Tommy Lee Set to Perform on New Smashing Pumpkins Album

Motley Crue drummer playing on every "Monument to an Elegy" song, details inside.

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Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan recently posted a brief studio update, confirming that Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee will perform on each of the songs from the upcoming SP effort "Monument to an Elegy."

"Here's a shot from the mission out west," the official post reads. "Just finished round 1 of tracking drums with Tommy Lee for the new the Smashing Pumpkins album. Shockla-locka-boom. Yes, that T Lee for all 9 songs of 'Monument to an Elegy.'"

According to the latest info, the new album is nearing completion and will be released in 2015. The band is set to release another studio effort, "Day for Night," within the same year.

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    big muff pedal
    It's weird, Billy had his shit together back when he was on LSD every show. Now he seems crazy in his older age, even though he's more reserved.
    This would have been cool...20 YEARS AGO!
    nah it's purty cool now
    Tommy Lee is probably the only drummer in history who uses his giant dick to compensate for his drumming skills instead of the other way around.
    I honestly don't think Tommy is that bad. He is a little over the top as a celebrity, but I still think he is a good drummer.
    So is Mike Byrne still the drummer or are they going to have another one to tour with? Don't like the idea of this, think Mike still has a lot to show on the drums. I'll just wait for the album.
    Yeah, I thought Mike was pretty solid on Oceania. Not sure why Billy'd do that... oh what, he's Billy it makes pretty sense.
    He was fantastic when I saw them last July, really hope he gets to play more sometime soon.
    Technically, Mike's a pretty tight drummer but his playing really lacks feel. It's decent enough live but the drums were so overcompressed on the record that it became really tiresome to listen to and that's probably why Billy's gone for a more seasoned drummer; someone who actually knows how to sound good in the studio. Of course, nobody can touch Jimmy but that's beside the point.
    The overcompression was a production problem, not a problem with his drumming. I assure you that Mike had plenty of feel. Check out Bearcubbin'!
    Do they have any studio recordings though? All I can find on youtube is live videos and that's my point: what sounds good live doesn't always work on the record and it's a learning curve - you won't instantly be amazing at both. Maybe Mike is really sloppy in the studio and the overcompression was the result of trying to even out the tracks? Either way, I'm just saying that under the same conditions, a drummer with more experience could have made Oceania a better album. And I'm not saying it was bad to begin with.
    I don't know, I thought his drumming made them sound really robotic. The production didn't help much either. I actually like this idea. Jimmy Chamberlin would be ideal though. His style fits Billy's songwriting almost perfectly.
    I think the grove/jazz of chamberlin define at least a part of the pumpkins sound. But there's great rock record with simple drum, like the white stripes. Even in the last record, and i don't judge the quality, of avenged sevenfold there was a effort to simplify the drum to pass from a metal album to a rock friendly radio album.
    Yuck. Lee is one of the most overrated rock drummers EVER... almost as bad as that jerk from Blink 182. He's not even in the same league as Jimmy Chamberlain. Oh well, still might end up sounding decent...
    Hes not overrated...hes always been considered mediocre at best....
    That's true. I guess it's been a long time since any drummers really wanted to be Tommy Lee (I vaguely remember being in middle school and he was idolized by many 10-13 year old drummers around the Dr. Feelgood days). I'm more bothered by a band that used to be really good employing a drummer merely because he's a sort-of-celebrity as opposed to a good musician. There are a million drummers better than this guy who AREN'T celebrities and would've contributed to the album more musically... but wouldn't have been a selling point like Lee is (kinda). My two cents.
    No he hasn't. Tommy Lee may be a dick but he's seen as a great drummer and the second best musician in Motley Crue
    Being the second best musician in Motley Crue is like... being the second best musician in Motley Crue.
    Being the second best drummer in AC/DC.
    I've got an idea! Why don't we wait till the damn CD comes out so we can actually hear it. On an other note, I think Will Hunt is one of the best drummers out there right now! Anybody hear his drumming on BLS album Order of the Black?
    Speak for yourself, I've never thought he was anything special. But to be fair, I don't think he's overrated since he doesn't get a ton of accolades for his drumming anyway.
    What's up with all the hate on Tommy Lee? Maybe he's not the best drummer in the world but he is very good. I would definitely put him in my band if I could.
    I think this is the best change to the Pumpkins in seems Billy's trying harder now he's back in a record deal.
    Are you kidding!? Mike has more talent in one pinky than Tommy has in his whole body.
    I'm not judging this on technical ability. Mike was hired to be a Jimmy sound-a-like. Billy needs a different style of drummer to push the band in a different direction. In my mind Jimmy hadn't added anything new to the band from his re-instatement for Machina, he was technically better by that point, but was stuck in the a creative rut.
    I'm not a drummer but I always thought that the drumming on my favorite Crue album, Shout at the Devil, is great. Then again, I am at that old age where we believed that 80's "Hair Metal" consisted of SOME very talented artists.
    christianonbass, what are you talking about? There were some talented artists in the Hair Metal genre, Motley being a prime example. Don't let the hipster 20 somethings get you down.