Tool Members Perform Private Show for WWE's 'Three Man Band'

Band jams three songs for wrestling royalty, details inside.

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Being an avid WWE fan, Tool guitarist Adam Jones invited the Three Man Band, consisting of professional wrestlers Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal, to the group's rehearsal loft for an exclusive three-song private concert.

The guitarist posted a photo via Instagram to mark the occasion, while McIntyre unveiled the band's setlist on Twitter, confirming performances of "Sober," "Schism" and "46 & 2" by wrestlers' personal demand.

"Big thank you Tool for once in lifetime private concert," Drew tweeted. "We chose three songs, 'Sober,' 'Schism' and '46 & 2' ... Amazing!"

Jones' fondness of professional wrestling is well documented, as he proposed his wife during a "Royal Rumble" event, also performing the US national anthem at the "Summerslam" special.

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    How could someone be possibly more honored in his life!
    I agree, it's once in a lifetime you get to meet the THREE MAN BAND, BAYBAYYY!!!
    I was such a huge wrestling fan when I was a kid. The WWE really lost something when they took out the swearing, blood, and bra and panties matches
    what? haven't watched in a while but I remember being a kid and watching a bra and panties match, hurt my pants.
    It's kind of depressing that Justin is such a huge Chelsea fan. The guy is still a genius though!