Tom Morello Working on First Rock Record Since Audioslave

"It's just time to rock," the axeman says.

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Guitarist Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave made a big announcement for the rock fans, revealing that he is finally working on a new guitar heavy record, currently set for a tentative 2014 release.

As the axeman told Bloody Disgusting, "it's just time to rock," noting that he has "written a batch of songs with huge riffs and huge grooves."

"I'm working it out with my band now and we're about five songs deep at this point, but we're taking our time with it," he said. "It will definitely be a release-the-hounds effort."

Morello also stated that the album likely won't be released under the Nightwatchman moniker because of the heaviness aspect. "This will be the first time since Rage Against the Machine or Audioslave that I've made a really big rock record," he said.

The latest Nightwatchman effort, "World Wide Rebel Songs," saw its release in August 2011 via New West Records as the third studio record by Morello's alter ego.

As far as the rock domain is considered, the axeman unleashed his latest heavy release in 2006 with Audioslave. Titled "Revelations," the album hit the No. 2 spot on the Billboard 200 chart with over 150,000 units shipped in the US during the first week.

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    Audioslave reunion
    Meh, I never got the hype with Audioslave, I tried to get into them but it just seemed like a hybrid of Soundgarden and RATM but more radio friendly.
    I have to agree, I never could get into Audioslave like I did Soundgarden or rage. But for the last 10-12 yrs the radio music industry has really sucked,maybe they are going to get better again. At least in the 90's we had some really good music and bands
    James Scott
    The first Audioslave album was amazing - listen to it again, some of the most face-kicking riffs in modern rock. The second album was dull and the third was terrible. Shame really.
    the 2nd one was more mellow but still had some great tunes and the 3rd one added the funk again.. they're not bad albums, but i'd have to agree that the 1st is in a different category
    i dont know why this got respectfully stated your opinion and defended it...i also happen to agree, never got in to audioslave, they seemed like a radio rock band for publicity only type of thing, but thats just my opinion
    I was really young when Audioslave came out and heard their 3 albums before listening to Rage and Soundgarden. Back when I heard Audioslave I doubt I'd've had much time for anything with rap in and Chris Cornell has an incredible voice, so was (and still is) all good for me! Naturally SG and RATM are great in their own right too!
    That's exactly what they are. They're an ok band, but they're no RATM or Soundgarden.
    I highly doubt that this will turn out to be an RATM album (one can dream), but I'm looking forward to it regardless.
    Saw Morello play with Springsteen in Brisbane. Didn't know he was going to be there. It was quite easily the best three hours of my life.
    Rage reunion? May god let it be so
    I think it's more of a solo thing but it doesn't matter, the world needs new Morello stuff.
    I gotta say man, you have the coolest name I've seen on UG.
    With the political mess that we have on our hands, we need a rage record now more than ever. I'll quote Zach on this one. "What better place than here, What better time than now?"
    Yeah, but I really don't think Zach wants to reform RATM. His whole reason for being in the band was to have some sort of revolution. Lots of people listened to RATM, but nothing really happened. And Zach is/was a sort of non-violent revolutionary through and through.
    Hate to say it, but I think there is a greater chance Portnoy rejoins Dream Theater this year than Rage coming back within the next few years. The members seem to have all moved in different directions. But would love another 90s grunge/hard rock singer (Scott Weiland/Chris Cornell type) to join Morello and form a new band and make some new music.
    Actually Morello is pretty good (at least decent) singer. Watch him playing Ghost of Tom Joad with Bruce Springsteen. I was surprised as hell after watching this.
    street sweeper social club?
    only thing i can figure is he'd call it more of a "hip hop" album rather than a big guitar record? that album definitely had some good ass riffs
    Yeah I was about to say.... He even sounds like he's describing a new Street Sweeper Social Club record.
    I remember a project way back where it was supposed to be Tom Morello, Trent Reznor, and Maynard James Keenan making music together. Unfortunately it never ended up happening, though they did write the song Passive which A Perfect Circle ended up playing. I could die a happy man, if this is the project Tom is referring to here, even though I know it won't happen.
    Ah yes, Tapeworm! Really wish that had actually happened, the lineup alone makes my pants wet.
    There are a few "heavy" songs from World Wide Rebel Songs which I would consider to be rock...
    Let's hope for a RATM or Audioslave album but I think it'll rather be a Street Sweeper Social Club album. Nonetheless I'm excited he's writing some heavier stuff!
    Audioslave are incredible, and SG are on hiatus...if you want to hear the best of AS, it's the last album.
    I've never understood how more people don't realize this. Revelations is freaking fantastic! One of my favorite albums of all time, such a good rock groove
    SG aren't on hiatus though? They are playing shows at the moment. I agree Audioslave are incredible, their first record being my personal favourite.
    Tomorrow's headline "Rage Against the Machine possible Reunion" Thursday's headline "Tom Morello squashes rumors of RATM reunion stating, "Didn't you see I'm doing my own thing?""
    Tom Morello is incredibly overrated, the majority of his stuff just isn't that good. To me anyway.
    I'm going to disagree with you respectively, Morello is very innovative and influential. His political views, to me, seem completely nuts, but musically he's done a lot of diverse things.
    It's probably just me. I've listened to a decent amount of his stuff, and seen him live several times (at festivals) and just didn't care for it.
    "the axeman unleashed his latest heavy release in 2006 with Audioslave" Umm no. The debut album of Street Sweeper Social Club was released in 2009. Every bit as good as Rage.
    Street Sweeper Social Club was NOWHERE near as good as Rage. Yeah it had a rapper and had rock guitar but the songs were not even close to being as good as rage. Did not have anywhere near the energy level. At any rate, does anyone know who's singing on this album? I hope its not Tom himself. Great guitarist, terrible singer.
    I just hope Tom Morello stays aways from E and D because it seems like every riff he's done kinda goes between the two notes or chords. F# is okay and everything but damn he wears out E and D to where it's almost typical.
    there must be more important things you could be writing about... at the very least...
    I hope this album has a rotating lineup of guest musicians/singers... Who'd want to hear Josh Homme on one song, Eddie Vedder on another and so on and so forth. It would have the potential for something wonderful. Can't wait to hear it, regardless
    Solo record is fine with me as long as he's making more music I'm siked
    Just found this article.... Bassist Tim Commerford tells a different story. Rolling stone caught up with Commerford before the bands final 2012 set in which he revealed to them the group had significant plans sketched out for the next 2 years, elaborating on this by describing rehearsals leading up to the show. We were jamming, and Zack was throwing freestyles. Thats how we write music, he said. To me thats exciting.