Tool Drummer Announces New Volto! Album

Danny Carey has been putting his free time towards a strange new jazz fusion project, with a metal twist.

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While waiting for the rest of his band in Tool to complete their long-awaited new record, drummer Danny Carey has been using his free time to work with other musicians on a jazz-infused rock act called Volto!.

It turns out that Volto! has been so productive that they've got a whole album lined up for release, recorded by former Tool producer and all-round recording legend Joe Barresi.

Carey recently described the project as the result of live jams at a famous jazz club, and features plenty of solos from every member in the lineup. Depending on your taste in jazz fusion records, that may or may not be a good thing.

Carey isn't the only Tool member to contribute to the project; guitarist Adam Jones created the art for the cover.

You can hear a preview song from the new Volto! album here:

YouTube preview picture

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    Almost had a heart attack when I saw "Tool Drummer Announces" on twitter...Still no new Tool
    Alligator Dunde
    I have to admit, I have already gave up. I'm just waiting for Maynard to break into my room one day and beat me in the head several times with the new album while screaming: 'YOU WANT THE NEW ALBUM? HERE'S THE NEW ALBUM YOU DUMB BRICK! DID I CONFUSE YOU? DID I???? HUH???' Because I just don't know what to believe anymore.
    And once again, Tool fans show off their superb skill at whining. I'm ashamed to be among you people. That being said: good music but that song is anything but new.
    Nice. New Danny Carey is always a good thing....
    So I'm a little hungover from 4th of July, and quickly read your comment as "New Drew Carey is always a good thing..." which it is. but so is Danny Carey.
    "Tool Drummer".... Yes... "Announces"...YES!.... "New"... YES?!?!?!?!?!! Oh dammit... Nothing against this band, I love it , I just got overexcited for something else, haha
    New???? That is the same song that Danny Carey and Brann Dailor drummed to in Guitar Centers 2009 drum off.
    Yeah. They've been playing shows together for several years. Been waiting for this for awhile.
    The album is new, I think they never actually recorded anything until now even though the songs are old.
    Volto has been around for at least ten years, and this album was announced more than three months ago. They're touring too, but that was just announced this week, so expect that to be here in approx 6 weeks or so.
    the ONLY reason im giving this a negative review is because its not a new Tool album, and it got my hopes up
    I don't know how you haven't heard of them before, the Tool website promotes Volto more than it promotes itself.
    haha, true. Also the writer of the newsletter is annoying as hell albeit entertaining thus me still checking out the site every now and then
    Never heard of this project until now. Watched/listened to the video. Very cool.