Traffic Circle in Poland Named After Jeff Hanneman

Grammy's might've snubbed him, but a true icon always gets tributes.

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Late great Jeff Hanneman might have been snubbed at this year's Grammy Awards, but Slayer icon received a quite fitting tribute in a small Polish town of Jaworzno.

In an unexpected turn of events, Jeff got a traffic circle named after him after a charity auction. The winning company bidder Art-Com Ltd. got the privilege of naming the circle, opting for Hanneman with no second thoughts, Blabbermouth reports.

The official sign unveiling took place last Thursday (February 6), make sure to check out the clip below for more details. As you can see, the traffic board reads "Jeff Hanneman's Circle Pit - unforgettable Slayer guitarist."

YouTube preview picture

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    You mean a roundabout...
    Ha ha! This reminds of when my Sat-Nav was set to American; it told me to take the second exit at the "turning-circle".
    Actually, roundabout is called "circle" in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic etc. Do your research, good sir!
    In Poland it is actually called "Rondo" (like in the vid), which is basically an equivalent of "Roundabout," and does not mean the same as circle. By the way the word Rondo itself is connected with music, it comes from French - Rondeau, which more or less is a term to describe a song with a verse/chorus/verse/chorus structure
    That might be the case, but it was invented in England and dubbed the roundabout. So at least if we're all speaking English here we can call it by its real name!
    Immagine an RX7,going sideways around this roundabout with smoking tires,while blasting "Angel of Death"...
    I wonder how (and when) will the Catholic church and it's fanatics react to this. Anyway, great news. I should definitively go there and pay my tribute with headbanging whilst listening to Slayer's music.
    I do find it odd that the Catholics would protest Slayer and most metal music. It wasn't very long ago that all music had to harmonize in the perfect 5th. *power chord most common in Metal*
    Some people (Catholics) are already moaning about it in Poland. It always makes me laugh when people mix religion with music..