Tony Iommi Writes Armenian Eurovision Song

The Black Sabbath guitarist kept his role as a Eurovision pop-song writer a better secret than the Sabbath reunion which leaked last year. Hear the song here.

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Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi has written the Armenian entry to this year's Eurovision song content, it has been revealed.

The song "Lonely Planet" performed by Dorians, which you can hear in the player below, was selected in a national Armenian vote, and will appear in the live Eurovision semifinals on May 14 and 16, with the final to follow on May 18.

Iommi's role as a songwriter alongside lyricist Vardan Zadoyan has been kept secret until now.

Iommi has apparently spent a lot of time in Armenia after falling in love with the country, according to Blabbermouth who report that Iommi has dedicated a lot of work alongside friend and Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan in the country, which is still recovering from a devastating earthquake in 1988.

Meanwhile, Iommi and the rest of Black Sabbath are putting the final touches to their long-awaited new album "13", due in June.

You can hear the song "Lonely Planet" being performed by Dorians here:

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    OK song for being ESC material, I guess, though the chorus is a bit boring. Tony deserves kudos for his charity work in Armenia, though.
    what a big sad clich. If they win, people will loose interest within 2 weeks... BAD Tony. stick to Sabbath.
    Touring, a new Sabbath album, and the ESC...if I ever get cancer I want to be just like Tony!
    typical eurovision crap with a gear shift modulation in the end. the solo was good though (I was surprised there was a solo at all). but they have to appeal to the masses, so maybe it's ok.
    I know the eurovision is poor crap and even if england entered in motorhead we still wouldnt win but, why, if tony feels the need to make a song for the eurovision, why not for his own country?