Tom Araya: 'Politics of Character in One Particular Band Are Preventing More Big Four Shows'

Slayer frontman blames Metallica for lack of Big Four gigs.

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Tom Araya has been speaking with about a desire to do more Big Four shows. According to Araya, it is the "politics of character" within Metallica that is preventing it from happening: "I don't want to say politics is preventing that. It's not the politics between bands; it's the politics of character in one particular band. We had an issue that came up on the New York show, which really freaked everybody out, but the New York show happened. I think, in all honesty, that was the last time we did the Big Four. "I think another Big Four show might not happen. They could prove me wrong. Those shows basically, even though it was called the Big Four, it was done through Metallica. It was with Metallica's blessing that allowed those shows to happen. If they want to continue and do a couple more shows, I think that would be great ... if we were to sit down with them and communicate with them, that's what I'd tell them." Araya also noted that Paul McCartney had been his earliest bass playing influence: "I learned to play bass because my brother was learning how to play guitar," Araya said. "The bass player I looked up to when me and my brother were learning how to play music was actually Paul McCartney from the Beatles. I didn't want to emulate him, but I enjoyed the Beatles' music and me and my brother used to play it."

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    I think we all know who he's talking about here... and it's not Metallica
    Probably a little of both... someone has a chip and we're all just thankful the other band acknowledges the other three bands actually exist. I have to say I have never seen so much press coming from Slayer...kinda ruins it sometimes.
    I think it's honestly something between Dave and Kerry
    Nah, Dave had him come up on stage after the Big 4 shows to do Rattlehead if I remember correctly. Then again, I could be thinking of the wrong round of Big 4 shows.
    Slayer aren't really that collaborative anyway.. At every jam at the end of the gig, the only one to show up was Lombardo and sometimes Holt, KK always going away with his beer. I think that as a band they don't exist anymore.
    Slayer is Kings project now and he's the one pushing for it. Because, let's admit it, when Slayer is over he's done for. Nobody else likes him, even Slayer fans don't think highly of him, he won't have a career to go on.
    we can't play together because the other kids won't let us. by the way I like turtles. That's how I read that article.
    Well, the only weird thing that happened at NY is when Megadeth decided to not play for Dave's neck injury, called Exodus in, and at the last minute they decided to play anyway. I mean, I know it wasn't really fair from Megadeth, but come on, I'm glad they played since people spent money to see them and not to see Exodus..
    I feel like they should make it a Big Five tour and take Exodus in the line-up. they deserve that 5th spot.
    Need to throw Testament in that mix as well.
    No they don't. No matter how hard Testament tried to suck MTV's dong with their watered-down Thrash, they were never even close to being big or popular enough to be considered anywhere close to Big anything material. Even if the Big 4 was about quality, there are hundreds of better bands than Testament, whose only good album is from their time ripping off Metallica's "Master of Puppets" formula. Sure, they've become a lot bigger since they started claiming to be "underground legends", but Testament is still pretty irrelevant outside their "I know maybe 10 Thrash Metal bands, tops" fanbase.
    Testament has something Metallica Anthrax and slayer dont.. ALEX SKOLNICK. All Kirk's blues laden wah soaked leads pale to what Alex did on the Legacy album --and he was only 17!!! He has played in/with Trans Siberian Orchestra, Savatage, and his Jazz trio. Even in his absence he was replaced with James Murphy -The best technical Death Metal Guitarist. Kirk cant say that. In fact the only band with close to that is Megadeth and they are always hired guns (pitrelli, Brodrick,Friedman). Lets face Slayer is not exactly a technical thrash band and their guitarists have shown it (I like Gary in Exodus better. Anthrax blew it years ago they seem too distracted by VH1 commentary spots to make a decent album. Scott Ian is far from a virtuoso.
    Or they could boot Anthrax, they're pretty mediocre.
    Ill get hate for his too, but Anthrax to me was just that band that happened to be in the right place at the right time, and by the graces they got lumped into the big 4. just my opinion. I have seen them live in the 80's, 90's, and 2000's, good for them but,, eh...
    Have you listened to worship music? Have you seen them live? They are not Mediocre
    pretty much agree 100%. the other three bands all seem to have added something to thrash, I don't understand exactly what anthrax did to become a member of the big four
    When Metallica was flown to MY to record Kill'em All, Anthrax was rehearsing in the same place. They became "friends" and there you go. I'm not saying Anthrax aren't a good band, I just feel around that time there were other acts that I would say contributed a little bit more to that thrash movement, like someone said Exodus I agree with that, Testament should get more credit even though they were a little later on.
    Probably because the others are from the bay area while Anthrax are from New York so they brought thrash to a different region of the country so to speak. That's just my guess.
    That's okay, though, because the Big 4 isn't about quality, it's about how popular they were, how much they sold. The Big 4 were the biggest bands out of the American Thrash scene, not the best.
    There was something with that as well that the original date of the NY show was changed to not interfere with DM's birthday. It was pushed back a day or something.
    its Lars or Dave ones running for president n the other is trying to be God Kerry's just a douche
    Another shitty article. I can't see one single line indicating that these politics he has mentioned are coming from Metallica.
    Tom your always talking about "we should sit down and talk" for up n do it!
