Tom Morello's Tone Templates

Check out this month’s tone template to learn how to create Tom’s innovative signal chain.

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Tom Morello's Tone Templates

CustomTone is a place for you to trade Line 6 presets, and connect with other Line 6 users. It’s totally free so trade and download to your heart’s content.

The great thing is, Line 6 not only helps you to find right presets but also gives tips on the original sound.

Ever wondered what it takes to sound like Tom Morello? Here is what guys from Line 6 suggest you:

And there is another way to get these tones - free and for lazy ones - Tonebridge app. There are 16 presets for RATM and 8 for Audioslave.

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    I tried this set up once. It was good, but I couldn't get into any restaurants for months afterwards...
    God damn it, someone explain the joke
    tom basically had a "don't you know who i am" moment a few years back at a restaurant in Seattle and made himself look like a tool over twitter, arguing with the restaurant owner about it.
    Then told everyone to not go to that restaurant on twitter because they wouldn't let him in, even though they were at capacity. Really sticking it to the man there by telling your fans to not support a place because they wouldn't let him in.
    totally killed his (already shakey) 'i'm a black che guevara ov da homeless' gimmick. the guy was a millionaire rich kid before RATM. thats why Zack wont work with him. Hes a fake.
    Can someone explain what each of those means or does? I've always been curious, but I've always been afraid to ask (please don't hurt me)
    A Crybaby (or any wah) alters the tone, adding or taking away certain frequencies, listen to nigh on any Metallica solo to hear its effect. A Digitech whammy affects pitch, it's main uses are to add/subtract octaves and all of the frequencies in between, perfect example is in the solo for Like a Stone by Audioslave! It can also be used to harmonize a single guitar. The Boss DD3 is a delay, which is fairly straightforward, repeats what you've played at set intervals for a set amount of time. A phaser will split the guitars signal in two to put them in and out of phase with eachother, slightly delaying one of the signals and bringing them back together, this makes a shimmering effect for want of a better word. There's way more to each pedal, but there's a short explanation on each. Never be afriad to ask bud!
    Are there people out there who still don't know what Tom Morello's rig is composed of?
    what's the harm of having that info compiled, ready to use and in one place? best of all, it's free.
    It's also super hard to google "tom morello guitar rig"
    I don't think you know what "one place" means.
    His rig hasn't changed in 30 years, not much to "compile"
    for me, it's not having access to "his" tone. but rather having a complete library of setups in one place. I was completely oblivious that something like this existed in the first place
    You mean somewhere like groundguitar or equipboard? I don't think you know what "twat" means.
    Hostility for the sack of it, eh? What's really bother you, dude? Small penis? Or just nothing at all better to do with yourself? I don't think you know what "desperate for attention" means. Get your life together, kid. 2017 is just about to start. Good luck.