Tool Members In Scooter Accident

Tool has been affected by two separate scooter accidents, holding up writing sessions for their new album. But wait, wasn't it meant to be finished already?

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Tool have been forced to postpone writing sessions this month after two unnamed members of the band were seriously injured in separate scooter accidents.

"The New Year started off on a bad note as far as writing and arranging sessions for Tool's next record," said a message on the official Tool website. "For the most part this was due to a 'minor' accident on a Vespa scooter (slick road conditions being the cause) by a certain band member that resulted in several broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder.

"Coincidently, a few days prior to the mishap on the scooter, another person involved with Tool also wound up in the hospital after crashing his Vespa in Hollywood."

Writing sessions for their long-awaited followup to 2006's "10,000 Days" were held up by nine days, though they say the first injured member is "recovering nicely". The news that they are still writing suggests their new album sessions are much further off schedule than expected.

In March last year, drummer Danny Carey said they were preparing to hit the studio in June or July 2011, and the album would be mixed within four months.

The last update was from their webmaster, who said they heard an instrumental version of the album and guessed it was half finished, but couldn't be sure.

The writing sessions this month could mean there is a long wait before the album will be complete, though it could simply be last minute arranging before committing the project to a mix engineer.

When do you think the new Tool album will finally be released? Place your bets in the comments!

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    Knowing TooL, This is probably bullshit just to see what happens
    Exactly what I thought as soon as I read the title. Knowing Maynard's tendency to these things, this is probably a joke. Quitting the tour 'cause of having found Jesus, anyone?
    Especially because I can't really picture ANY of them riding a scooter...
    Danny had to trade in the Lambo - this long between albums, you start running low on funds....
    Scooters? What a bunch of tools
    True or not, the underlying message here? The next album isn't coming out any time soon.
    Is it me, or do they have the nicest record label ever(Volcano)? they are totally fine with them not releasing an album in 7+ years, and doing their weird stuff.
    It's not exactly a scooter, but I imagined Gob on his Segway.
    MFW, when I read G-O-B and not J-OO-B. But yeah, the scooter accident is a smoke screen. Maybe to make us think the album is going to take longer when it actually is closer or maybe they just like messing with their fans.
    Years ago I decided to not take anything Maynard says seriously, this sounds like his twisted sense of humor at work here. That being said, never expect a firm release date from Tool, it'll come when it comes and it will be great. I never worry about a Tool album being "bad".
    Very sad news and hoping for a quick recovery if it's true, though it seems very coincidental that it happened to both members at the same time, and that none of their names was released. But maybe that's how they want it for privacy reasons, I don't know.
    I think it is one member of the band and one other person like a manager or something.
    Keenan was probably tasting wine in his wineyard. Danny can ride a Vespa, play drums and solve astronomical equations all at the same time. So I guess it was Adam and Justin.
    "The news that they are still writing suggests their new album sessions are much further off schedule than expected." I don't think Tool had a schedule to start with. The album will come out when they are happy with the material, no sooner, no later.
    I thought the accident was being on the scooter in the first place.
    I misread 'scooter' as 'shooter' when I saw the title, and now that I know what it actually says, I can't stop laughing.
    LOL ME2 God thank god now i know i not insane Lol Or maybe were both insane >,<
    Why does everyone always bring up Maynard? This has nothing to do with him (All this information is from their webmaster). Danny said in Rhythm Magazine that Maynard hasn't even began on the new Tool album yet. It's just intrumentals. But who knows? Only they do.
    To me, this sounds like only one band member was hurt, and then the other was maybe some tech or friend of the band or something like that.
    Anybody whos anybody knows that all the members of Tool are avid scooter riders. Dont you know what TOOL stands for? Tool Only Operates La vespa.
    In March last year, drummer Danny Carey said they were preparing to hit the studio in June or July 2011, and the album would be mixed within four months. Umm...time travel?
    The first one is referred to as "a certain band member". The second is referred to as "another person involved with Tool". This implies, to me, that the second one isn't a member of the band, per se.
    Wasn't there a bad called Scooter? This sounds like something that should've happened to them, not Tool. I mean, come on...
    Scooter accident? That sounds silly enough that it would be another Tool joke. Oh they love their jokes. But if it is an actual accident I do wish them a speedy recovery.