Tony Iommi: 'I Don't Know if Another Sabbath Album Would Be Good Idea'

Meanwhile, Geezer talks writing lyrics about Iommi's death.

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Metal father Tony Iommi addressed the idea of a "13" follow-up, expressing uncertainty about making another Sabbath effort. Chatting with Revolver magazine, the axeman pondered on pros and cons of hitting the studio again without giving a definitive answer. "I don't know if that would be an anticlimax if we wrote another album," he said . "I'd like to, but we haven't actually spoken about it, you know? "I don't know if that would be a good idea after this one, because this one's done so well," Iommi continued (via Blabbermouth). "I'm sure we'd all like to do one. But I don't know. Maybe I should talk to the others about it."

Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne chipped in, admitting they haven't exactly given the idea much thought. "I'm just glad that we made this one," Butler explained. "It can't be something where you go in and go, 'Well, that one was No. 1, so let's do another No. 1 album.' I think we'll know if we can do it or if we can't. If we have to force it, then we won't be doing it." After recently stressing that he'll most certainly record another Sabbath record, Osbourne now shared more of an indecisive stance. "I don't want to say there's going to be another album, because I don't want you to ask me in another year, 'What happened when you said you were going to do another record?'" he said. "I'll leave it open. I'm open for anything. I have three albums to deliver of my own solo thing to my record label." During the rest of the chat, Geezer also discussed some of the lyrics he wrote for "13," specifically for an unreleased track "Hanging By a Thread." As the bassist pointed out, the lyrics were inspired by Tony's cancer battle and even the possibility of his passing. "It was very much about dying, about giving your last breath and passing your spirit on," Butler explained. "We didn't know if [Tony] was going to recover from it, especially after seeing Ronnie go so fast. Ronnie went right in six months from being diagnosed to dying." "13" saw its release on June 10 through Vertigo as the band's nineteenth studio effort.

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    Fair play to them, pulling a good album out of the bag 40+ years later is impressive enough. I think they deserve to take it easy.
    how many other bands can take such a long time out (with mostly the same lineup) and come back and actually be good, let alone black sabbath good
    Definately, though I actually think the pressure would be smaller than is was for 13. It was their first release in decades, the pressure to make an amazing album must have been through the roof, so much so that it probably limited their overall creativity, because all though it was a good album, it felt like they were holding back a bit, and just played it safe. I think if they were to make another album, now that the weight of a comeback record has been lifted, and they're back in the spotlight, they would have the freedom to go absolutely nuts, and pull off a real killer album. Though I think we'd all be happy even if 13 was the last.
    Tony Iommi: 'I Don't Know If Another Sabbath Album Would Be Good Idea' Meanwhile, Geezer talks writing lyrics about Iommi's death. -> Whoever posted it like this had a good sense of humor. Other than that, I think "13" can be topped. It's good, but it's not that good. Get Bill on board and do one last album as the real Black Sabbath.
    I don't think Bill could do it, though, you know? Nothing against his legacy with Black Sabbath, but now, if what has been said is true, Bill's overweight and can't remember his parts. If he can't keep up with the old stuff, it doesn't seem like a good idea to bring him on board for the new stuff.
    "I have three albums to deliver of my own solo thing to my record label." Jeez, Ozzy's label thinks he's going to live long enough to make three more albums? That's awfully bold of them.
    i could see him making another 2 albums with his solo project and another sabbath effort due to the fact theyre all such legends i cant see a bunch of new creative stuff coming about within the next 10 months for them to want to go back in and spill it all onto a new album
    I suppose that Iommi yearn for Dio. He would rather do another Sabbath record with Ronnie, but since it's impossible he gives us some doubts about another "classic" Sabbath record.
    He's creative. I imagine what he's yearning for is the opportunity to make something new. In the 90s, income problems forced Sabbath to become a nostalgia act, playing reunion after reunion, despite the great music they had been putting out with Tony Martin. Ever since, it's been difficult for Tony to get anyone to pay attention to anything new he's trying to do. Yes, it's nice to get another classic Sabbath album, but I can't imagine for Tony it's all that fulfilling, at least creatively speaking, to do what he was doing in the 1970s again.
    why do you think that? where has he stated he wants to do another with dio rather than ozzy? just because you like dio better dont project your feelings onto don't know what there personal relationship is so stop making things up just because dio is your preffered vocalist
    It seems that you don't read with understanding. Everything you wrote is not true. It's just my presumption, not a statement about who's better. If I had to choose my preferred vocalist, it would definitely be Tony Martin, since Headless Cross is my favourite Sabbath album.
    I know I'm in the minority, but I don't think they should've made 13. They definitely shouldn't make another one. 13 sounds exactly like something from '78, and that's kind of bad, considering that they didn't show any growth in their songwriting after 30+ years.
    Does black sabbath really need to show any "growth?" Have you listened to anything after Ozzy left? They spent 30+ years "growing." Then Ozzy returned and they went back to their old sound. Black Sabbath doesn't need to "grow" they already achieved everything they ever wanted and helped start a whole genre.
    are you handicapped, sabbath is one of those bands man, like zeppling like pink floyd, one of those legendary bands that sound the same bu so much different at the same time, yes granted 13 sounded alot like something off of paranoid or black sabbath, but thats because sabbath does sabbath and noone else can do that, damaged soul may be one of my favorite sabbath songs ever
    That was done on purpose. Rick Rubin told them he wanted it to sound like their album after their debut.
    A band that started a musical revolution back in the day may so choose to grow or not. Metallica attempted to grow on RTL but they got bashed by those who wanted to keep the tradition.
    ...And this is why Ozzy and Geezer will be replacing Tony Iommi with Zakk Wylde for the next Sabbath record. Oh, and that chick from the White Stripes is gonna be hitting the drums for them too. RawkNFackinRoll!
    I'd like it if Sabbath didn't pull a Mustaine and actually end on a good 13th album while they have the chance.