Tom Morello: 'The More Rock Hall Recognizes Hard Rock, the More Legitimate They Become'

artist: Tom Morello date: 07/03/2014 category: music news

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Tom Morello: 'The More Rock Hall Recognizes Hard Rock, the More Legitimate They Become'
Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello recently discussed the importance of embracing hard rock music for the Rock Hall, noting that the institution had become far more legitimate with some of the most recent inductions.

Being a great KISS fan, Tom also had the honor of inducting the iconic act. Mr. Morello did a fine job, as his speech was dubbed possibly the greatest one in the history of Rock Hall.

Back to the Artisan News chat, Tom pointed out the mutual benefit of KISS induction for both the band and the institution. Following a series of praises towards KISS, he added, "Tonight was not just great for KISS, it was also great for the Hall of Fame, which now becomes a more representative institution.

"I think that the more that the Hall recognizes one of the strongest limbs in the tree of rock, which is hard rock and metal, the more legitimate and authentic it becomes. It was Rush last year, KISS this year, those are huge strides."

During the rest of the interview, the guitarist stated that the Rock Hall should become an institution everyone yearns to be a member of, no matter which musical genre they belong to. Sharing a clashing stance with KISS members, Tom said that there should be room for folk, hip-hop, as well as metal.

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