Tool Announce 2014 Mexico Tour Dates

Band confirms March 18 Mexico City performance, two more shows reportedly added.

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Tool have recently announced their first-ever performance in Mexico, confirming a March 18 show in the capital of Mexico City. Apart from the official info, new details recently surfaced via Fourth Eye, suggesting two more concerts have been confirmed - March 16 performance in Monterrey and March 23 gig in Guadalara. The given source cites "the word from a local promoter" as the story's main source. "Tool announces their first engagement ever in Mexico, this upcoming spring, taking place at Mexico City," the official website announcement reads. "Having toured all around the world and headlined most major international festivals such as Lollapalooza, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Big Day Out, Ozzfest, etc., the band from Los Angeles California will finally make their long awaited Mexico debut in March." As for the band's new album, the latest update confirmed "at least three band members" were taking a writing break, suggesting that the instrumental section has wrapped up its part, leaving Maynard James Keenan to kick off the lyrics writing. The latest Tool studio effort, "10,000 Days," saw its release in May 2006 via Tool JV.

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    "Tool announce" Reading those words alone increased my heart rate by about 150%! COME ON TOOL!!
    There is a festival in Mexico in wich Tool will perform along with Primus and Puscifer next some ancient ruins and pyramids. That'll be fecking awesome!
    I have a couple of eses over there. Poor bastards only get a handful of neat gigs every year, and those who don't live near Mexico City or Monterrey are usually screwed. They deserve some Tool
    I already have my tickets for cumbre tajín and palacio de los deportes, i will be there at both... i just can't wait
    First time in Mexico City! Finally coming out of the box (Last time I went to see them, got screwed at serbian border.)Still got the ticket though
    $#!%$!%!@#%$!$@ Yeah! finally! they will play "only" 600 miles from where I live but heck I am there!!!!!
    This is not the first concert in Mexico. Tool actually played Iguana's in Tijuana with the Rollins Band in July of 1992. It was a great venue that also had shows by Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ramones, Soundgarden, Jane's Addiction and a bunch of others.