Tool Share 'Lateralus' Rehearsal Footage

Adam Jones posts exclusive guitar cam footage of three-piece charging through "Lateralus" tune.

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Tool guitarist Adam Jones recently posted an exclusive footage of the band rehearsing "Lateralus" title track at the Loft.

The guitar head-mounted cam video shows the instrumentalist Tool section tightly charging through the tune. Apart from bassist Justin Chancellor's haircut, Maynard James Keenan's undisclosed absence stands out as the clip's most prominent point.

According to the latest reports, group's new record should drop in early 2014. However, seeing that the band previously baffled fans with a series of contradicting statements regarding new album progress and release date, most remain leery and await official info.

"Since we haven't started tracking stuff at this point, it'll be hard," drummer Danny Carey told Loudwire when asked about a possible 2013 release. "We could have the record finished by the end of the year - that's a possibility, but the logistics of getting it manufactured and getting the record company in line and all this stuff, I doubt we'll be able to get it out before Christmas. We'll see how it goes. Most likely, it'll be early 2014."

A peculiar rumor explains the band's prolonged album work as an indicator that the four-piece is in fact working on a movie, also linking it to Chancellor's statement about being involved with the "biggest project of their lives."

The latest Tool studio effort, "10,000 Days," was released over seven years ago, back in May 2006. With 564,000 copies sold in the US during the first week, it debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

You can check out the rehearsal footage below, courtesy of Fourth Eye.

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    Man Adam has one of the best guitar tones I've ever heard. Sounds so ****ing close to the record it's unbelievable. Really looking forward to the new album but I think it's safe to stay realistic and to expect it to be delayed once again..
    Ever been to a show? If not, I'll tell you this. The only difference between Tool on record and Tool live is...volume.. Amazing how good they are at recreating the sounds.
    what pedal is he using?
    Boss Flanger BF-2 Boss Digital Delay DD-3 Peterson StroboStomp (v1 - Blue) Ernie Ball Volume Pedal 2 Boss PSM-5 Power Supply / Loop Pedals MXR Micro Amp DOD FX-40b EQ Dunlop BB535 Wah (older model if I'm not mistaken) The rack space unit that you can see is a tuner. I'm not sure of the brand. The pedals mentioned above are how you get his signature LSD guitar sound.
    Nice clip. Learned I've been playing a few parts wrong on there too....
    The entire time watching it, I kept telling myself "Stop being mezmerized and study the fretwork!" Also, it would be sick if they had a vid from Justin's headstock POV. But this is still awesome.
    Felt like a kid at a concert with front row view. It's amazing to watch the parts being played so effortlessly. Gotta pick up the axe and start playing some Tool again.
    I wish Maynard would stop ****ing around with Puscifer and start working with the band on the next record. Starting to think he doesn't want to do it.
    If ever they decide to make a live DVD, this would be a sick camera angle to have. Like, have headstock cams on both Adam and Justin, and then an overhead of Danny. But perhaps that would take away from the visual show as whole. Nonetheless, it would be cool. Also, it'd be awesome to see POV of Justin's bass, maybe during The Grudge. Probably my favorite song to play on bass from them.
    Agreed. That would be awesome. I'd rather watch the musicians more than the visual show.
    Wow, the way I taught myself to play it is a bit different... but it's interesting seeing the way it's actually played. Not that I'm going to play it the way he plays it; he does that just fine.
    I wish more bands did this kind of thing. I'd love to see footage of (say) Chris Cornell recording the vocals in badmotorfinger..
    I'm obviously nothing great, but I think no matter what, I wouldn't want my "naked" videos to be seen. Maybe I'm introverted...
    I think they're waiting 10'000 days to release their next album. Only 20 years to go!
    most boring guitar playing of all time. Tool is overrated, rain on the hate.
    Fuck Lateralus was the best damn Tool album, well at least in my books it has all my faves on it. Lateralus incorporates a broken version of the Fibonacci sequence, there are rumors the parts left out compose up another song, if this ends up being true Tool is going up a few notches in my books.