Tom Morello Kills RATM Album Rumors

But he doesn't deny that Rage Against The Machine will be active in 2013 somehow. Could it be a full-scale tour, or something else?

Ultimate Guitar

When Geezer Butler leaked that drummer Brad Wilks couldn't tour with Black Sabbath this year because of "commitments with Rage Against The Machine," it sparked hope that Rage would record a new album this year.

Sadly, guitarist Tom Morello has stepped in to dampen speculation.

He responded to a fan tweet begging to know the truth about a new record. His reply? "'Fraid not."

He then expanded and slammed news outlets for jumping to conclusions:

Appreciate the enthusiasm but 'no new rage album' is kinda like 'not seeing a unicorn'. It's not exactly NEWS.

Tom Morello (@tmorello) February 6, 2013

Which is crazy, because "no Rage album" just makes it even more likely that they'll embark on a full-scale tour this year. And anyway, what if they really are recording? Isn't this exactly how he would react to cover it up?

What do you think Rage are planning this year? Place your bets in the comments.

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    Someone find or make an unicorn so we can have next RATM album.
    Unicorns are already out there my friend. Rhinos are just morbidly obese unicorns.
    Does it count if I glue the tooth of a narwhale on the forehead of a white horse? (nevermind where I got the narwhale from, the point is if it counts)
    "He then expanded and slammed news outlets for jumping to conclusions:" "And anyway, what if they really are recording? Isn't this exactly how he would react to cover it up?" stay classy, UG
    Vicryl 2.0
    your friend's mother is a cam *****. $77 for showing titties. and im here commenting on a damnn spam.. lol
    Lefty Fret Head
    Careful guys, I once responded to spam ads here and UG banned me for a week for "contributing" to spam.
    Wouldn't it be funny if you got banned another week for commenting on this chain?
    So Tom puts the rumor to rest, and rebukes the media. Your next logical step was to make two more unfounded claims; that they must be reuniting for a tour, or that they are doing the opposite of what he just said.
    Mr. Berkowitz
    Didn't Tom Morello also say 115 times that Audioslave was doing great and not breaking up? Damn commies. You can never trust 'em.
    BREAKING NEWS: Ultimate-Guitar desperately tries to keep RATM rumour going by completely misinterpreting Tom Morello's tweet. Stay tuned for more utter nonsense.
    "because "no Rage album" just makes it even more likely that they'll embark on a full-scale tour this year." I'm normally not one to swear or complain about one's article but seriously how the **** did you come up with that? Brad is touring with Sabbath Tom is touring with Springsteen, they've said multiple times no new record. None of those things scream full scale RATM tour.
    Sounds more and more like Morello's pulling a Maynard on everyone, denying everything when everyone else seems to be indicating the contrary. If they are making an album/planning a tour, they should just announce it. Might seem like a surprise for the fans to them but for us, it's ****ing irritating not knowing what's happening
    A dream if they record again .. A truly good dream...
    doesn't matter if RATM makes a new album or not. their entire discography is enough commentary for most, if not all, current events in the world today. no matter which part of the earth you live.
    I understand how big of a band they are, but I'm glad they don't make music anymore. My opinion. Go ahead and blast me for it.
    I agree. I think rap metal is garbage and RATM is as overrated as it gets. I like maybe 2 of their songs.
    I like RATM, and sympathize with lost of their ideas, but i am tired of this hipocrisy. Bands making millions to promote ideas they don't follow. Correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't see them doing any voluntary work.
    Second Rate
    agree on the hypocrisy thing. In fact, i think it would be fun if they did release a new album just so we could see Tom rapidly transform into a raging capitalist when people start "stealing" it off of the internet.
    Rage are a bunch of hypocrites, using socialist and equality ideas to promote themselves, while enjoying a perfect western life. Otherwise, they would be in Africa doing voluntary work, since they are smart enough to know by now that no one will change their ACTUAL BEHAVIOR because of their music.
    Dead Eye Dick
    Sort your shit out mate, I'd like to see you say that to any one of them. you have no idea what those guys have done in their career.
    Dammit, RATM, you are tearing me apart! You say one thing, he says another, and everybody changes back again!
    Until there's an official announcement via RATM themselves, I'm not putting up any hopes. Misconstrued quotes from various other musicians don't mean anything, and shouldn't be taken seriously. Morello is saying no new album, so IMO that's where it's at right now. And Morello's been saying this for years now, so I don't think this is a "cover-up". Until RATMs official site, twitter or facebook announce "NEW ALBUM IN XXXX", I'm not getting excited for anything. Neither should you.
    Damn! And a new RATM album would be perfect during these times in America.
    If Tom was trying to cover up a new album/tour, he wouldn't of said anything. Any publicity is good publicity, and letting the world know RATM is like "not seeing a unicorn" just shows how much he's unenthusiastic about the whole idea.
    Unless one of them dies, I do kinda expect a new RATM album to appear in my lifetime... But apperantly not this year... -sigh-
    Well the missunderstanding from the music magazines and sites is Tom's fault, he should be more clearer like.. "WE ARE NOT RECORDING, LEAVE RATM IN PEACE FOR FUCKS SAKE!"
    To me,RATM is just another voice of anti-americanism and I'm tired of hearing them bitch...
    Who cares about America seriously...
    Rastapunk....More like PUNKASS BITCH! The USA RULES this planet! Don't like it?? Join the jihadists...Our military LOVES target practice
    Woow so in this World you are either American or Jihadist. You're so intelligent
    I'm not too bothered, RATM aren't anything special in my opinion. Read: Opinion. We're allowed to have them.
    Then why did you take the time to click on a RATM article and comment on it you attention *****?
    Is anyone else over the whole Rage thing? It's so clear that they are just doing it to line their pockets at this point. Saw them in San Fransisco at their second show of the reunion. Good show, but it was enough for me to put it to rest.
    I believe they don't want to create another album because they know they'll never write anything as good as they did before.
    In a way I'm bummed about this. But I'm also glad they aren't releasing a new album. I don't want them to possibly tarnish their legacy by releasing something and having people be let down by it.
    From the Self titled to Battle of Los Angelas, it definetly was going downhill. Maybe it is for the best
    Really? I thought TBOLA was an improvement from Evil Empire. For me it's between their S/T and TBOLA. Can't decide which I like more.
    Who the **** is Tom morrello? Haha
    a completely over rated guitar player who uses way to many effects when he plays. (now listen to everyone say, this coming from the guy whos fav player is a wah wah abuser) hes not actually my favorite
    I don't get why bands would need to hide the fact that they're working on a new album. Regardless IDK what to believe.
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