Top 10 Most Bizarre Instruments Ever

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Top 10 Most Bizarre Instruments Ever

An interesting video rundown has surfaced via Blend Guitar, showcasing a set of 10 weirdest instruments of all time.

You can check out the list below, fee free to watch the clip to hear what each instrument sounds like.

Most bizarre instruments ever

10. Glass harmonica
9. Array mbira
8. Jew's harp
7. Earth harp
6. Pyrophone
5. Hydraulophone
4. Zeusaphone
3. Udderbot
2. Lazer harp
1. Gum leaf
Honorable mentions:
Contrabass flute
Chapman stick

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    Cool list, but it annoyed the hell outta me that they didn't cut the generic background music when the instruments were performed Also, they forgot the most glorious instrument of them all - The Otamatone!
    Go see "Les Luthiers" From Argentina
    Damn I loved these guys, they were so funny. Amost all of them are dead now
    Only one of them is dead actually :p ((okay 2 with the founder who's dead in 73..)) They're still funny,but the thing i regret the most,is that,with the years, they start to use more electronic keyboards on most of the songs instead of playin they good old intrusment =/
    Way Cool JR.
    The Kazoo will always be one of the weirdest in my book.  Saigon Kick put them to good use though in one of their songs.
    Listen to the artsit, that one guy he's got am instrument called the magic pipe, the magic boot, and theagic saw. That one guy has some serious ability to create odd instruments.
    That Pyrophone sounds vile... This needs to be recorded in high definition for live sampling purposes.