Tom Araya Explains Lombardo's Firing: 'Kerry, Jeff and I Made a Collective Decision'

"He told the world about legally binding and private issues," says Slayer singer.

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Slayer singer/bassist Tom Araya revealed new details regarding this year's firing of original drummer Dave Lombardo, calling it a collective decision and a pinnacle of Lombardo's unhappiness and internal band issues. "That whole issue came down to this - Dave had been jamming with us for a while, as a working member of the band, but he wasn't a partner," Araya told Steppin' Out magazine (via Blabbermouth). "Like all things like that, you have to have agreements, so nobody feels cheated. We had ongoing issues and finally he put us in a position where we had to find someone to replace him.

"He wasn't happy, so he decided to have his Facebook rant and told the world about a lot of issues going on within the band that are legally binding and private. I thought that was wrong and it was upsetting. A lot of the claims he made were untrue. Part of the agreement is you don't do that." Tom then focused on the firing decision, saying, "Kerry [King], Jeff [Hanneman] and I got on the phone and made a collective decision and we let Dave go and gave Paul [Bostaph] a call. Paul said he'd be happy to come back. He has brought some life back into our live performances. He's in hyper drive and kicking a-s, which makes us play faster. People have commented on how energetic we've been lately. We're playing faster than we would have. It's good injection of adrenaline." Lombardo was fired from Slayer earlier this year, as the first rumors of his sacking surfaced back in February when he was replaced on the group's Australian tour.

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    As a Slayer fan I couldn't give two shits about the band anymore after Jeff's death and Dave's departure
    Not sure if that makes you a "true fan" or a "fanboy". The article didn't cover this particular issue.
    If someone loved Star Wars all their life then watched the prequels that came out and didn't like them does that make them not a true fan of Star Wars?
    I don't know, man. It just doesn't seem like things are adding up right. And I usually listen to what Tom says..
    I need to stop reading Slayer articles. They disappoint me more and more every ****ing time.
    So this info is supposed to do what? Still ****ed up Dave's gone, I don't care how fast they think they can play. Dave was there from the beginning, when they played parties in South Gate, played at South Gate High, I was there, I remember all that. If Dave wasn't happy, I'm sure there was a reason, seems like everyone wants to point fingers, but no one wants to work out a solution, just fire / hire and move on, pretty sad.....
    Well, Bostaph has done great things with Slayer before and the albums without Dave are quite good. I'm more concerned about the fact that Jeff isn't here to write the songs. People are probably going to say the album sucks when it's released solely because they feel some strange urge to bash Kerry King though. Yes I agree that he's been acting like a douchebag lots of times and he isnt' the best guitarist in the world, but people saying that the album is going to suck, as if they already know what it's going to sound like, based only on the fact that Kerry is in charge of the writing process are to me quite stupid.
    Let's face it guys, the album's coming out whether we like it or not. I will check the first single on Youtube to see if it sucks but there's no chance in hell I'm gonna buy that.
    i really don't know what to think of this... araya always seemed like a legit guy, as did lombardo. can't imagine araya nor lombardo being a liar but what i do can imagine, is king forcing araya to tell stories like that!
    As much as I think they're asshats, I'm still really looking forward to seeing them on Sunday.
    At this point Slayer has two official drummers and the pick whichever one they're speaking to for touring.