Travis Barker Gives Up On Australian Tour

Despite a pledge to overcome his fear of flying after surviving a plane crash in 2008, the Blink-182 drummer has backed out of their Australian tour at the last minute.

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Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has given up on their Australian tour because he can't overcome his fear of flying.

His replacement will be Bad Religion drummer Brooks Wackerman, who has also toured with Tenacious D.

Barker's fear originates from a 2008 plane crash in which he survived. Four people died in the crash, including his friends Chris Barker and Che Still. DJ AM, the only other survivor, died of a drugs overdose the following year.

In August last year, Barker pledged to overcome his phobia and fly to Australia to please Australian fans and to inspire his children. "I'm contemplating getting knocked out and getting on a plane to Australia," he said. "My kids are scared to death to fly. I want them to witness me overcome it."

Sadly, the tour is starting on Wednesday and he can't face the 24 hour flight, conscious or not.

"I still haven't gotten over the horrific events that took place the last time I flew when my plane crashed and four people were killed, two being my best friends," he said.

"I gave the band my blessing to take another drummer if they still wanted to do the tour without me. I hope to come to Australia again some day perhaps by ship if need be. Unfortunately, there wasn't a boat that worked with the schedule this time around. Once again I'm sorry to all the fans."

Would you want to see Blink-182 without their famous drummer? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Seriously give the man a break. I hate Blink 182 but his decision is completely understandable. A plane crash isn't just something you can get over. Especially when two of your best mates were killed in one. Yeah you can act the Internet tough guy by calling him a let down but you do not know what it's like to be in his situation so cut the guy some slack.
    I agree with you, but also think having enough money to hire the private jet in which he crashed probably means he can hire/buy a private boat to get to Australia. Maybe not in time for the first show, but it is a shame he left it so late to realise he can't go through with the flight.
    Seriously tho, boats take a long freaking time dude. A trans-pacific voyage is also not something you want to attempt in a small boat.
    Crimson Ghost
    It would take 2 weeks to get to Australia from LA on a boat. Why would he be willing to be on a boat for 2 weeks? He's not a sailor
    I understand why he cancelled and I was excited to see him... but he should have said no from the very beginning (which he did at one point) and kept it that way (which he didn't ) Think of it, thats a third of the ticket price for the Blink side-shows. Kinda lame how they've executed it all.
    I think it may be; he was really up for it until he had to get on the plane, then his fears set in. This is not a backhander to fans but more of a nod to mortality. I wish him the best, and hope he overcomes all phobias to tour the world.
    Not trying to be a dick, because I know this was a tragic thing for him. However, did he not think to try some more local flying to try to get over this phobia instead of waiting 3 days before a 24 hour flight to begin a tour? I wish the guy the best, but if I were in the band I'd want to kick him in the teeth right about now, tbh.
    Wow, a lot of downvotes, considering all the comments are in agreement. Do we have a butt hurt Blink fan in the house?
    I don't really see how someone in his position (all that money) can't you know.. hire his OWN boat haha. Also, I can't imagine going to see Blink without Travis. He's a pretty big part of the band
    I thought the exact same thing. Not sure where he's based in America (East or West coast) or how long it will take on a boat but he surely has enough money to get there without flying, even if it means missing the first show of the tour
    Man, this article really does its best to portray him in a cowardly light. Whatever happened to unbiased journalism?
    Where's the bias? I don't see anything that appears to be incorrect or fabricated to make him look bad.... They basically said "he's not doing the Australian shows because he hasn't been able to overcome his fear of flying due to that accident"....
    I have no qualms with this - totally legit reason for not flying, must be so horrific for him. I'm honestly just glad that they're still recording music together.
    The chances of Travis Barker ever getting in a plane crash again are so minimal, statistically speaking. People would pay thousands for him to be on their flights.
    If I remember correctly he was always a bit afraid of flying, so the whole "chances of a crash are statistically small" is probably what people told him before he was in the famed plane crash. If I were in his position I'd probably have a phobia as well.
    The guy doesn't look like a stranger to drugs, I'm sure he could have just dosed up and got the flight over and done with without even knowing it had taken off.
    Not gonna solve his problem in the long run but it would get him there. A little alcohol and the date rape drug. Good to go.
    What a dick. Everyone is going to look at him as a coward now.. He had a chance to play good music to good people. Oh well.
    did you even read the article you twat, he has a more than valid reason to be afraid of flying. you're the dick, i don't even get why you're bothered because if he was going to play to good people you definitely wouldn't have been there.
    Just shut the **** up. Oh just shut the **** up, and stop contaminating the masses with your nonsense. I read the article three times. My point still stands, "twat". That insult/comeback at the end? What in the ****? So generic. So unoriginal. So stale. You want my comeback? Go get it off your sister's cheek. Fuck this god damn thread, and **** you, mother****er. I only wish pain for you. You deserve nothing more than the greatest pain, regret, and sadness that is emotionally possible. Don't come try putting me on blast, when you, yourself are as guilty as I. I've been watching your petty patterns when it comes to the website. Disgusting. Pure disgusting. You need Jesus. Fuck you. I'll be praying for your pathetic ass tonight. Fuck you, and **** Travis Porker.
    ok, that was funny, partly because of how but hurt you are, partly because of how much you think that bothers me, but mainly because of how much time you spent writing that and i didn't even read it.
    I think this is the biggest douche I've ever seen on UG. And that's saying something.
    Haha!! I didn't expect such a huge respond. I'm just ****ing around. Nothing here was said out of hatred or spite. See you all next week.
    Dr Funkenstein
    I feel for the guy, but seriously, is it going to matter anyway? We're all going to be watching Metallica instead, right?
    Speak for yourself, I'm seeing these guys instead. Been waiting years for a chance to seem them, Travis or No Travis
    Blink were as big a draw to soundwave as metallica, if i wasnt interested in seeing both equally as much then theres it wouldve been hard to justify the ticket prices
    Dr Funkenstein
    Really dude? Thats why Metallica are playing for two and a quarter hours and blink only get one and a quarter. Seriously.
    He was unharmed in comparison to what happened to the other people in the plane. And he jumped on the opportunity to get a law suit out of OTHER peoples tragedy. Not a very cool dude.