Tool Singer Covers 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

He also talks about how piracy has destroyed music, and reveals plans to write an autobiography to prove there's more to him than his role as a rock star.

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Tool singer Maynard James Keenan says his Puscifer side-project has recorded a cover of the Queen classic "Bohemian Rhapsody", to be released in February.

In the same interview, he shared opinions on the music industry and revealed plans to write an autobiography.

"There's a disconnect between people not buying music and not understanding why [bands] go away," he told the Phoenix New Times. "There are people who are like monkeys in a cage just hitting the coke button. They don't really get that for [musicians] to do these things, they have to fund them. They have to have something to pay the rent."

He says the music industry is going to default back to having musicians who are willing to work for the love of it, and for less money. "The illusion is gone," he says. "There's no longer blank checkbooks."

Maynard had been writing an autobiography, which he hopes will prove that there's more to him than just his bands like Tool and A Perfect Circle.

"I think there are a lot of misconceptions with some people that, all of a sudden, I was born when my first band came out. I actually had a life before that, and there were a lot of accomplishments. [The book] will kind of chronicle why it is I got to where I am, and why I got to where you knew about me."

Meanwhile, his prolific side-project Puscifer will release the "Donkey Punch The Night" EP on February 19. It will include two new songs, covers of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody" and Accept's "Balls To The Wall", with extra remixes.

Do you agree with Maynard's pessimistic view of the record industry? Can artists make music pay if they work hard enough? Share your opinion in the comments.

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    i wish this article was called "Puscifer covers Bohemian Rhapsody" or at least "Maynard James Keenan Covers Bohemian Rhapsody"
    Maynard is awesome. He's right about the music industry slowly going back to musicians making music for the love of it... "The illusion is gone," he says. "There's no longer blank checkbooks." If you're making music to become a "rock star" then you're in it for the wrong reasons anyway.
    Eclectic Lizard
    So all talented musicians in it for the music should starve though?
    Musicians shouldn't starve, but there's a monopoly in modern music. The Big, Industry, bands will play all the giant gigs, get all the promotion, and all the support/technology they need. All the while a hundred young and desperate bands have to play the local scene with the bitter taste of "Why can't we ever make it like these guys" in their throats. So really, how about we take some of the millions and millionnaires out of the loop all together. If they want to be rich, they can become stockbrokers; if they want to play music, they might have accept that you'll never become rich doing it. An industry is a business, full of businessmen run for the industry, not by artisans for their art.
    Anyone else think this article could have had a MUCH better title? There are far more interesting things in it than Puscifer's Bohemian Rhapsody cover. And really..."Tool singer"? C'mon UG. It's got-dang Maynard. Would read his book in a heartbeat.
    I think that technology has both positive and negative effects. While it allows people to just sit there and download music, I find that I have discovered a lot of bands I would have never heard of before. My philosophy is if you are a band with a sound that appeals to people, your fans will support you and buy your music. I try to buy the albums when I am into a band.
    Emenius Sleepus
    The music industry got over-bloated and over-saturated, so its collapse and artists playing music for the sake of creativity is a good thing in a sense, both for the bands and for the audience to appreciate it more. The new technology has irreversibly changed how music can be accessed, but it certainly doesn't mean that music has lost value and that there isn't any room for good bands to become successful; it is possibly just a period of adjustment, as people find out how to fit in the new technology with their lives in a meaningful way - some more successfully than others. Anyway, I guess I can generally agree with what Maynard is saying, but that statement seems incomplete without him elaborating, as it's too simplistic. I suppose my comment is a way of redressing that from where I stand.
    Can't think of much if anything Maynard has done that I didn't like. Never thought he'd be doing Bohemian though!
    For me I grew up with bands like Kiss, Slayer, Megadeth, Skynard, Allman Bro, Ac/Dc etc. Where you bought an album and every song was gold to listen to. Bands now I don't care for them. I tried to listen to some bands, but it doesnt grab me.
    Just watched the live version on youtube. Pretty spot on w/ the exception of a few really high notes. Very awesome performance and cover tho. I give it an easy 9
    We are definitely to a point to where artists can't write and record an album, and sit back while it makes them money. They're performers, and they need to go out and do just that. You need to play shows, you need an audience. I still buy plenty of CDs, and I love it. But, most people won't these days. You've got to get out and give them more live shows.
    Preeeetty sure Between The Buried and Me have been doing this as an encore for their entire British tour.
    Bands like Protest the Hero who crowd funded their next album (they doubled their goal in just over a week) are the bands who will pay the rent with their music. I'm starting to think that the way of the future is having fans invest in your band when you're good enough, not having a record company give you an advance and then charge the shit out of you in royalties. Making music for the joy of it isn't a bad thing either.
    This is the definition of writing news about nothing happening. They pretty much spliced three articles together into one long uneventful article.
    Tell you what record the song, Be happy that it turned out decent (Not really)... And then throw it in the ****in trash .. Cause no one wants to hear it, Ok ..
    you can make more money playing at some dive on the weekends than most of these bands with record companies and have cds out or be on youtube and get famous ,music now sucks god when well this dam 7 and 8 and 9 string crap die and the dam screaming singing shit
    If Maynard hit the studio with Tool instead of stepping on grappes he would do a lot better.
    Puscifer is by far my favorite Maynard band. While I'd prefer a whole new album to covers and remixes, I'll take what I can get and say thank you.
    How come prices for music don't drop? In the 80s the music mafia told us "well, CDs right now cost 30 bucks, yes, wait a few years, they're gonna be cheaper than vinyl." Never happened. Each time one expects prices to go down they make up new excuses. A frigging mp3 for 99 cent? People are not the problem - the problem is that there *is* a music *industry*.
    I for one have never seen a CD that cost $30 that wasn't some kind of special edition or boxset. 99 cents per song really isn't that expensive. Also you should be buying the full album which gives you the songs at a discounted rate and gives you the artist's intended vision.