Tool Not Releasing A New Album In 2013, Says Maynard

Can we trust Tool frontman this time?

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Bad news for all you Tool fans out there, as the band apparently won't be releasing a new studio album this year. According to frontman Maynard James Keenan, we'll have to wait yet another whole year for the "10.000 Days" follow-up.

Despite the various announcements of the new album coming in 2013, the vocalist has shunned all the reports in the latest interview with Radio Futuro, taking away the hope from fans around the world.

"No new disc. Not this year... I have not written any songs. So no, there is nothing", said Keenan.

Same goes for the new A Perfect Circle release. Apparently, with the vocalist focusing on his work with Puscifer and guitarist Billy Howerdel being busy with Ashes Divide there is simply no time for work on a new album at the moment.

However, the singer also has somewhat of a bad reputation for his media pranks and eccentric statements. Back in 2005 he even played an April Fools joke saying that the band will stop working on a new album due to him "finding Jesus". So is he just misleading us or will the fans really have to wait for a total of at least 8 years for a new release?

Prior to this statement, the new Tool album was going behind schedule with the latest scooter accidents involving two of the band members additionally slowing down the process. Back in March, drummer Danny Carey has announced that the band will be entering studio somewhere in June of July.

What we should definitely be certain about is the new Puscifer EP, "Donkey Punch The Night", coming out on February 19. The current month will also mark the release of Keenan's cover of the classic Queen tune, "Bohemian Rhapsody".

So what are your thoughts on this one? Disappointed for having to wait for so long or still hoping he is just pulling our leg?

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    As much as I would like to believe it's an early April Fools joke, I'm afraid the reality is this is true....
    mat hazelwood
    I've come to accept that the Rolling Stones will have final reunion tours more often than Tool goes on a regular one...
    Thank god.
    the stones have always annoyed the hell out of my ears. Tool is probably the most creative and unique metal band ever. I'd rather listen to all Tool songs over and over and over than listen to 1 RS song.
    Honestly seems like he really doesn't want to be asked about tool a couple days before his new Puscifer album is out. Ask him 3 weeks from now and I bet the answer would be different. He's clearly excited about Puscifer and wants some recognition outside of his Tool days.
    I'm just curious to see what everyone else thinks about this.... No new Tool or Perfect Circle moving in on a decade now, but he's been plenty busy with Puscifer. Does anyone really give a flying f*** about Puscifer?
    So you think he should give up on one of his musical projects just because you "don't give a flying ****"?
    Actually, yes I do. I do expect Maynard to alter his entire career and life to my personal,and specific musical tastes. That's exactly what I meant when I simply asked everyone else what they thought of Puscifer.
    Have you heard C is for (Please Insert...) or Conditions of My Parole? Puscifer is awesome.
    Their two best releases so far. V is for Vagina was good but Conditions and C is for (Please Insert) blew that album out of the water in my opinion. Still ... I need more Tool in my life
    Yeah, Puscifer is great... but I'd definitely prefer new music from Tool or APC.
    Yeah I'm really not a big fan of Puscifer. I thought that the song "Humbling River" was really good, but nothing else really did anything for me. With that said he's at the point where he's done so much, that he really doesn't have to do anything for us. He's a musician and he's going to go where his creative pursuits bring him. I really want new APC and Tool albums, but I think it's important to let him go his own way rather than have him bored and uninspired when making a new Tool album. It's certainly not my favorite scenario, but it is the best course of action given the current conditions.
    I definitely do. The Puscifer show I saw last year was one of the coolest live things I've ever seen, concert or otherwise. I'm okay with letting time take it's course for Tool and APC, they'll release something worth the wait.
    Yes, actually. A whole lot of people really like Puscifer. Their last album, Conditions of my Parole, was especially awesome. I'm okay waiting on new Tool and APC material as long as Maynard to doing his own thing and making awesome music while he's at it.
    Conditions for My Parole is easily in my top 5 favorite albums released in the last 10 years.
    Puscifer is a great and incredibly underrated band. Open your mind a little and give them a shot. They're awesome. Plus he works with Milla Jovovich on some stuff. Have YOU ever worked with Milla Jovovich? Mmmm Milla Jovovich....
    Something is up here. No releases from either one of them, and all Maynard is putting out is an -EP- for Puscifer. In the last year or two APC and Tool have gone on the record saying they're writing, or recording, or recording at this point in time, so I honestly feel like one of the bands has an album just about ready to go. I mean, come one, accidents happen, but do you -really- believe -two- members got into a SCOOTER accident? Do those things go over 25? I've crashed my BMX going faster than that and didn't have to go to the hospital. I would not be surprised if a youtube video of a new single from either band appeared in a week or two..
    Still hoping this is a joke. Maybe the album will suddenly be released on the 1st of April?
    I thought the band already worked out the songs... And maynard had to go in and work out the words... Dont get me wrong... I love the experiments of Puscifier and the radio friendly APC... But Tool is where my heart is and as a long time fan... This news is disappointing.. But on the brighter side... Perfection is time and they have NEVER made a bad album.
    I heard a rumor that tool's drummer is working on a side project that may or may not include ex-chili peppers guitarist john frusciante and it sounds like its going to be in a rock format. I hope so, id love to hear what those two could do together and obviously a lot of people want frusciante playing rock guitar again.
    Hyacinth House
    Don't you ****ing toy with my emotions
    I read a interview where danny carey states that he's got a project going for sure, and john "might" play on it. I seriously hope it happens!
    I like Tool, but is anyone really surprised that you get an album a decade from them? And who cares anyway? It'll come out whenever they feel like it, and their fans will bitch and moan, then but five copies each when it hits stores, like usual.
    What a stinkfist of a news.
    They split my heart right in two.
    I personally saw this and was disgustipated.