Tony Iommi: 'Black Sabbath Will Be Touring As Much As We're Able To in 2013'

Legendary guitarist says Black Sabbath are still working on their comeback album.

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Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi has said that the metal icons will be touring "as much as we're able" next year.

Writing in a post on his website,, the guitar player thanked fans for their support throughout the year and also made reference to his battle with cancer. He wrote:

"What a year! Certainly not the one I was expecting. Thanks to you all for your massive help and support, it was very encouraging. I'm still working on the album and managed to play three shows, not bad given the news a year ago. I'm looking forward to next year, seeing what you think of the record and touring as much as we're able."

He added: "My Best Wishes to you all, I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year, most of all, stay positive."

Black Sabbath recently revealed that they are six tracks into recording their new album, which is due for release in April of next year. Iommi has said that the final album will consist of 15 tracks.

According to NME, Black Sabbath will be playing five shows in Australia and New Zealand in April and May of next year and will also be appearing at Ozzfest in Japan on May 12, 2013.

Black Sabbath were recently named the most important British hard rock band in a new poll by the BPI.

Sabbath took almost half of all votes cast. Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin came in second and third respectively. Speaking about coming out on top of the poll, Sabbath stated: "We are honoured and flattered to be acknowledged in a poll like this which is voted for by the fans. We thank you."

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    Man, I mean, even if you don't like Black Sabbath at all, you gotta respect Tony. He's 64 and got a cancer to fight, and still he won't let his fans down and will move ahead with the reunion. With that said, Sabbath is probably my favorite band of all time and this is great news. Keep strong, Iommi.
    Besides for being an awesome guitarist and the inventor of heavy metal's guitar sound, I admire him so much for still going through with Sabbath's reunion and the making of their new album, despite his struggle with cancer. That takes serious dedication, for sure.
    Oh yeah, really can't wait for the new record. Inb4 'No Bill, No Sabbath bluurrrgghhhhh'
    So happy to hear this. Tony really wants to play, and after hearing the footage from the Birmingham warm up gig earlier this year, they still have it live. Long live Sabbath!
    "Sabbath took almost half of all votes cast. Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin came in second and third respectively." Finally! Back in high school I was the only Sabbath fan amidst a sea of LedZep fans, it's great to see a poll where Sabbath comes out on top for a change!
    Got my ticket! Won't get my hopes up until I see them on stage. Please don't cancel any dates!!
    That's great. Still can't believe they reunited. Let's hope they'll continue touring beyond that too.
    saw them at Lolla without Bill and they were great. I've seen them both with Bill and without. Sad to say they were better both times without. Best with Mike Bordin.
    No Bill, No Sabbath bluurrrgghhhhh. I won't even listen to the record without Bill Ward performing on it. I sure as hell won't pay $100+ to see them unless it's the original lineup.
    Please, stop being such a fanboy. It's still 3/4 of the original lineup, basically like the Led Zeppelin reunion show in 2007. Besides, Tommy isn't a bad drummer, he filled in very well during the 2012 shows.
    Tony Iommi....Black Sabbath.... Never heard of either. Can anyone point out a song or two that I could hear to familiarize myself with this musical act?