core" member of Slayer. Hanneman wrote the best riffs. Tom is the singer. Slayer without Tom and Jeff is not Slayer.
    Much respect to Tom. I think he's in a really confusing situation. I couldn't blame him for feeling like this at all. Maybe the right choices will be made soon!
    I don't even listen to these guys a lot, although I do respect everything they do. Please, please don't bleed Slayer dry of where it stands. There's enough bands doing that now.
    What I see here is that the Tom's relationship with Kerry is not the best... I mean they are not "PALS" .. for Tom .. Slayer without Lombardo and now Jeff... is not slayer anymore...
    Maybe the reason Slayer is keeping busy with schedules is that actually Kerry King is actually avoiding Tom Araya for the discussion regarding band's future.
    Two things: a) what the hell does Tom mean he 'hasn't had time to sit down and discuss it'? If he's been on tour with the damn guy for a while now - surely he should have had a chance to bring it up and some point? The avoidance makes me assume that either he and King aren't really on speaking terms or that he's avoiding it because he knows this is the end. b) They need to call it a day. Legends can't burn out and fade away, they need to go out at their best. Slayer is well past their best, but they can avoid getting any worse. Move on, guys.
    The end has already come for Slayer.As i fan,i want it full of respect for the glorious past,not full of greed for the potential future.
    I'd say it's done and it should be. Tom is absolutely right in hinting/thinking they should call it a day. They fired Dave again and Jeff has passed on. And he's really been putting it out there that Jeff was the real driving musical force in the band which is nice, true and well overdue. They'd only be tarnishing their legacy (which is arguably already tarnished) continuing in their current state. Call it a day and let Slayer rest. Let Kerry go and do a solo album or something so everyone can really see what a bad guitar player he is. Sadly though I'd have to agree with some previous comments in that Kerry would probably pull an Axl Rose and just continue on as the only original member of Slayer.
    Jeff was the blood, guts, and soul of Slayer. I hate to admit it but they should just call it a day or start a new band?
    As far as I'm in the place to give advice, my advice to Kerry King would be: do yourself and the world a favor and don't be the next Axl Rose milking the dead cow.
    While Im not surprised to hear it, I can't decide whether I want Slayer to go on or call it quits. Its a sad situation but what can you do? R.I.P Jeff!
    Sounds like Tom isnt real keen on working one on one with Kerry. They should step away now and not become the Metallica of their genre. Making music and touring, just for the money. Their music will suffer and at this point their body of work is one to be respected. Making new Slayer, with only 2 members of Slayer and especially without Hanneman, will not be Slayer. Time for a side project, to become the focus for Tom.
    Not really sure what you mean about the Metallica of their genre. They are in the same genre.
    At this point it's two members of Slayer, but only one original member taking control of the writing process. I don't blame Tom at all for the way he feels, he collaborated with Jeff on some of their best songs. Jeff also seemed very open with it came to writing songs, whereas Kerry takes a "my way or the highway" approach. Kerry's a freaking douche.
    Tom's a smart guy and I fully support his words. I went to the very first "Slayer cover band" gig, just a month after Jeff's death, and Tom really didn't seem to feel comfortable with it. Time to call it a day.
    I love Tom's voice, but Slayer is over. I really cannot see Tom continuing with Slayer. Fuck Kerry "Douchebag" King.
    "I had a tough time trying to sing without losing it." This choked me up... man I miss Jeff.
    I think they should continue, but under a new name... Slayed? ... oh wait....
    Seems odd they'd put up a Heineken logo with Jeff's name on it seeing as it was overdoing it on the liquor that ultimately took Jeff's life. Are they trying to send a message to the fans to watch the booze intake?
    Have you ever seen Jeff's guitar?
    I'm aware that he was a proud drinker of the stuff, but that doesn't mean they have to celebrate it now knowing that it was the cause of his demise.
    Without Jeff and Dave, it is not original Slayer. That does not mean though that they can't play together. If they continue on as say "Angels Of Death", then things would work out fine.
    He needs to stay. He is a good Slayer singer because he has that explosive type of voice when he sings. Slayer would be different without him
    I suppose that everyone thats shitting on KFK has actually met and talked to him before right?
    I'm a good friend of Jack from Exodus. I met Burger King when they rolled through Denver. He's an arrogant d*ck. Pretty much the exact opposite of Gary Holt, who is cool as hell.
    What the ****?!How come a band thats been together for 30 years has still to talk about his future after the departure of a founding member (and FRIEND)??These guys are completely ****ing up. Slayer looks more like a big-ass money making machine than a band and I feel personally embarassed by Kerri King.
    I hope they can build new band or somekind of super group with different name, or something. Slayer will remain one of my favorite bands no matter what.
    I think it is a normal reaction to question the bands future and how to find new creating synergies...Look at Metallica when they lost Cliff. Cliff was strongly participating to the song writing, all the melodies etc. Now the difference between the 2 bands is how they decide to move on and be creative again. That´s probably what it take to be the number "one band" in metal vs call it a quit. Slayer needs time. time to grief, time to think and time to decide what will be the next step. A new fresh guitarist with new influences (?) why not.
    Yeah but the bus crash happened when the guys in Metallica were in their 20's. The guys in slayer are in their, what? 50's with families and tom has stated before he wanted to spend more time at home with his family. This isn't a band in their prime that lost a key member. Its a band in their twilight that has lost all but 2 members of the classic fold and 1 of them seems less than passionate about continuing on. I think you have to look t the differences realistically in this situation.
    On the topic of Kerry king, I met him on Sunday, I asked how he was, he didn't say anything, he just signed my stuff and took a picture with me.
    I hope he goes on and does his own thing. He was always the guy I could sit down and listen to and have a chat with about anything and not get aggravated at the same time. King is just a dick in the worst way possible.