Tony Iommi Finishing Regular Lymphoma Treatment

artist: Black Sabbath date: 01/06/2014 category: music news

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Tony Iommi Finishing Regular Lymphoma Treatment
Tony Iommi has issued a promising statement about his lymphoma treatment, suggesting that it is due to be scaled back, Metal Hammer reports.

"We've some good things lined up for the coming year, firstly the Grammys then some dates in the US and Canada, and in the summer a quick trip round Europe," says the guitar god.

"I should also be finishing my regular treatment and I'm hoping to not get so tired - all positive."

Iommi's treatment previously had to be administered every six weeks, affecting Black Sabbath's tour schedule:

"I have to have an antibody administered by drip every six weeks or so to keep the lymphoma in check. It sort of coats the cancer cells, stops it from going anywhere else. I have to come back home no matter where I might be in the world. The tour dates are arranged so that I can always get back for treatment.

"It's relatively new treatment and they don't know what all the side-effects might be yet, but I wanted to try it. After each session I feel sick and tired, and that lasts for a week or so. I'm finding that it takes around 10 days to fully recover from each round of treatment, but if that's what it takes, I have to accept it."
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