Tom Hamilton is Off Aerosmith Tour

Bassist bows out due to health issues.

Ultimate Guitar

Classic Rock Magazine is today reporting that Tom Hamilton has dropped out of Aerosmith's current tour after contracting a chest infection. Dirty Angels bassist David Hull has been brought in to replace Hamilton. It is thought that Hull will appear at the two remaining shows of Aerosmith's Australian tour.

Hull is no stranger to Aerosmith. He plays in guitarist Joe Perry's solo band and previously stood in for Hamilton on the band's 2006 and 2009 tours. Hamilton was diagnosed with throat and tongue cancer in 2006 and completed a seven week course of chemotherapy and radiation at this time. His cancer returned in 2011, although the bassist reportedly responded well to treatment for this.

It is as yet unknown whether Hamilton will be present at Aerosmith's show at the MGM Grand Theater in Mashantucket, Connecticut, which is scheduled for July 10th. The show is the first US date that Aerosmith have scheduled for 2013.

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    It wasn't a comeback, I'm not even an Aerosmith fan, it was an undeniable fact, they were, are and always will be more relevant than you.
    Upcoming news reports: Tom Hamilton Supposedly Left Aerosmith Due To a Money Dispute Was Tom Hamilton Pushed From Aerosmith? Steven Tyler Denies Firing Tom Hamilton Aerosmith: "Tom Hamilton Is Still In The Band"
    I really hope everything is ok. Would be sad if Tom leaves
    Scavedge [VR]
    He's a tough guy. Hope he makes a quick recovery; he's one of my favourite parts of aerosmith.
    Please drop all the dumb comments... Aerosmith fans don't do dumb comments on your favorite Jusin Bieber record, so if you don't like it don't comment.
    Way to stick to the topic bro. And yes they are still relevant. And even if they weren't, it doesn't make news about the band's health any less serious.
    Pablo Mortis
    Has this guy been taken off, 'cos all his comments am showing up blank... Still, more amusing that way xD