Tom Morello to All That Remains Frontman: 'You Mistake Me for Obama Supporter'

Musicians seemingly reconcile differences after Labonte's recent rant.

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Following All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte's recent accusations of Tom Morello being a hypocrite, Rage Against the Machine axeman responded via Twitter, cooling down the situation and giving a brief explanation. "Phil is talented but he mistakes me for an Obama supporter. Obama too right wing for me, Phil. Repubs/dems both no bueno," Morello posted. Labonte was quick to react, just saying, "Well we can agree on that." As previously reported, the singer gave Morello a bashing while discussing punk rock attitude with Loudwire, branding rock spirit mellowed out. "Nobody's f--king punk rock anymore, I was never a punk rock guy but punk rock is supposed to be against the machine, against the establishment," he kicked off. "I was talking crap about Tom Morello because how can you be Rage Against the Machine and then vote for someone that's in the party that controls both the House and the Senate," Phil continued. "So you're against the machine but you're voting for the candidate that is supported by both the House of Representatives and the Senate. That's not raging against machine, that's jumping into the machine's pocket, that's lining right up behind the machine."

@philthatremains Phil is talented but he mistakes me for an Obama supporter. Obama too right wing for me, Phil. Repubs/dems both no bueno

— Tom Morello (@tmorello) November 26, 2013

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    Tom, you didn't read his comments properly, he said you were Not Not Raging Against Machine, which means you were. Oh wait, that was just UG. Sorry, Tom.
    He's got a point. Obama is more right wing than most of the right wing politicians of other countries, and yet Americans seem to think he's more socialist than Hugo Chavez. I guess it just goes to show how much people over there have been brainwashed by Faux News who pretend to be liberal, when really they're anything but.
    Yeah, the left wing in the US is nowhere near as left wing as it is in the UK, we are (or were) a borderline socialist country. On another note, nothing is truly anti-establishment, because you will always conform to something.
    The UK is a million miles away from a socialist country at this point, but yes after the war we had something going for a few decades. It is funny how Americans view Obama as a socialist, if he were in the UK he'd be in UKIP or something lol
    I did put were in brackets just in case if someone would correct me, I know we're not really a socialist country, but we were still a lot closer to being one than the US ever has. The American view of a socialist is very skewed.
    If Obama were a politcian in Europe he would be considered right wing for sure. This is why I don't understand why American politicians talk about "liberals". Both republicans and democrats are right wing, one just happens to be less right wing than the other.
    Everything is relative to the domestic political climate. Which is why the right-left wing scale is useless for international comparisons.
    A lot of it probably is left over from the Cold War era fear and propaganda against communism, creating a far off distinct enemy. But also a lot of the country was built and grown from having a hub of business and freer market so there would have been a slight aversion towards socialism anyways.
    Yeah, i'm assuming that most people here in the US think that socialism and communism are synonymous.
    Yes in some ways, but then in others they are really socialist - like they moan about their intelligence services all the time, but they are WAY more open than ours. At least they sort of know whats going on even if they can't do anything about it, we really are in the dark over here. Their healthcare system is the biggest joke though, but unfortunately that model is beginning to take off here too.
    "Obamacare? OMFG COMMUNISM! RED SCARE!" Gotta love their logic. A fine example: Rush Limbaugh calling the pope a marxist because of his recent criticism of greed and devotion to money.
    It's just funny that a pope downplays greed and money. I really like this new guy, unfortunately the church has always been about money and greed. He's got a long fight ahead of him.
    Some people look at politics wrong. "Tom Morello supported Obama first election lololol". You vote for the one that suits your ideals better, in hopes of them following through with your ideals. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Obama likely fit Morello much better than McCain. Some years pass, maybe Obama didn't fit him as much as he'd hope to, so he stops supporting him. That does not make him a hypocrite. You don't just stay with a politician because you voted for him the first time. "Well they don't suit my ideals anymore and I don't like what their doing, but I supported them the first time so I guess I can't change now." << that sounds so retarded. PS I think America fears socialism too much.
    America fears everything too much. I swear, it's our main export.
    I had an interesting discussion with a wise old man about that, he talked about how america was built on fear. Very interesting idea that has some info to back it up.
    God, I'd probably hate to talk about politics in the USA. If you say you support anything other than free-market fundamentalism and conservatism, you get labeled as "socialist scum", "soviet scum", "communist" and "Obama supporter". The funniest thing about it is that these people really seem to think that Obama is a communist lol. Oh wait, the same thing happens here in the UK...
    Sammy Mantis
    And if you do support those things you get called "redneck", "bigot", "backwards", "religious nut", and "mouth-breathing racist" to name a few. Don't pretend for a even second that this doesn't go both ways. Honestly, the left is far more vocal than right about it too.
    Oh please. If you support the American Right wing, you are clearly supporting racism and bigotry and you're either too stupid to realize it or you just don't care. Your actions speak louder than your disingenuous words.
    Wow... Ignorance at its finest
    No, ignorance is believing the faux-neutrality that the media pushes. Both parties are not equally bad. Only one has abused the filibuster in an unprecedented way since the election of the first black president. Only one overturned the Voting Rights Act and instantly enacted voter restriction laws. Only one has fought for the deregulation that's allowed the huge gap in wealth equality to grow. I have no problem calling out Democrats, but to claim it's all equal is the definition of ignorant.
    funny because tom morello was a big obama supporter during his first election....hypocrite
    was just about to say the same, I guess Tom wants people to forget about that.
    Well who would you rather have had running the country? Someone who seems personable and charismatic, with an actual grasp on the concept of compromise, or an old, decrepit war vet with more money than morals? Also, the latter part of that goes for his opponent in the 2nd presidential race.
    How dare Tom Morello vote on a president that is supported by both the House of Representatives and the Senate in order to actually get policies passed, instead of voting for the opponent, creating a divided government, and then getting zero policies passed at all. How dare he make sense.
    You must be living in a different reality then the rest of us. What president are you talking about?
    Rage against the machine... Because the machine in America isn't providing everyone with "free" stuff yet. Yeah, that hypocrite. Tom is an unbelievable douche bag who's in denial.
    "no bueno"... non spanish speakers should stop trying to talk spanish until they learn it properly, they always sound awful, specially in movies. PLUS Isn't this a forum to discuss music and not the political views of musicians? I really don't give a f*** about that.
    "Obama too right wing for me" But he's about as left as you can get...
    Nope.. He's more like centre-right in the complete politic scale.. If yu compare it to f.eks. Ap (Norwegian Labour Party), he's pretty far from it. He's more like H (Høyre/Right, who are right wing political), and as far left as you can get (again, compared to Norwegian politics) is something like the former Akp-ml and Nkp (AkP-Ml = Workers' Communistic Marxist-Leninist Party, NkP = The Norwegian Communist Party)
    I dont follow politics, so I wont pretend I do or even worse, think I know anything about it. (Like most people do on here). All I will say is, Phil has a point.
    Aristotle argued that we humans are political animals. It seems you're just an animal.
    Level of authoritarianism is what worries me most as both left and right parties seem to lean towards that.