Tom Morello Shares New Track 'Keep Going'

Previously unreleased track in the vein of his The Nightwatchman project...

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Tom Morello Shares New Track 'Keep Going'

Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello shared a previously unreleased track titled "Keep Going" via the "Intercepted With Jeremy Scahill" podcast.

The song can be heard below, skipping ahead to around 33:00 in.

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    I saw him do his nightwatchman thing at Bonnaroo ten years ago. Besides the fact that he just plain sucked, he constantly referred to himself in the third person during the entire performance...pretentious douche
    Oh wow, yes that is annoying, was he referring to himself as Tom Morello or Nightwatchman?  I was a Rage fan, and an Audioslave fan, but the older i get the more these guys seem kind of get under my skin for a variety of reasons, the righteousness just doesn't fit or connect anymore - and it borderlines on ego and self praise  
    And that's a pity, musically RATM and Audioslave will always be some of my favourite bands but when you read about them and some interviews they all start to look like douchebags. Except for Chris and Zach, these two are real cool guys
    Trying so hard to be like Tom Waits, but really it should be like "Hey Tom..... wait..... don't play that anymore" amirite?