    as much as I would love more big four shows, I think they lose significance when they happen too often. Thinking about it from the bands perspective, the money is split four ways, with Tallica getting mroe than 25% and anthrax getting god knows how little (I love anthrax, thats not a diss) Megadeth knows they can seel out venues, Slayer knows it too, so its like while go through trouble today when they can set up a show with everything just how they want instead of all by Metallica's rules. ya kno?
    No more 3D films, ridiculous collaborations and hundreds of pointless, dull interviews, that UG will jump on and big up to hell, Metallica. Do some proper touring, with a new, proper, full length Metallica album to tour.
    metallica slayer and megadeth all seem like little 16 year old girls on their periods.. and it seems like anthrax is just chillin, not really intervening in all the bullshit
    First of all, the Big Four shows wouldn't have even been a big deal if it weren't for Metallica. Second of all, bands have a right to move on to new things instead of doing the same thing over and over again. And I went to the Big Four show in New York. Metallica seemed to be having so much fun with the other bands. Of course, a certain someone from Tom's band wasn't up there. If I were to put the blame on anyone, it would be Kerry King. I don't think anyone from Metallica, Megadeth, or Anthrax wanted to work with him anymore. Based on recent stories, neither does Tom. I used to think that Tom was the level headed member of Slayer. I don't know if these recent events are him speaking or Kerry speaking through him, but I'm starting to lose respect for him. That's a shame, because after Jeff's passing and Dave's departure, he was the only thing keeping me interested in Slayer.
    Anty 7
    It's not the "politics of character" in a member of Metallica, dimwits! Metallica made the decision to stop due to the politics of character of another band member. Read the whole article... Metallica are the guys that allowed this to happen and seemed really happy to share the stage with the others. They were keen on doing more shows, but suddenly they changed their minds. What caused this? Now, we don't know what happens backstage, but it's probably Mustaine, if you read the interviews they did after the Big 4 show in Yankee stadium it's pretty clear it's him.
    of course metallica couldn't do more big 4 shows... they probably have the same reason for that, as why they couldn't do a new album... the 3D movie.Why would you say this kind of shit in public, seems to me like Kerry's personality is rubbing off on Araya lately. Metal bands should stop dragging other bands down. The genre is getting worse with the years and bands bashing eachother isn't helping it back up.
    "The genre is getting worse with the years and bands bashing eachother isn't helping it back up." Things that someone who is not at all active in the Metal world would say for 200, Alex.
    Give it a few months. After the failure of Metallica's movie sinks in, they'll be begging Slayer to do a Big 4 tour.
    Anty 7
    They always knew they were going to lose money with the movie, that's kind of the whole point : they're Metallica, they can do whatever they want and they keep taking risks. Besides, you're going to regret calling it a failure when it comes out in DVD and their fanbase rushes out to buy it!
    This. You can guarantee the DVD release will come with a CD soundtrack too, so a lot of fans would buy it even just for that if they haven't bought the CD already.
    Trust me. Metallica has never, isn't, and will never "be begging Slayer" for anything. Besides, most of my music lover friends would rather just see a Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax show anyway.
    Saw Slayer once, too. Thought it was a good gig. But who wanna see them without Hanneman and Lombardo, anyway? Testament should jump in...they should have jumped in from the beginning (in Anthrax' spot - just my opinion)
    The ONLY reason any of these other bands got to play in a large venue is because of Metallica if Metallica isn't in it they couldn't even sell out an arena or larger club. Unfortunately the only other metal band with pull like that is Iron Maiden and they just rolled through here twice so I don't think they will be on this side of the ocean anytime soon. IMHO out of all the bands Anthrax had the best recent release . Besides Public Enemy No. 1 Megadeth's last 2 albums have been aweful so I say take them out and throw Testament in there.
    I'd take Slayer out instead of Megadeth. As much as I like Slayer, they're not really that functional when compared to Megadeth.
    How is there new slayer news everyday? Do the current/formers members (RIP Jeff) just split up the week and each get there own day to talk to the media or what? KK obviously getting more days then the rest.
    And also seems like Jeff has never existed in Slayer's history. I could have understood if the reason was that but meh..
    Jeff is Slayer s history he wrote 90 % of their music Kerry wrote the lame ones
    Dave Kerry and Lars should form the "Dick 3" w Ax7 FFDP & Black lipstick Brides...that should sell $$$$
    With ego maniacs like James Hetfield, Dave Mustain, Kerry King and Lars Ulrich there is no chance Big Four shows could turn into a regular thing, don`t kid yourselves. If they can`t keep it together in their 40s, imagine in 5, 10, 15 years when they get even older and even bigger douchebags towards each other. Mustain and King with wondrous abilities to insult, shit on and fight everything and everyone on one side and James and Lars on the other with their "we`re so above and beyond you all" attitude make it impossible. The only fairly low key and somewhat sane people in there are dudes from Anthrax.
    I'd beleive that its all metallica preventing it. Slayer Megadeth and Anthrax have toured together and said it was great and everyone was good friends. Yes Mustaine has a huge ego but i think Lars and James have bigger egos and try to instigate Dave so everyone has a scapegoat, and just blame it on the feud.
    How James Hetfield has a big ego? Ok with Lars but what is your basis for saying that for the other one?
    dude i think it was james who invited dave to their filmore shows! i think he's talking bout lars
    Get rid of metallica they haven't been thrash for 20+ years. Drop slayer I'm not sure there a thing anymore. Then just add exodus and overkill. Now that would be one bad ass tour.