Tom Araya: 'New Slayer Album Has to Be Extraordinary'

"It can’t just be another Slayer record," the singer says.

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Despite expressing a pessimistic attitude regarding the band's future on several recent occasions, Slayer singer/bassist Tom Araya stressed that the group is still in obligation to bring something special to the table with the new album as a proper tribute to late guitarist Jeff Hanneman. "This record has to be something special, it has to be extraordinary - it can't just be another Slayer record," Araya told Metroactive. "There's a lot on the plate for the band, and we've gotten quite a bit of support from a lot of fans.

"We've also gotten a lot of negative feedback about things that we've done [over the years], so we'll see what the future holds. Usually our attitude about that has been 'F--k 'em!' It seems to have worked for us so far, so I doubt we'll change that aspect of the band." Tom also once again noted that after the band's done with their touring obligations, they'll have to sit down and discuss the future. "There was a lot of stuff that we had already lined up to do, and then we got the news about Jeff passing - so at the moment it's more about fulfilling obligations - after this tour is over, we have to sit down and really discuss what the plans are, what the future is," he explained. "We're moving forward, and finishing up the year, basically so everyone can have closure," Araya concluded. "It will allow fans to have closure too and we can all remember Jeff one last time."

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    I kind of imagine Tom writing that with Kerry holding a knife to his throat while eating a giant sandwich.
    Exactly what I thought.. well except I was thinking a gun to the head, but same idea.
    I like how it was the knife that was off, but you both agree about the giant sandwich.
    Me too, except I was thinking more along the lines of a Whopper and not a sandwich since we're talking about Kerry 'the Burger' King
    I'm a fan of a few of Slayers earlier albums but Iv'e never actually read into the people actually in the band, but why does everyone hate Kerry King ?
    huge slayer fan... Kerry is Kerry he is that pure I don't give a damn about anything type. complete A-type personality. he comes off as a dick because well he kind of is, and he really don't give a damn who cares. "you're either on my side or in my way" and that's Kerry.
    he's too full of himself, thinks he's the best, that's the douchebag vibe he's given off. Selfish, and a dick.
    Tom is right, but it can't be extraordinary without Jeff, just can't...
    I has potential if they let Gary Holt loose instead of turning it into the Kerry King Show. Still, apparently Jeff left behind some riffs, so hopefully they'll put those to good use
    For the sake of SLAYER and its legacy I really hope this doesn't flat out tank. I figured SLAYER would just call it quits one day and not go down the steady decline path that you see bands go. After Lombardo going and then the passing of Jeff, it just seems the writing is on the wall as much as I hate to say it. I hope they really give it everything they have on this one. I believe it to be the last album we see.
    Songs Kerry wrote on his own (musicly) Show No Mercy, Evil Has No Boundaries, Praise of Death, Piece by Piece, Expendable Youth, Skeletons of Society ,Temptation, Fictional Reality, Dittohead, Circle of Beliefs, Sex. Murder. Art ,In the Name of God Here comes the pain, Payback, Warzone, Exile, Sevenfaces ,New Faith ,Cast down,Cult,Supremist, Skeleton Christ,Flesh storm,Catalyst,Not of this god ,Snuff,Hate worldwide ,Public Display of Dismemberment ,Americon. mostly good songs IMO. ofcourse songs (By jeff) Angel of death Raining Blood Spirit in black Black magic War enemble South of heaven are far beter. i still dont think that Kerry is that bad. But i do say that Slayer needs Jeff hanneman
    The only song that I ever liked from the first record was Black Magic. Couldn't care about the rest of the songs. Now I see it's been written by Jeff
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    I wonder if it's just going to be all power chords and sloppy playing, because you know Kerry King is a shit guitarist.
    One thing about Slayer I think people mis-interpret, Slayer is a combo of Punk and Thrash. they do not claim to be tight. its very loose very free playing. Kerry King is actually a very accomplished guitarist. I'm not saying he's EVH but the guy can play. Slayer solos are just that too, more of a controlled mess then a thought out by the scale, manicured piece of work. they fit the music.
    They've been rehashing the same old shit trying to sound more 80s ever since Lombardo came back. Hopefully Bostaph's presence will bring back some of their creativity.I agree with Tom though, they need to pay the tribute to Jeff that he is worth, and to their legacy which they have done a lot towards burying in recent years. Slayer has gone from a band I eagerly anticipated every record release of so I could obtain cathartic joy from every satanic lyric, drum beat and riff, to a band whose name I feel obligated to yell at people when I see them wearing their t-shirts and have very little connection to outside that moment.