Tom Morello and Steven Wilson Joining Forces for Charity Single

"Hello" due out on July 28, five more musicians involved, full details inside.

Ultimate Guitar

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello and Porcupine Tree mastermind Steven Wilson are listed among musicians working on the new charity single "Hello," represented by Ray Holroyd and his Revolution Harmony.

The charity's previous single brought together Serj Tankian of System of a Down, Emperor's Ihsahn and Devin Townsend.

This time around, the project features six musicians, including Kool Keith, Madchild (Swollen Members), Eric Wainaina, and White Noize alongside Tom and Steven.

Halroyd will also appear on the track, which is due out on July 28. All the proceeds will go towards Hope Runs, which aims to improve the lives of Kenyan orphans stricken with AIDS. For more info head over to the official website.

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    Steven Wilson....The UG collective may now wet itself
    Not a big fan of Steven Wilson. Good for people who like his stuff but I never got into it.
    Did you check out Porcupine Tree or just his solo stuff? Because they sound fairly different. Hell even Porcupine Tree differs a little bit. Fear of a Blank Planet Porcupine Tree and Stupid Dream Porcupine Tree might as well be two different bands.
    I like the instrumental side of pretty much every single thing he has put out, but I can't get into his voice and singing. It just doesn't do it for me, which is kind of sad in a way. He is an excellent musician/songwriter/guitarist though.
    Oh God this can only be f*cking awesome. Thom Yorke and Maynard James Keenan next, haha.
    MJK and Steven Wilson .....
    I would ****ing love to hear MJK singing on some Porcupine Tree style stuff. Or Wilson doing a guitar and/or vocal feature on a Tool song. Either would be so damn awesome.
    What a cool collaboration - Two of my favorite musicians for very different reasons. I'm looking forward to hearing what they come up with.
    I don't get the Fripp and racism association?
    I heard on the net some people saying he was racist. Even though that's not a reliable source for information, his wife was fighting against the building of a community of african war refugees near the small city they live in England, Worchestershire if i'm not mistaken. Plus he did a song with Brian Eno called Swastyka Girls, joking (?) about a subject that's incredibly serious. Only people who are closeted racists joke with such cynicism about these topics (like the Lost Prophets guy would joke about pedophilia for instance).
    Did I miss something ? It says this article is about Steven Wilson and Tom Morello doing a charity single and when I scroll down to put a comment on, the guy above me is suggesting that Robert Fripp is a racist ?!!! Only in the UG community could that happen....
    To be honest I'm not sure if this is going to work. Tom Morello writes straight forward rock riffs where Steven Wilson is into weird time signatures and proggy riffs. Probably going to end up with SW writing weird stuff and TM soloing in his weird way, then it might work out...
    One of countless examples, but basically: he's written more straightforward rock songs or ballads than crazy 10+ minute prog monsters. That a lot of them have plenty of atmosphere is only a great plus. EDIT: I DID NOT ASK YOU TO MAKE A YOUTUBE WINDOW OUT OF THE LINK, UG
    I think this is a better example of a straightforward rock song. Nevertheless, completely agreeing with you on that subject.
    I was originally thinking to post Fear of a Blank Planet (the song), but Blackest Eyes is like the perfect cross of a straightforward rock song and semi-ballad, so it proves both my points at once. It also helps that it's a very popular track, while Shallow is somewhat controversial as far as I know.
    Haha, this was exactly the riff I thought about when writing it. I know SW wrote such stuff (though I think the riff in A Slave Called Shiver or Wedding Nails would fit Morello the most) but he did it with PT a while back and his solo-work is pretty different. And tbh I'm not a big fan of Blackest Eyes and/or Shallow where I'm a huge fan of Sleep Together or RATM - Testify. But I'm curious about the result! It also depends on the role of each musicians in terms of songwriting etc.
    One of countless examples, but basically: he's written more straightforward rock songs or ballads than crazy 10+ minute prog monsters. That a lot of them have plenty of atmosphere is only a great plus.
    I hate it when people categorize musicians according to their styles.Music isn't a video game.Musicians don't have stats and don't have roles.In a video game you say "that character should be a supporter,that one a damage dealer".That's not how music works,at all. All it takes for good music to be created,is good musicians and chemistry between them.Not some stupid genre and style categorizing that most of the time musicians themselves don't aknowledge.