Tom Morello: 'Rage Against the Machine's Future Is Unknown'

Guitarist does not know if band will reunite.

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Tom Morello has been speaking to the NME about the future of Rage Against the Machine. According to the guitarist, while the band's music remains important to protestors in Brazil and Turkey, he is unsure whether or not the group would play any more shows.

"It is unchanged. All I can say is that the music we created is so vital and contemporary to what is happening today in Sao Paolo and Istanbul. Those songs are being played over PA systems and sung in the streets wherever people are standing up for their rights. In that regard, the band is alive and well. Whether or not we play any more shows is ... Unknown."

This is not the first time that Morello has dispelled talk of a RATM reunion. Last year, he noted that the band had no plans to record new material:

"When bands make albums it's because everybody wants to, and that's not the case with Rage Against The Machine at the moment. Everyone in the band gets along very well, we consider each other friends and comrades in arms, but people sometimes don't feel ready to do it. I don't have one minute of one day that's not filled with music, or politics, or family. If at some point Rage were to get it together to work more I would be open to that, but that's not on the table right now."

Morello is currently working on a new album with Bruce Springsteen. The guitarist guested on the Boss's 2012 record "Wrecking Ball."

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    I feel like Marty McFly. I've gone back in time and am reading this same "news" over and over and over and over....
    Or Bill Murray in Groundhog day
    Or wayne gretzky on hockey!!!!
    or us on ultimate guitar news
    In other news today, LinkinPark still haven't released an album yet, Metallica's movie still isn't in cinema's yet and Axl Rose is still a bit of a twat, but at least he isn't singing with STP because Chester Bennington is now the singer of this band that's probably gonna bring out a new album soon,...soon but not yet. And besides that, here's a list of all bands who still haven't released a new album yet: Slipknot, Stone Sour, KoRn, Metallica, Guns 'n Roses, Judas Priest and Bon Jovi. And if that's not enough I would like to tell you how Tool is busy on something, but not releasing anything and Ozzy is still the prince of darkness.
    Seriously? This is almost the exact same article as the one posted less than 2 weeks ago. It uses the same quotes. Do the editors not check over what topics have already been written about? I mean, we have about 20 articles saying how metal the new Avenged Sevenfold album is going to be. Fair enough, they featured different quotes although some were from the same interview, but this is a new low. Future articles: Tom Morello uncertain about future RATM shows Tom Morello comments on RATM's legacy "the music we created is so vital and contemporary" Rage Against The Machine may not play any more shows Rage Against The Machine say their music is "so vital and contemporary" No more Rage Against The Machine shows? RATM's uncertain stance on future shows is "unchanged" Tom Morello slams annoying UG articles about RATM Tom Morello Rages Against annoying UG machine making articles about RATM
    So, does UG just like to **** with RATM fans? WE KNOW! YOU DON'T HAVE TO POST IT AGAIN!
    So Soundgarden go on hiatus and RATM have no plans for the future... New Audioslave material then, please?
    That would be great. Only problem is I remember reading that the band didn't exactly split up on good terms... Still hopeful, though.
    This is just as annoying to hear about as the Guns n Roses and Pantera reunion talks, only difference here is that all the members actually get along with each other. Thing is, there's a lot of political bullshit going on around the world right now that could really contribute to a good RATM album as well so it's baffling why these guys wouldn't want to take advantage of that
    Totally agree but at the same time the beauty of RATM is that their songs still ring a bell with modern listeners - they would kind of be repeating themselves as the message is still the same. Don't get me wrong though I'd love them to do something again they are awesome.
    Thrice Capades
    Not sure why all of you are complaining. I would like to personally thank UG for constantly reminding me that one of the greatest bands ever is not reforming. It does my heart good to know that if I should ever get over the sting of knowing I'll never see Rage play live again, I can count on UG to reinsert the knife, twist it, then whisper into my ear "Tom Morello had a taco for lunch today and used mild sauce, from this we have concluded that Rage is not heating up for any sort of reunion anytime soon...we're pretty sure." Thanks UG, without you I'd never have wasted the last 5 minutes of my life.
    For the record I gave you an upvote. It's weird that you said the exact same thing that other people said, in a funnier way, and got downvotes. Maybe people are too stupid to get the joke?
    "Hello, this is Tom and I don't know what RATM will be in the future. While we decide, you can enjoy the new jingle for the telephone company! Or leave a message at the tone." *Wakawakawaaal, c-c-c-caaw, wakakakukaaa*
    You could literally make that statement about any thing that has ever existed or will exist. The future is unknown. oh no- time to freak out.
    Anyone notice how he looks like Chad Knaus ? He be to busy a cheatin in NA$CAR to be playing da geetar .
    Pretensious idiot, assuming that: 1) His music has any sort of political virtue (as if such a thing exists) 2) The skaters in the pit care about the lyrics.
    The best way to spot a slow news day is to look for a "Tom Morello says there may or may not be events regarding RATM in the near to far future." articl.
    From now on, lets assume that Rage has no further plans for shows or material, until told otherwise.
    Okay UG. You can stop it here and let us know if they are upto something.
    The same people complaining over in the Mumford and Sons article that they sound the same are here praising RATM. RATM is the epitome of every song sounding exactly the same. Hypocrites.
    Tom Morello lost his relevance since he started to support the Obama administration. Wonder if the rise of different political opinions within the band is the real reason they don't really make music anymore.