Tony Iommi to Work With Tom Jones?

Sabbath guitarist won't rule out collaboration with Welsh singer.

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30 years after a joke article suggested that Welsh singer Tom Jones could be the new frontman of Black Sabbath, Tony Iommi has revealed that he'd be interested in working with the singer in some capacity.

As Classic Rock reveals, the Black Sabbath guitarist is a fan of Jones, whose biggest hits include "Delilah," "It's Not Unusual" and "The Green, Green Grass of Home," and the pair have talked about collaborating in the past:

"I've met Tom a few times and we were talking one day and he said 'Did you ever see that thing in the press about me joining you guys?'" Iommi reveals. "I said 'Yes, I did' and he said 'It's not a bad idea, is it?'

"I like Tom, he's good," Iommi adds. "I'd actually like to do something with him. It could work."

The guitarist recently stated that Black Sabbath's recent show in Hyde Park may be the band's swan song.

"It could be the last ever Sabbath show. I don't want it to be, but there's nothing really planned touring-wise after that show, so for all we know that could be it really. To be honest I don't want to be touring to this extent too much longer, because it makes me feel so bad."

Iommi is awaiting an update on the status of his lymphoma, and notes that the outcome will affect what he does next:

"I'm at a stage now where I have no support, which means I have to see whether the cancer is coming back or if it's still there or what. I just don't know. It's a bit of a worry. After we finish this tour I'll go in and have scan, so we'll see what that shows up."

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    Floyd Phoenix
    Tom does have an impressive voice, especially for his age... This could actually be really interesting...
    Tom Jones put out a Blues album a couple years ago and it was surprisingly really really good. I could be really into this.