Tool: 'We're Not Gonna Put Out Something That Sucks Just To Put It Out'

Guitarist Adam Jones talks about the highly-anticipated new release and the current state of affairs within the band.

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If there's a single album that recently created the most anticipation and confusion among the music fans, it's the new Tool release. Apart from being described as the "biggest project of their lives", very little is known about the new record, with various contradicting statements even making the fans question whether Tool has recorded anything at all during the past 7 years.

Marking the recent release of the group's debut album "Opiate" special reissue, guitarist Adam Jones sat down for a chat with the Revolver magazine. The talk about the new album was of course inevitable. With a possibly most thorough statement so far, Jones explained that it's unfortunate the band hasn't released a new album yet, adding that the group has clearly changed.

"It's unfortunate that we havent put anything out in a while, but you know, we've changed as a band. It's just like a marriage - you grow older, people change, and you've gotta adapt or move on. We've become even more eclectic and distant, so getting things done and getting together is very hard. There are a lot of other interests. But what I really want people to know is that it's not a bad thing. I'm serious. I think there's a little more respect now, and when theres compromise, it's a little more open. I don't know if that's just a matter of getting older and going, 'Ah, f--k it,' or what. [Laughs]"

"I've been with these guys a long time, and we've outlasted all of our peers. And we kind of set that up early by deciding that no matter who does what we're gonna split everything four ways. Some decisions have to be unanimous. Others are put to a vote. We're really involved in the business side. We write our own checks. But as far as the writing? It's been a little more lax - as in relaxed. But it's nice."

Jones also commented that the "cushy lives" the band members currently live additionally slow everything down, but has promised that when the album is completed, "it's gonna be good".

"We live kind of cushy lives now, so we get together when we want. It makes everything go slow, which is unfortunate - we all would have liked to have been done with a new record a long time ago - but when it's done, it's gonna be good. And that's the point. We're not gonna put out something that sucks just to put it out. We also had two really bad things happen, things that I'm not gonna get into, that set us back emotionally and mentally. But we're past them now, everybody's recovered, and that process has kind of actually added to us focusing on being creative. So maybe sometimes bad things happen for a reason."

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    for the love of god i want a new tool album!
    I know! I think the number 1 reason I go on UG nowadays is to check for any and every piece of information regarding this album.
    Even if they made a rap album it'd sound good. I have that much faith in them.
    I wouldn't put it past MJK to do a rap song with Puscifer at least, they've pretty much covered every other genre
    yeah well, cant wait... lateralus and 10,000 days were just immaculate....
    With the contradicting comments, from Carey saying it will happen and Keenan saying it won't, it seems to me that Maynard is trying to keep it under wraps, to build up suspense. If we have hope then the album, if there even is one, will be their best. They did an amazing job with 10,000 Days, so Tool, let's not have another Chinese Democracy.
    Album is ready. Check Tool's website and latest newsletter regarding Danny, Hawaii, etc... Read between the lines.
    I would advise UG to stop posting about ****ing TOOL and their upcoming/not-upcoming release. The fans will buy the ****ing record regardless of whether they see a new article every ****ing week. It only serves to frustrate people and gives the band a pretty annoying presence rather than a cool band makin a record at their own pace. Can we not leave it at that til it comes out??
    If it's out this year I think once I get my hand on it along with the new AIC and QOTSA albums I don't think people will see my leaving the house much.
    Well its good to see that you only listen to vinyl. My car accepts Compact Disc's which are similar to records but have all of the music on one side and are made of silicon. It also has an auxiliary input where we can plug in walkman's and these new devices invented a little over 15 years ago called mp3 players. It's powered by a combination of a lithium ion battery, devils hair and unicorn tears.
    Atleast we know that we can count on them to give us good music, which is hard to say about a lot of the shit volcanoes that have erupted as of late.
    i have faith in tool. always have and always will. they are creative enough to where they can put out 50 cds and none of them sound the same. i for one cant wait to hear this new album. its been way too long!
    That's the clear definition of power - bands like Tool, who keep people waiting and biting through their nails just to hear a riff of some new material. I think only a few artists hold that kind of a reputation in the music industry, Tool definitely being at the top of the list. It's this supreme power that makes Tool what they are - Gods.
    Not yet, but I think it's closer than people think. By the late fall.