Tony Iommi Issues Cancer Update

artist: Tony Iommi date: 04/17/2013 category: music news
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Tony Iommi Issues Cancer Update
Tony Iommi has issued an update on his cancer treatment in an interview with the Birmingham Mail, Hennemusic reports. The guitarist has been going to the Parkway Hospital in Solihull, and has to return home from tour on a regular basis in order to receive treatment: "I have to have an antibody administered by drip every six weeks or so to keep the lymphoma in check," he says. "It sort of coats the cancer cells, stops it from going anywhere else. I have to come back home no matter where I might be in the world. The tour dates are arranged so that I can always get back for treatment. It's the only way I can manage my illness and keep on the road. I'd love to play more shows than we're doing but my health has to be sorted out first." "The infusions I have are part of the chemotherapy regime," Iommi continued. "It's relatively new treatment and they don't know what all the side-effects might be yet, but I wanted to try it. After each session I feel sick and tired, and that lasts for a week or so. I'm finding that it takes around 10 days to fully recover from each round of treatment, but if that's what it takes, I have to accept it. "In myself I'm feeling OK now," sums up the guitar legend. When I first found that I had the illness, it was a dark time and I was a bit spaced out. Since we've been in rehearsals and recording sessions, I've felt pretty good great even. I think that the album and tour have given me something immediate to get my teeth into, something to accomplish."
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