Tommy Bolin Biography To Be Released

Tommy Bolin, the late guitarist of 1970s rock heavyweights James Gang and Deep Purple, is the latest rocker to receive the memoir treatment.

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The Deep Purple Appreciation Society has issued the following update in regards to Tommy Bolin - The Official Biography on late Deep Purple, James Gang guitarist Tommy Bolin:

"The Bolin Estate have approved an American writer's request to put together the definitive biography. It was always going to be a labour of love, but a number of key interviews have already been done and the author has access to people close to the late guitarist, including musicians and road crew.

A second American book is tentatively scheduled for 2009, in order not to clash with the above. It appears to be a collection of recollections, printed memorabilia, etc. rather than a full-blown biography. It has been confirmed that this is intended to be a sort of chronology of Tommy's life and music, and will compliment the official biography.

Greg Prato, the writer of the official biography, has now spoken at length to over 50 of Tommy's friends, musical partners and business associates. Here are just some of those who have collaborated on the project so far: Carmine Appice (drums on Teaser and Private Eyes). Bobby Berge (Zephyr drummer). Johnnie Bolin. Max Carl, Reggie McBride, Mark Stein, Jimmy Haslip, Narada Michael Walden (Private Eyes tour band members). Jeff Cook (Tommy's lyricist). David Coverdale. Jim Fox, Dale Peters (James Gang). Jan Hammer (keyboards on Spectrum and Teaser). Glenn Hughes. Eddie Kramer (producer Zephyr). George Larvick (bassist for Patch of Blue - one of Tommy's first bands). Alphonse Mouzon. Jeff Ocheltree (stage manager Private Eyes tour). Prairie Prince (drummer on Teaser). Stanley Sheldon, Gary Wilson, Kenny Passarelli (Energy), John Tesar (Tommy's lyricist). Martin Barre (Jethro Tull).

He hopes to have the book wrapped up by the end of this year for publication next."

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    Nice to know he is still remembered, he was a great guitar player, taken too young.
    Lil Macker
    kalamari wrote: Nice to know he is still remembered, he was a great guitar player, taken too young.
    Very underrated too. I really enjoy Come Taste The Band by Deep Purple, that normally gets tons of crap reviews.