Tom Morello to Tour With Linkin Park?

It's rumored that former RATM axeman will play with the band in the UK this year.

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Former Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave axeman Tom Morello will reportedly play a few shows with American alternative band Linkin Park on their upcoming autumn European Tour. The band comes to Europe with their brand new album "The Hunting Party."

As reports, the guitarist will join Linkin Park's UK shows in Manchester on November 22 and London's O2 Arena on November 23 and 24. However, it's yet-unconfirmed by neither the band nor guitarist himself.

Tom Morello is featured as a guest on Linkin Park's 2014 album "The Hunting Party." He jammed with the band's Mike Shinoda and Rob Bourdon the atmospherical instrumental track "Drawbar." Go check it out below. The other guests on the record are legendary rapper Rakim (on the track "Guilty All the Same"), Helmet's Page Hamilton (on "All for Nothing") and System of a Down axeman Daron Malakian (on the single track "Rebellion").

Mike Shinoda on Tom Morello collaboration (via Revolver): "With Page and Daron and Tom, we sat and talked to each of them about their process and our process. Everybody writes songs differently, and I think fans would be surprised at how different it can be. With Morello, we just got together and jammed. We're so far from a jam band, and that's all he does, as far as writing. Rage Against the Machine wrote their songs by jamming them out; we write our songs on the computer, and then learn them after we've written what to play. But we got together with him and jammed, and that little interlude, that instrumental, was the best thing we made together. It didn't end up being a song - we tried putting some vocals on it, but it just didn't feel like that."

Linkin Park will hit the European road this fall on November 3 with a show in Zurich, Switzerland. Of Mice and Men are featured on trek as the special guests. This summer Linkin Park will play a massive North American "Carnivores Tour" with 30 Seconds to Mars. AFI wil support both bands on the road.

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    This is yet-unconfirmed? So are we assuming everything is true until stated otherwise?
    Don't get me wrong, but this is a rather pretty sounding track and I actually enjoyed it, however, if you told me Tom Morello was in I wouldn't believe you
    I don't really care who he's playing with, as long as he's playing
    Lincoln Park flat out blows. Morelllo will piss away all credibility.