Tool Announce First US Concert Dates in Two Years

Band to play 5 US shows in March.

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Tool has announced new tour dates for the first time in 2 years. A post on the band's official website revealed five US dates planned for March 2014.

The post reads: "THE FOLLOWING TOOL SHOWS HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED, WITH TICKETS GOING ON SALE ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 24 (for Portland, Eugene and San Francisco) and on SATURDAY, JANUARY 25 for Spokane and Reno."

03/04 - Spokane, WA - Spokane Arena
03/06 - Portland, OR - MODA CENTER
03/07 - Eugene, OR - Matthew Knight Arena 03/09 - Reno, NV - Reno Event Center 03/11 - San Francisco, CA - Bill Graham Civic

The group has also announced that fans will be able to buy VIP tickets to these shows. Those tickets entitle fans to:

  • One (1) VIP ticket for admission to concert show
  • Entry for one (1) to the VIP area in the venue
  • Access for one (1) to sound check with members of Tool
  • Q+A session with Adam Jones
  • Exclusive merchandise pack including: an exclusive Tool tour t-shirt; poster; VIP laminate; bag of goodies.
There is no word yet on whether the dates will coincide with new material from the band. Tool's last album, "10,000 Days," was released in 2006.

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    no way they're playing any new material. it would be up on youtube in seconds. they're smarter than that
    They might play short intrumentals of their new stuff briefly. That is what they did for Wings for Marie before 10,000 Days came out, and Disposition before Lateralus came out.
    a drummer
    just get the record finished! please! Being a Tool fan takes so much patience :/
    They're working on it, bro. Just be patient. You'll hear new Tool eventually. You must keep reminding yourself of this.
    I was this way too, until it dawned on me that I live right next to the arena in Eugene. I'm so pumped, I was losing hope that I'd ever see 'em live.
    i would rather wait 6 more years for the best record they have made yet than make them hurry and end up with a bad/less good than i expect record.
    They've been gigging with the same material for eight years now. It makes you wonder what their motivation actually is. One thing I do know, their frontman was somewhat putout that their last album was leaked prior to it's release. It wouldn't surprise me if their current project is top secret and set up to minimise financial losses. I think that's where the innovation will truly lie. Can't blame them.
    I've seen them a handful of times over the recent years and every time the singer looks more and more bored with being there... When the gig ends, he just marches off stage and leaves the real band members to interact with the crowd...
    The only band member that seems like he doesn't have a bug up his ass is Justin.
    No Arizona shows announced yet? Cmon man, you all live here! Maynard literally lives 30 minutes from my house!
    Yeah, I'm in Arizona, bought tickets for the Reno show (because of the weekend). Really wish there was a show in Arizona though
    As much as Maynard hates LA, and California, I'm amazed he's playing anywhere near the west coast, and once IN CA. I
    Probably going to demo some new stuff inbetween songs, hopefully. Either that or they're just going to jerk off on stage for 2 hours.
    I would like to see them live at least once, so please Latin American dates?
    I like to think this is a mini-tour to get them sharpened up and ready to record. Play 4-5 dates, get some chemistry flowing, and hit the studio.
    Any Tool concert is a good concert.Feels awful when you're not from around.
    it really sucks when you realize that they seldom visit the east coast. #forevwithouttool
    When the **** did Maynard have long hair? lol
    Maynard had authentic long hair back in the Undertow era, but now it is wigs.
    Come to Houston, god dammmit!
    Im gonna keep checking Toyota Center's website cuz knowing Tool, they'll announce it up on their website after they've been on sale for a few days. Luckily Toyota Center's huge so it wont sell out in 15 min like Verizon Theatre in Dallas.
    I'm so excited, the first date they released was the Eugene one, and I was like "holy shut pinch me".
    Wow! I wish I lived in Oregon! funny thing is I used to live between Eugene and Portland, I could have went to both shows if I still lived there, fml
    Well, they're always banging on about money... Maybe these shows are to raise the production funds for the record...
    For a Moment i thought, they announced tour dates in 2 years (`16) ... not too off considering their progress
    screech n' moan
    They're probably just playing as few shows as possible for now to get a little extra funding for the album. And even though I won't be able to see them live, that's fine by me!