Tom Morello: 'Not Everybody In RATM Wants To Make New Album'

Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has revealed that certain members of the band are "not ready" to start writing and recording a new studio album.

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The influential group, which disbanded in 2000 but reunited in 2007 and has played sporadic live shows ever since, will issue a deluxe edition of its classic 1992 self-titled debut on November 27, complete with unreleased demos and tons of live material.

Asked about the potential for a new album from Rage Against The Machine, Morello said: "No plans for anything. This Rage boxset is the first official Rage Against The Machine release in 12 years. We're on a once-every-12-years pace to release something."(via Blabbermouth)

When pressed to elaborate on why this is the case, Morello responded: "When bands make albums, it's because everybody wants to, and that's not the case with Rage Against The Machine at the moment. Everyone in the band gets along very well, we consider each other friends and comrades in arms, but people sometimes don't feel ready to do it. I don't have one minute of one day that's not filled with music, or politics, or family. If at some point Rage were to get it together to work more, I would be open to that, but that's not on the table right now."

"Rage Against The Machine XX", as the new reissue is called, will come out in three versions: a regular single disc, a two-CD/one-DVD package, and a deluxe box set featuring the CDs, two DVDs, the album on vinyl picture disc, plus a 40-page booklet and a double-sided poster.

The first CD will feature three hard-to-find B-sides along with the original album, while the second CD will contain the rare, original Rage Against The Machine 1991 demo tape that helped land the group their record deal with Sony.

The first DVD will contain Rage's free concert in Finsbury Park on June 2010. Also included are music videos and other live concert performance clips. The second DVD will feature Rage's first public performance ever at Cal State North Ridge in October 1991, plus various rare early concert clips.

Morello told about the release, "We're really psyched to be putting this out for the fans... I want to really give them a motherlode of Rage Against The Machine history, past and present."

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    I don't quite understand their views on society. They're open to re-releasing CDs and boxsets filled with old material for the sake of making money, but they're not open to a new album? What happened to all the anti-capitalism?
    I think that the goal of RATM, and the goal of most bands, is to have their music heard by as many people as possible. To be completely anti-capitalist, one would have to give away their music. Unless a band has another funding source, this is impossible, so bands need to make money off their music through album sales, etc., in order to keep making music. Basically, even if a band has an anti-capitalist message, they still need to work within the capitalist system to get that message out. So, maybe they're using profits from re-releases to further their message using other venues. Or, they're trying to expose a new generation of listeners to their music. Also, I always got the impression that RATM is against a system that encourages the exploitation of people and/or non-renewable resources in an unsustainable way, only to the benefit to an elite few. That's just my opinion though.
    Oh come on... look, I love RATM and all, I think Tom's a wonderful guitar player, Brad and Timmy are one of the best rhythm sections around right now... but at some point, they're going to have to stop performing the old stuff, and actually start writing new, relevant material. Most of their stuff came out in the Clinton years, for godsakes. Since they got back together, we've seen the world economy collapse, more and more governments turn to far-right politics (worryingly so in the case of Greece and Spain), and the struggles of the poor, unemployed and working classes become more desperate than ever. RATM need to start addressing this if they want to remain relevant. I love Killing In The Name and Bulls On Parade as much as the next guy, but if they're going to live up to their name, they need to start writing music that addresses the issues we're facing today. To do otherwise is just to coast off the back of earlier success. I say this with all the love in the world as a massive RATM fan...
    Well we all know Timmy C is down for a new album (courtesy of TMZ), and Brad Wilk hasn't been doing much to my knowledge, so I'm guessing the hold back is mainly due to Tom doing his solo projects and Zach De La Rocha's un-interest in pursuing new Rage material. I could be wrong but I'd say the singer and guitarist are the main reasons for the hold up.
    It will happen when it is right.... Tool happens when it is right and so will they.
    I think R.A.T.M. is one of those bands that has really bad songs at times but it's hard for them to make a bad album, if that makes sense.The point I am trying to make is even if they hate each other, they can still make good music because they just have that unnamed element to them that makes them awesome. Like the Chili Pep's or the Beatles.
    Tom you are not a good guitarist. BlueIceBox - Tom = hypocrite about capitalism.
    I wouldn't say he is bad, just very overrated. I believe Freedom, Killing in the Name Of and Wake Up are the same exact notes, but in a different order.
    I want rage against the machine to make a music against rampant corruption in Philippine Government. Elected officials specifically law makers are milking on peoples money through PDAF(priority development allocation fund) also known as PORK BARREL. peoples taxes came from hard earn money while these politicians are robbing them for their own personal greed.