Tony Iommi: 'One Day We May Play Together With Bill Ward'

Guitarist still regretful of Ward's absence from "13," doesn't exclude a full-on reunion in the future.

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Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi recently gave an update on the current state of affairs, still showing regret of drummer Bill Ward's absence from the band's latest album "13."

However, Tony didn't exclude a full-on Sabbath reunion in the near future, telling the Coast, "Funnily enough I had an email off Bill a few days ago. It's a shame he didn't want to do it at that time. No one was more upset than us, we wanted him to do it but we had to carry on, otherwise we'd still be waiting now.

"It threw us, we were shocked. But who knows, one day we may play together," the guitarist added.

Discussing his cancer battle, Iommi noted, "They [Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler] were really helpful for me. When we were writing we did a lot from my house in my studio. It was helpful because I could go to treatments and have them here. Even if I couldn't work after I could go in and tell them and they'd be like, 'All right don't worry.' It helped me when I could play too, it got my mind off of it by having a laugh and a joke."

The chat ended with the topic of Tony's impact on music. "It's always the way though, isn't it," he said. "If you create something that people like they try to copy it. It's nice to see people looking at us as idols or whatever you want to call it. At least I can say I did it first," the guitarist humbly concluded.

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    Sounds a bit cold...but these guys are getting really old, i hope they can sort their differences and re-unite... before it's too late!
    Not gonna lie, I ****ing love Black Sabbath. Whether or not Bill Ward ever plays with them again, at least he still seems to have some contact with the others. It'd be a waste of a friendship that started over four decades ago if they didn't communicate at all.
    Hate to say this..but I think the current line up is perfect. If you take a look at the 2005 live performances with Bill, he does a pretty bad and boring job, while Clufetos right now takes things to a new level, I love his energy.
    @oh_my_goth as much as i would want to attack what you've said i won't because it's pretty true! although i can imagine Bill Ward at a higher drumming intensity back in the day, Clufetos though is great to see ill admit! im seeing them on my birthday on the 13th of this month! Great day to hit 21, with the prince of darkness!
    Seriously? No one has brought up that Bill didn't "not feel up for it". They weren't paying him the same amount of money! If they want to play with Bill Ward, they know what they have to do. I love Iommi, but I don't know why he'd give a sob story like Bill's the bad one.