Tom Morello: 'I've Never Seen Audience Respond to a Song the Way They Respond to 'Killing in the Name''

artist: Rage Against the Machine date: 02/14/2014 category: general music news

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Tom Morello: 'I've Never Seen Audience Respond to a Song the Way They Respond to 'Killing in the Name''
Tom Morello has been talking to Australia's Triple M about the joy he gets from playing Rage Against the Machine's signature song "Killing in the Name."

As Morello notes, there has never been a Rage show where the song hasn't been played:

"This was the band's first single ever, and I don't we've ever played a show without playing this song. It tended to be a show closer. When we were last here for big day out in 2008, 2009, I remember playing that across your fine country here, and to say that people went ape-sh-t would be an understatement."

Morello also notes that the track has never been a burden for the band:

"That song affects the audience in a way ... I've been to thousands of shows and a I've never seen an audience respond to a song in the way that they respond to Rage Against the Machine playing that song. We've played it a lot of times...

"The thing about the Rage shows was we never had pyrotechnics ... the show was the audience. You just light those f--kers up and they get to watch each-other go crazy. Then you go crazy, and everyone's going triple crazy, then you drop that jam and it's all over."
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