Tool Rumored to Be Doing a Las Vegas Residency

Band may hit Vegas in March.

Ultimate Guitar

Tool are set to play a residency in Las Vegas in the coming months, Vegas Chatter is rumoring.

The site speculates that the band will play a mini-residency at the Planet Hollywood Axis theatre in March.

The rumor comes after the group announced a series of US tour dates for 2014.

Whether or not the Vegas residency is legit remains to be seen. Tool seems to have a pretty full March already. That said, the band is playing In Reno on March 9th, and has a few days off around that date, so a mini-residency might not be an impossibility. Ultimate-Guitar will keep you posted on any developments.

Tool 2014 Tour Dates:

03/04 – Spokane, WA - Spokane Arena
03/06 – Portland, OR - Moda Center
03/07 – Eugene, OR - Matthew Knight Arena
03/09 – Reno, NV - Reno Event Center
03/11 – San Francisco, CA - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium03/18 – Mexico City, MX - Palacio De Los Deportes03/21 – Veracruz, MX - Festival Cumbre Tajin 2014

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    LOL. This isn't even news. "Tool might do something in Vegas. We don't know what. And we have no reason to make these statements at all. But still... they might do something." World's Laziest Reporter
    Seeing how residencies are associated with Britney Spears and Celine Dion nowadays, I wouldn't be surprised if this was another hoax ..
    "Ultimate-Guitar will keep you posted on any developments." Hey! What about my important One Direction/Miley Cyrus news and Dave Mustaine's opinions?!
    "A reader tip claims the rock band Tool will play a mini-residency in March"... ffs.. this has pre-album hoax written all over it.
    Goin to Vegas March 30th...actually hope this is real, and at the end of March. Hey a guy can dream..
    The only reason I could see for this would be to set up somewhere for a semi-extended period to do some 3D filming, or something in that vein. Otherwise, don't see why this would occur.
    I wish they would come to MSG or somewhere near New York City. I cannot wait to see tool live! its top of my bucket list hell it even comes before sex!
    I think this is exactly the kind of funny shit Tool would pull off. Especially with Maynard's humour, or his innate disposition.