Tom Araya: 'Politics of Character in One Particular Band Are Preventing More Big Four Shows'

artist: Big Four date: 11/14/2013 category: music news

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Tom Araya: 'Politics of Character in One Particular Band Are Preventing More Big Four Shows'
Tom Araya has been speaking with about a desire to do more Big Four shows. According to Araya, it is the "politics of character" within Metallica that is preventing it from happening: "I don't want to say politics is preventing that. It's not the politics between bands; it's the politics of character in one particular band. We had an issue that came up on the New York show, which really freaked everybody out, but the New York show happened. I think, in all honesty, that was the last time we did the Big Four. "I think another Big Four show might not happen. They could prove me wrong. Those shows basically, even though it was called the Big Four, it was done through Metallica. It was with Metallica's blessing that allowed those shows to happen. If they want to continue and do a couple more shows, I think that would be great ... if we were to sit down with them and communicate with them, that's what I'd tell them." Araya also noted that Paul McCartney had been his earliest bass playing influence: "I learned to play bass because my brother was learning how to play guitar," Araya said. "The bass player I looked up to when me and my brother were learning how to play music was actually Paul McCartney from the Beatles. I didn't want to emulate him, but I enjoyed the Beatles' music and me and my brother used to play it."
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