Tony Blackburn: 'Rihanna Is Better Than The Beatles'

artist: Rihanna date: 05/02/2012 category: music news
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Tony Blackburn: 'Rihanna Is Better Than The Beatles'
Former Radio One DJ, Tony Blackburn has recently been quoted saying that he believes Rihanna is better than The Beatles. He claims, "I actually think today's artists are better than those of yesteryear", when asked if he thought the 1960s were a golden age in music, adding: "The Beatles and the Stones just stood there with guitars and sang." Blackburn, who is now 69, launched his radio presenting career back in 1967. Nowadays Blackburn feels artists make more of an effort to perform. "People like Rihanna can sing and dance and do everything," he says. Rihanna isn't the only modern star to be compared to the Fab Four, with boyband One Direction recently likened to the famous four. Sir Paul McCartney didn't agree with the comparison however, stating that, "It's a pressure, because suddenly you've got to live up to all the things that we did, and it was a different time. So let's just call them "the next terrific band". Rihanna has recently been lined up to play a villain in the sixth Fast & Furious movie sequel. Thanks for the report to
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