Tom Morello Reveals Favorite Pop Star, Guitar Solo, RHCP Guitarist, Cornell Memories & Much More

Also, favorite Nirvana song, blues guitarist, Layne Staley memory, and even more.

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Tom Morello Reveals Favorite Pop Star, Guitar Solo, RHCP Guitarist, Cornell Memories & Much More

During a fan Q&A on Twitter, Tom Morello shared some of his favorite Chris Cornell moments and other personal favorites.

You can check out the highlights below.

Favorite Audioslave show:

"[The Cuba concert]. Epic, historic night."

Favorite Audioslave song:


Favorite Chris Cornell memory:

"Anti-Inaugural Ball."


Favorite Soundgarden song:

"'Slaves & Bulldozers.' You should HEAR my 6-year-old scream the chorus."

Best Layne Staley memory:

"Laughing about which of us was 'more metal.'"

Favorite Nirvana song: 

"All of 'Bleach.'"

Favorite Iron Maiden album: 

"'Piece of Mind'"


Favorite metal band:

"Prophets of Rage."

His dream collaboration:

"Prophets of Rage."

Favorite guitar solo

"Both solos in 'Mr. Crowley.' RIP."

Favorite blues guitarist:

"Albert King."

Favorite pop star:

"[Lady] Gaga."

Favorite Pearl Jam song:


Thoughts on prog metal:

"Rush yes, the rest meh."

Best Morello solo:

"Hopefully still to come." 

Favorite band from 2000s:

 "Bright Eyes."


Favorite RHCP guitarist:

"Hillel [Slovak]."

Best concerts he attended:

"KISS '77, Run DMC, Springsteen acoustic '95, Jane's Addiction '88, AC/DC always, 'The Wall' 2011, RATM Santiago."

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    "RHCP Guitarist Cornell Memories" was fucking with my head for like 5 minutes.
    Best Layne Staley memory: "Laughing about how Prophets of Rage were 'metal'."
    I love this response. Was I supposed to be laughing at how many times he included something he was involved in as favorite "___"?
    Favorite metal band: Prophets of Rage Dream Collaboration: Prophets of Rage Don't break an arm jerking yourself off
    Thoughts on prog metal: rush yes, the rest meh. No love for tool?
    He actually digs Tool, Maynard did some vocals for RATM and Morello played with Tool on stage several times.
    Yeah I was gonna say cuz Maynard was on know your enemy, so I found it hard to believe he wouldn't really like them
    I wish he could've expanded on the answers a bit more, but I get that it's Twitter. I heard that he told Layne Staley to be sure to come see RATM one night on Lollapalooza, and it ended up being the night that RATM stood naked on stage with tape over their mouths to protest PMRC. Apparently it was a last minute decision, so Layne got an interesting show to say the least! 
    All due respect to Tom Morello as he is a great guitar player and has developed some fantastic riffs over the years, but as I've gotten older i just cant help but to see him as someone who capitalizes on social issues. And, i know high school kids think its cool, but what the heck is a Harvard grad all into glorifying communism for? I mean the hats the shirts, the posters, again capitalizing - social issues are not a fashion statement. 
    That is the business plan of RATM, to hide the fact that they are capitalists playing on the emotions of gullible social justice warriors. Virtue signals are ugly as fuck
    Being a sjw has literally nothing to do with communism/capitalism.
    Well in this day and age they both amount to pretty much the same crappy result though don't they. The self proclaimed Social Justice fighters running hand in hand with Antifa and other communists causing havoc in the streets. If Lenin was alive today, I bet he'd color his hair blue and get a nose piercing. SSDD and all that.
    There's often the same result, yeah, but oversimplifying things like that just gives ammo to stupid people. There's already way too many right and left wing idiots raving about fascist nazi Trump or communist libtard sjws, without even knowing what they're talking about. Just regurgitating what sounds good to them.
    Critical thinking skills are important people.  Also, being anti-fascist does not make you a communist...the Allies (except Russia) would argue against such lol
    Communism is about not selling your own merch and not having an education for the uneducated freaks around here, it seems. You may need to grab some books as soon as possible, they are good for you despite what TV says. 
    Idk...maybe It isnt a fashion statement, and he actually has his own beliefs?
    Why are Audioslave tabs blocked?  Does he not want to spread his message?
    They're still trying to figure out how to tab a solo consisting of whammy pedal, kill switch and rubbing the strings like an obsessive car polisher.
    Thoughts on prog metal: "Rush okay"  Outside of his own music scene he is a bit of a dad-rocker isn't he?
    The Anti-Inaugural Ball?  The show were Cornell was drunk/wasted out of his mind and horribly off key and out of time?  Hella show man!  Hella show!
    Great guitar player ...!!!... But he should go to some communist shitland to know what he's still dream ...(;... he's living in LA ... hahaha ... (; ... 
    Morello is the man. Best guitarist out there! I love his passion and his unapologetic stance on music and politics. He has probably the most revolutionary sounds. He writes simple but memorable riffs and solos through the wah wah, digi-tech whammy, delay, phaser, Tremelo,