Tom DeLonge: What Makes My Book About Aliens Different From Other Books About Aliens

"I want people to have facts," former Blink-182 guitarist says.

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Tom DeLonge: What Makes My Book About Aliens Different From Other Books About Aliens

Former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge talked about his "Sekret Machines" book series about aliens, explaining to SDT:

"When you look at the UFO phenomenon, it encompasses religion, physics, government secrecy, archaeology, cosmology and many other things.

"So, in order to have a conversation about how this one subject matter - UFOs - has affected all the branches of the truth, we have to start with the ideas of ancient gods and the mythologies they represent that maybe weren't mythologies.

"And then we have to look at how man has been dealing with this, since at least World War II... I want people to have facts. Doing fiction and non-fiction books is the best of both worlds...

“This isn't about landings, or abductions, or seeing something in the sky - there are thousands of books that do that.

"This is about how we come to grips with it and where we're going in the future, and understanding it and pushing back, for the first time in human history. That doesn't make too much sense here and now, but it would, if we go a few years down the road and see the feature film and the documentary."

Asked on what drew him to UFOs and if he's ever had "a close encounter as a kid or undergo an other-worldly experience," Tom replied:

"Not that I know of. I can think of a few instances where there could have been something happening. But I can't point to a specific instance of lights floating in the air in my bedroom, or of me flying around.

"I do have one moment that happened in the desert [in 2014] that is very specific, but not as a kid.

"The more you learn about this subject matter, the more you learn it has a lot to do with consciousness and the way it can manipulate consciousness. So, somewhere along the line, there could have been (something) in me to start this conversation.

"I remember telling people this is what I was going to do, and they thought I was crazy - again! [Chuckles]

"It started probably right around that time period when I split off from [Blink]. I was already in contact with all these authors to get started, so that would have been January of 2015 when the shit hit the fan."

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    I am actually interested in this after that whole premise. It honestly sounds cool.  I hate how Sensationalized Bait-Sites (like UG has turned into) just love to spin this guys works and label him batshit crazy. He believes in aliens and it’s an important subject/hobby to him, who doesn’t like to talk about their hobbies? Tom gets way too much hate in my opinion. Also I’d like to point out.. since this is a music website…. that he is extremely talented and one hell of a songwriter. His eccentricness tends to overshadow this because his talent doesn’t get websites their “clicks”
    Which part exactly makes him seem crazy here? The whole article is Tom's quotes and the headline is hardly sensationalised, he legitimately talks about what makes his book different from other books about ufos and aliens
    Well he's the one who said he expects facts from everyone else and then went on to say his book will be completely theoretical. There have been articles in the past that made fun of him here for this, but this particular article has a headline that sums up what he's talking about, and then the article is pretty much just his quote. Nothing is misrepresented or ridiculed here. If the commenters ridicule him based on the content of his own speech, you can't blame UG for that.
    Ive found that people who believe in conspiracy theories are generally lower class underachievers who just want to feel special and important. I find aliens fascinating, but when you consider the vastness of space and the fact that even the closest solar system is light years away, it makes it pretty much impossible that aliens will visit us. Of course people who believe in conspiracy theories dont like to use logic, they are pursuaded by their own feelings. Im pretty sure in Tom's case hes just crazy or trying to make a buck off of this.
    The facts are that interstellar travel is impossible.  The speeds at which one particle of dust is traveling would obliterate any spaceship - alos, nearest star is over   "The two main stars are Alpha Centauri A and Alpha Centauri B, which form a binary pair. They are an average of 4.3 light-years from Earth. The third star is ProximaCentauri. It is about 4.22 light-years from Earth and is the closest star other than the sun.Aug 24, 2016"  So, you have to sit in spaceship for 4 years - at the speed of light - with no malfunctions ------ aint' no such thing ....UFOs maybe, objects we can't ID, but a UFO is not an Alien.  
    But a UFO is not an Alien. I lol'd, mostly because of the people that use the term UFO when talking about aliens are idiots. Interstellar travel could be possible, I'm not buying that Mormon's are from this planet.
    By our current understanding of physics you are correct: we currently have no way to access faster than light travel, even though there are some solutions in general relativity that allow wormholes etc. However, this doesn't mean that traveling large distances isn't feasible. Traveling at speeds comparable to the speed of light causes time dilation effects, which in essence slow down time for the travelers. Moving at nearly the speed of light, the trip to Alpha Centauri would take 4 years from Earth's perspective, but far less time from a traveler's (and the ship's) perspective. In fact, under 1g of constant accleration it would be possible to cross the entire known universe in one lifetime (traveler's perspective).
    Not so fast (haha) the space travelers would still age 4 earth years when they arrived To Alpha C whatever, they are still traveling at the speed of light but for four full earth years.  If we watched the launch on TV we would turn on the TV 4 years later to see the landing - hypothetically with the time the Tv signal would take etc but without that play along.....also what will we make the spaceship out of?  Modern medicine would have to be perfected first before any trip like that - you'd have to be able to solve any medical emergency on board a capsule millions of miles put - that is 100s of years away still 
    No, they would not age four years. Everyone on earth would age four years, the travelers would not.The faster the ship goes, the quicker the trip will be from the perspective of the travelers. Time dilation.
    Im sorry bud - if the distance is 4 LIGHT YEARS - it takes the travelers 4 YEARS (at the speed of light) to get there - we are both right ---- we on earth would be much older but the travelers will have aged 4 years....if the travelers are travelling at speed of light - Apha C is 4 years away - at the speed of light.  
    You clearly didn't read the links I posted. You have to have at least a casual familiarity with special relativity if you're going to talk about things near the speed of light. The universe is stranger than you think, and it's been confirmed countless times by experiment. GPS technology uses special relativity. With the ship traveling close to the speed of light, an observer on earth would record an elapsed time of roughly four years. An observer traveling on the ship would record a much shorter time. I have a bachelors in physics. Before you respond, take a minute to consider the possibility that I may know what I'm talking about, and research it just a little.
    HOw can that be if the DISTANCE Is 4 light years?  I have a 4 light year distance to travel - my spaceship travels at the speed of light - it will take me 4 years to get there.  Where did I go wrong?  Again, Im on the ship.  
    Time dilation and length contraction. Look it up man. Just read up on special relativity in general, it's a very interesting subject.